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    The List! As of 11/23/11
    Byroney_WebMD_Staff posted:
    This is our List as of November 23, 2011! If you'd like to be added please include your info below. PLEASE don't forget to update with any changes!

    GRADUATING TO 2ND TRIMESTER - (13w to 27w) All these ladies are ready to move on to 2nd Tri (or very close!)

    Cassandra (cjlowe30) -5/19/12 - Green
    Stefanie (stefms21) -5/19/12 - Green
    Sarah (meanie13) -5/22/12 - Green

    MAY 2012

    Erin (BabyLove108) -5/25/12 - Green
    Jen (jrios000) -5/25/12 - Green
    Andrea (alakins) - 5/27/12 - Green
    Jodi (babydems2) - 5/28/12 - Green
    Srs2000 (srs2000) - 5/30/12
    Amanda (mandynmickey414) -5/31/12 -Green

    JUNE 2012
    Crystal (Christyle26) - 6/04/12 - Green
    Angie (angmeyers) - 6/05/12 - Yellow
    Brittanie (britt200408) -6/08/12 - Green (our 1st June baby!)
    PetersPan (PetersPan) - 6/10/12 - Yellow
    Dawn (babyfour2012) - 6/10/12 - Green
    Kristin (Cowgirl19) - 6/12/12 - Green
    Karen (ko4905) - 6/18/12 - Yellow
    Earagonez (earagonez) - 6/19/12 - Green
    JC (jpvmami2) - 6/19/12 - Green
    Kasi (floridasportsmom) - 6/19/12 - Green
    Lauren (lauren571) - 6/21/12 - Green
    Jen (jlbwondering35) - 6/22/12 - Green
    Monique (peyten) - 6/25/12 - Green
    Melissa (babypatrick) - 6/28/12 - Green
    Dawn (happysgurl) - 6/28/12
    Katrina (KatETSU) - 6/28/12 - Green
    Rebekah (Bekahs) - 6/29/12 - Green
    Kristin (kristinmoser) - 6/29/12 - Green
    Elisa (422mommy) - 6/30/12 - Green

    July 2012
    Sumi (Sumis) - 7/04/12 - Undecided
    Ruby (rubynoodi) - 7/04/12 - Green
    Kelly (nursingbug) - 7/04/12 - Green
    Marie (mariek315) - 7/05/12 - Green (our 1st July baby!)
    Maria (Pookie1301) - 7/05/12 - Green
    Nikki (Anon_155959) - 7/05/12 - Green
    Jill (jillydilly0) - 7/06/12 - Green
    Soletchi (soletchi) - 7/08/12 - Green
    Abbie (chillo6210) - 7/13?/12 - Green
    Sarah (Mom2Emma23) - 7/13/12 - Green
    Kayla (kaylac18) - 7/13/12 - Undecided
    Carolyn (Furyss2) - 7/15/12 - Yellow
    Saundra (mommyin2011) - 7/19/11 - Green
    Pam (Northern_Girl) - 7/20/12 - Yellow
    Natalie (natty_b) - 7/20/12 - Yellow
    Heather (DBaby09) - 7/21/12 - Green

    ************ Part Two Below**************
    Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
    ********* Welcome to Part Two************


    11/23: Elisa (422mommy) - 1st OB appointment
    11/23: Maria (Pookie1301) - Ist Appt. with Ultrasound
    11/23: Amanda (mandynmickey414) - Cerclage Placement
    11/25: Rebekah (Bekahs) - 1st OB appointment
    11/28: Katrina (KatETSU) - Heard heartbeat; everything on track!
    11/30: Dawn (happysgurl) - 1st OB appointment
    12/02: Brittanie (britt200408) - 2nd OB appointment
    12/02: Sumi (Sumis) - 1st OB appointment
    12/03: Ruby (rubynoodi) - 1st Ultrasound
    12/05: Kayla (kaylac18) - 1st OB appointment
    12/05: Jill (jillydilly0) - 2nd OB appointment
    12/08: Nikki (Anon_155959) - 1st appointment
    12/08: Amanda (mandynmickey414) - OB appointment
    12/08: Andrea (alakins) - Big ultrasound
    12/12: Kasi (floridasportsmom) - 2nd Ultrasound
    12/15: Veronica (brokenlove) - Perinatologist appointment
    12/16: Pam (Northern_Girl) - 1st OB appt. & 1st ultrasound
    12/19: Erin (EEE4565) - Gender ultrasound
    12/22: Saundra (mommyin2011) - 1st Ultrasound
    12/26: Rebekah (BekahS) - Next OB appointment
    1/04: Katrina (KatETSU) - Next OB appointment

    How Can I Join?

    Hi There Mommies!

    If you haven't heard this enough since you've been here...Welcome to the 1st Trimester Community!! This is one of the most exciting (and exhausting) times of your life and we are so happy to be sharing it with you!

    Of course, this is optional, but if you'd like to participate, just post your answers to the questions below and we'll get be updating every Wednesday.

    Your first name
    Your Estimated Due Date
    (EDD or EDC)
    Your Team (Green = want to know the sex, Yellow = don't want to know the sex, Pink or Blue if you already know the sex)
    Upcoming Important Dates (First OB/Gyn appt, first U/S, etc.)

    Thanks so much for joining us!


    soletchi replied to Byroney_WebMD_Staff's response:
    Your first name : Soletchi
    Your Estimated Due Date
    (EDD or EDC) : July 8th 2012
    Your Team
    (Green = want to know the sex, Yellow = don't want to know the sex, Pink or Blue if you already know the sex) : Green
    Upcoming Important Dates (First OB/Gyn appt, first U/S, etc.): 1st OB/Gyn appt with ultra sound)
    BekahS responded:
    First "real" OB appointment today. Saw our little bean and is measuring right on target. 9 weeks 1 day, EDD still 6/29/2012. It was a little wiggle bean too. Haha Brought our 4 year old along so she could see on the ultrasound. She loved it! Now she can't get enough of my belly. Haha. She has her own ultrasound picture and everything.

    Next OB appointment 12/26/2011-I will be second tri by then. Bittersweet!

    Me, Rebekah (24), Fiance Shane (25), our daughter Avery (4), EDD 06/29/2012 with baby 2!
    floridasportsmom replied to Byroney_WebMD_Staff's response:
    Your first name : Kasi
    Your Estimated Due Date (EDD or EDC) : June 19, 2012
    Your Team
    (Green = want to know the sex, Yellow = don't want to know the sex, Pink or Blue if you already know the sex) : Green
    Upcoming Important Dates (First OB/Gyn appt, first U/S, etc.): 2nd ultrasound 12/12 at 13 weeks. I guess I get ultrasounds every month cause I am old, lol (I am only 35, but that is old in OB terms apparently!)

    Byroney_WebMD_Staff replied to soletchi's response:
    Soletchi, hello and congratulations!

    I'll be posting a new list tomorrow, and if you tell me the date of your 1st OB appointment, I can add it in.

    Byroney_WebMD_Staff replied to BekahS's response:
    Rebekah, how absolutely adorable! So glad your daughter has her own bean picture!

    Glad everything is going smoothly and thanks so much for the update,

    Byroney_WebMD_Staff replied to floridasportsmom's response:
    Howdy Kasi and welcome to the 1st trimester! You're not old no matter what that OB says!

    I've got you all added in and keep us updated,

    KatETSU responded:
    Our OB appointment went great. She said everything was right on track. Heard the sweet little heartbeat again and got us all set up for our next appointment on Jan 4th. Will be in the 2nd trimester then. Hoping everything still goes well.
    Byroney_WebMD_Staff replied to KatETSU's response:
    Aww, so glad you were able to your little one again, Katrina! Good news that you're on track and ready for your next appoint just after the New Year.

    Thanks for the update and best wishes,

    Anya1984 replied to Anya1984's response:
    Your first name Anna
    Your Estimated Due Date
    (EDD or EDC) 07/05/2012
    Your Team GREEN (thinking its a girl though)
    Upcoming Important Dates 12/19 Ultrasound to hear the heartbeat
    FrenchBulldogMom responded:
    Your first name : Mary
    Your Estimated Due Date
    (EDD or EDC) July 18
    Your Team Green x2
    Upcoming Important Dates Ultrasound #3 , last appt with RE 12/9, 1st exam with OB/GYN 12/12
    Byroney_WebMD_Staff replied to Anya1984's response:
    Welcome, Anna! I just added you to our New List right here. I sure hope it turns out that you're right you're having a girl.

    Best wishes,

    Byroney_WebMD_Staff replied to FrenchBulldogMom's response:
    Mary, I am so thrilled to see you here and with twins on board--Yay! I've added you to our Latest List.

    Keep us updated,


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