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    Pains during first Trimester question
    katieprays posted:
    Hello there, my name is Katie and I used to be on the TTC 12+ board quite a bit ago, but got pregnant with my first and was able to graduate! He's now 17 months old and I'm pregnant again, this time it only took a month
    I am 11 weeks pregnant right now and have some concerns. I have been having really bad gas pains/cramps in my lower abdomen for a few weeks now, probably almost a month at this point. I have seen my Ob about it and they seem to think it's constipation from the zofran (nausea meds) I'm on. I have had bowl movements though from drinking prune juice or fiber etc and the cramping doesn't subside. When I saw him last he said that I should try a suppository to make sure it all comes out and the pain should go away. I tried that last night in desperation because I couldn't stand the cramping and pain any longer. I would need to go to the bathroom every hour at least with strong pains and cannot leave the house.

    I did it last night around 9pm and nothing happened, instead I was up every hour last night in back in the bathroom for worse cramping and gas pains and NO bowl movement! I read on the box that if you don't have a bowl movement afterwards within the 15min-1 hour time frame then to call your physician cause there is another problem or something more serious.

    I called this morning and a nurse called me back, even though I requested to have my OB call me back, and she preceded to tell me that i needed to do another one, and I didn't give it enough time yet, it's been more than 15 hours at this point and I don't see the the point of putting myself through another one! You aren't supposed to have to use two to get one bowl movement.
    I started to get frustrated cause she kept saying drink prune juice, take stool softeners, which I have been doing for weeks now and it's not helping. I have bowl movements like I said, but they aren't as frequent as they used to be, but also I haven't been eating because of the pain, so there really shouldn't be much that has to come out!
    When I started to get upset and say that i really didn't think it was just consitpation because now i have this shooting pain in my side that won't go away along with the cramping, she told me to stop whining! I simply just asked her to have my OB call me back please and hung up. I was so upset and crying only made the pain worse ;(

    Basically I have no idea what is happening and why I am having this, but I know it's not normal and didn't have it with my first. I know they are trying to pass it off as something simple but I don't think it is. I had an unltrasound to make sure the baby was good and everything was fine there, I have had NO bleeding so that's good.

    I thought maybe it might be a sensitivity to milk/dairy products while pregnant, so I stopped having those and have been off diary for about 4 days now and no progress.

    Any suggestions or ideas as to what is going on would be much appreciated! I'm still waiting on my OB to call me back, he didn't get in until noon today so we will see.

    Thank you in advance and thanks for reading!

    Megkate3 responded:
    I cannot BELIEVE that nurse told you to stop whining!!!! I would be furious!!!! You should not have to put up with that by the people that are paid to help you.

    As far as the pain, I'm not sure. I had constipation problems with my 2nd DD but it only last at most a couple days. What you are describing seems must worse than your typical constipation. If your OB doesn't call you back soon, do you have a general practice dr you could see? If you are in that much pain and nothing is giving you relief I would see someone else if you can't get in to your dr. Even an immediate care type of situation.

    I really hope your OB has called by the time you are reading this. But I would definitely get it checked out ASAP.

    Good luck and let me know what happens!!

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