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    Florida Medicaid
    ckingma422 posted:
    I am pregnant for the first time (woot woot go me!) And I live in FL. I do not have health insurance at my job-but am eligible for Medicaid. The problem is I just found out I was pregnant and applied 4/11-I am now 12 weeks pregnant, and have to wait another few weeks to get approved to see a doctor!! I am so stressed, I just want to go in and get my check ups and make sure my little one is growing good.
    PLEASE! Any suggestions on how to expedite this process!!
    mskay251983 responded:
    Same here i am waiting for a reply so i can schedule my appointment this waiting is driving me crazy.This is my second so i am not too worried as you are hopefully we hear something soon.
    htma4494 responded:
    Hey, unfortunately there is no way to speed up the process when dealing with government assistant agencies..It usually takes between 3-4 weeks before they can determine your eligibility..Have you already created an online "My access" account. If you havent, I woud highly suggest that you do because you will be able to log on to this account and view the status of your claim as well as check and see if more information is needed, such as additional paperwork. They usually update this every other day, so you can find out info much quicker this way as opposed to waiting for the regular mail. So it's a good idea to create an online account..Also, if they do need further info, it could take up to 2-3 days for them to send you a letter and another 2-3 days before you received the letter, which can create further delay. Another suggestion, if you just simply cant wait and are super worried about your baby's progress, is to go to the ER and complain of bleeding and cramping and they will most likely do an USR and a HCG levels test to check your HCG levels and see if they hear a heartbeat regardless if you have insurance or not, they will not turn you down if you are pregnant and uninsured..Hope this helps, good luck and keep us posted!
    nikylas_mommy responded:
    I guess i don't know the laws in Florida, however, I'm in North Dakota, and for both of my previous pregnancys, I filed for Medicaid and was able to see the doctor before I was accepted. They went back a certain time frame and covered everything. When I went in to the doctor, I just told them that my Medicaid was pending and they were fine with that. No copays or anything were necessary. Then when I was approved, they just sent the stuff back through medicaid and it was covered. Again, I don't know the laws in Florida, but might be worth checking into :)
    Me(29), Fiance(26), DS(4), DD(5) and EDD 12/30/11 (Team Green!!)
    ckingma422 replied to nikylas_mommy's response:
    Thank you all for your insight and help!

    I am very nervous, i have been pregnant once before, and miscarried. I actually was bleeding Friday (ON MY BIRTHDAY) and cramping-so instead of a romantic dinner, I spent it at the ER. I have found out that everything is fine, and going well, but I needed a follow-up FAST!

    Luckily as soon as I applied, I signed up online, I have been neurotically checking it everyday, with mo movement forward. Finally I got a hold of a human at the call center, and they emailed my case worker. WHEW! As of this morning I have Emergency Temp Medicaid, which expires 4/30/2011. So after hunting for a doctor that accepts Medicaid and has an opening before the end of the week. I wasn't able to find one that could take me when I am not in work, but I HAVE MY FIRST REAL APPOINTMENT! April 28-9am!

    So thanks again everyone, now my new hurdle is how to tell my job!
    htma4494 replied to ckingma422's response:
    Good for you, I'm so glad everything is working out for you and that your baby is fine..God bless you and may your pregancy bring you joy and happines...

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