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    THE LIST!! - As of 8/15/11
    Andie_WebMD_Staff posted:
    This is our List as of August 15, 2011! If you'd like to be added next week, please add your info below. PLEASE don't forget to update with any changes!

    GRADUATING TO 2ND TRIMESTER - (13w3d to 26w4d) - All these ladies are ready to move on to 2nd Tri (or very close!)

    Gina (Gcargueta)-2/3/12-Green
    Beth (BnBprice)-2/6/12-Yellow
    Sydney (SunnyDae01)-2/8/12-Green
    Elizabeth (Lizg1799)-2/9/12-Green
    Candyce (Candymorgan)-2/9/12-Green
    Alicia (Mamacrabb)-2/9/12-Green

    FEBRUARY 2012
    Chelsea (Cbragg15)-2/12/12-Yellow
    Kristen (Juliannasmom)-2/14/12-Green
    Alicia (Annaleesha)-2/14/12-Green
    Kelley (Kfadak)-2/14/11-Yellow
    Alicia (AREvans)-2/15/12-Green
    Amy (Amygem)-2/15/12-
    A.J. (Iheartdoxies)-2/16/12-Green
    Jen (Jen5113)-2/16/12-
    Tamara (Creolemom)-2/17/12-
    Lesli (lkolo04)-2/17/12-Green
    Alexis (Sixela28)-2/18/12-??
    Laura (LarWat)-2/18/12-Green
    Julie (Jkcorey)-2/18/12-Green
    Heather (Princess88388)-2/20/12-Green
    Gwynne (Gwynnandcarter)-2/20/12-Green
    Alaina (ASullivan18)-2/20/12-Green
    Dara (dc343)-2/20/12-Green
    Bethany (Swtbee)-2/21/12-Green
    Mercedes (mmeyers90)-2/23/12
    Kelly (Lysana)-2/24/2012-Green
    Heather May (Princess88388)-2/25/12-Green
    Michelle (Michelle8778)-2/26/12-Green
    Jen (Cottj)-2/27/12-Green
    Erin (erin_addy)-2/27/12-Green
    Wendy (Wendyp228)-2/28/12-Green
    Joy (jforte3)-2/29/12-Green

    MARCH 2012

    Patty (Lucckie1206)-3/1/12-Green
    Amanda (AAgradillas)-3/1/12-Green
    Jessica (Jessie02g)-3/1/12-Green
    KJ (Crazyoomom)-3/5/12-Green
    Stephanie (StephyNScotty03)-3/5/12-Green
    Kari (Kzim517)-3/8/12-Yellow
    Katie (KBratt)-3/9/12-Green
    Samantha (Babyroddywanted)-3/11/12-Green
    Natalie (xoxo-BlueEyes_xoxo)-Green
    Alex (Lonewolf2388)-3/13/12-Yellow
    Alexandria (AsianCharm)-3/13/12-
    Tymerie (Tgrogan225)-3/15/12-Green
    Rebecca (Hoping4babe1)-3/16/12-Green
    Jessie (Jezabel27)-3/19/12-Green
    Amy (AmyLynnCampbell)-3/20/12-Green
    Brandi (Obfuture)-3/21/12-Green
    Tiffany (Gyrlgnyus)-3/21/12-Green
    Vicky (Vybe77)-3/25/12-Green
    Dava (Stinkylaylabug)-3/27/12-Green
    Simona (SimonaSwaby)-3/21/12-Green
    Jamie (Cujaybird)-3/26/12-Green
    Melanie (Melanie0903)-3/28/12-Green
    Brandy (Truewyatt)-3/28/12-Green
    Meredith (Merefisher)-3/29/12-Green
    Stephanie (Hopingforbaby2011)-3/31/12-Green

    APRIL 2012
    Lindsey (momtolandb)-EDD??-Team??
    Molly (Ruby00)-4/2/12-Green (Our 1st April baby!!)
    Erin (ReneeErin)-4/??/12-Green
    Heather (Heather111381)-4/3/12-Green
    Christy (Cjl0510)-4/6/12-Green
    Laura (Katm4110)-4/6/12-Yellow
    Leticia (Letiisq)-4/7/11-Green
    Crystal (Crystalr159)-4/8/12-Green
    Sara (SaraDMiller)-4/12/12-Green
    Jennifer (AuntieJenni)-4/17/12-Green
    Cpruitt (Cpruitt5js)-4/20/12-Green
    Krys (Wailea2005)-4/21/12-Green
    Kelly (luvmyboys2011)-4/21/12-Yellow
    Melissa (mam546)-4/26/12-Green

    8/16: Crystal (Crystalr159)_1st OB
    8/16: Crystal (Crystalr159-1st U/S
    8/17: Jen (Cottj)-1st OB & U/S
    8/17: Dara (dc343)-OB
    8/17: Dava (Stinkylaylabug)-1st OB
    8/19: Katie (KBratt)-1st OB
    8/19: Simona (SimonaSwaby)-1st OB
    8/22: Denise (Nikylas_mommy)-1st U/S
    8/22: Jamie (Cujaybird)-1st OB
    8/23: Erin (ReneeErin)-1st OB
    8/24: Amy (AmyLynnCampbell)-1st OB
    8/24: Sara (SaraDMiller)-1st U/S
    8/31: Rebecca (Hopingforbabe1)-1st U/S
    9/07: Kyona (KyonaL)-Find out sex
    9/01: Amy (AmyLynnCampbell)-1st OB
    9/09: Kelly (Lysana)-D/A w/midwife; 4th U/S
    9/09: hgreenwood7058-1st U/S
    9/21: Jennifer (AuntieJenni)-1st OB appointment
    9/22: hgreenwood7058-New OB appointment
    9/23: Sara (SaraDMiller)-1st appointment
    When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child. - Sophia Loren
    Andie_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Hi There Mommies!

    If you haven't heard this enough since you've been here...Welcome to the 1st Trimester Community!! This is one of the most exciting (and exhausting) times of your life and we are so happy to be sharing it with you!

    Of course, this is optional, but if you'd like to participate, just post your answers to the questions below and we'll get the list prepared for Monday's posting..

    • Your first name
    • Your Estimated Due Date (EDD)
    • Your Team (Green = want to know the sex, Yellow = don't want to know the sex, Pink or Blue if you already know the sex)
    • Upcoming Important Dates (First OB/Gyn appt, first U/S, etc.)
    When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child. - Sophia Loren
    erin_addy responded:
    Erin (erin_addy) 2/27/2012- Green
    Lysana responded:
    Andie - it's not my 1st u/s...I've had three already. It's a u/s for cervix length.

    Thanks for adding me to the list!
    Kelly (32) ~~ Craig (36) ~~ Eliana (4.5) ~~ Joshua (3) ~~ Rebekah (1) ~~ EDD 2/24/2012 ~~ ^i^ (Jan 2006) ~~ ^i^ Pumpkin (March 2011)
    hgreenwood7058 replied to Lysana's response:
    My first u/s will be 9/9/11 for size and dates. and new ob appt will be sept 22nd. (My EDD of 4/24/11 is based on my O date)
    hgreenwood7058 replied to Andie_WebMD_Staff's response:
    And I want to know the sex also. Its says I don't, I will be finding out but not for another 16 weeks or so. So I am team green
    Andie_WebMD_Staff replied to Lysana's response:
    Arrrgh! Sorry about that, Kelly! I knew I read that but guess I was so used to typing 1st U/S it just came out that way.

    We don't have edit capabilities, but I'm sure Byroney will fix that on next week's list.

    Thanks for letting me know!
    When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child. - Sophia Loren
    AuntieJenni replied to Andie_WebMD_Staff's response:
    Jennifer April 17, 2012 Green, 9/21/11 First OB/GYN Appt
    luvmyboys2011 replied to Andie_WebMD_Staff's response:
    april 21, 2012
    adalexnaya replied to hgreenwood7058's response:
    OMG Congrats!!! I followed your story and we were both trying to concieve around the same time!!! you were so supportive and I am sooo happy youre finally PG!!!! sticky baby dust and god bless!!!
    Byroney_WebMD_Staff replied to Lysana's response:
    Kelly, I went ahead and fixed it. I sure hope the U/S shows it's short.

    Byroney_WebMD_Staff replied to hgreenwood7058's response:
    I changed you to Green Team, hgreenwood, and I added in your up-and-coming appointments.

    Good luck!

    Byroney_WebMD_Staff replied to erin_addy's response:
    Erin, congratulations! I've added you in to the list.

    Byroney_WebMD_Staff replied to AuntieJenni's response:
    Jennifer, so glad you joined us!

    I've got you added in and good luck at your first appointment next month.

    Byroney_WebMD_Staff replied to luvmyboys2011's response:
    Howdy, Kelly! I've added you into the list.

    Keep us updated,


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