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    looking for a friend for support
    claraaxel13 posted:
    I am currently 5w5d with my first pregnancy. I am twenty years old and although I have friends and a ton of family that has been there I would really like someone who is going through the same things I am right now. Yesterday morning I woke up with pain from my diaphragm to my belly button. I called the doctor's office and my PCP was able to get me in to be seen. She said that it was normal and that as my uterus grows that my organs have to shift upwards to make room for my uterus. Then she told me that 50% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage. Since then I have been looking up the odds of having a miscarriage and from everything I have read its actually only 10-25% chance after the first 5 weeks and that it goes down after every week. I have an ultrasound scheduled for Tuesday but I'm wondering if what I've read is true or if my PCP was accurate. I'm scared and could really just use some support.
    claraaxel13 responded:
    Correction, she said that 50% of first time pregnancies end in miscarriage.
    tjackson1016 responded:
    Hi, I'm 8w0d with my first pregnancy also. I'm 31 and have not clue what to expect. I don't worry much about feeling cramps or minor pain here and there. I've had 2 T/US with a specialist (we've been TTC for a while) and every looked great and we saw the heartbeat both times. I have my first official appt with my OB a week from today. Don't be scared and try not to worry, just have faith and be positive. Believe me, I know it's hard. Try getting in some light exercise to reduce stress. I've been able to still go to the gym almost 5 days a week, but have had to tone it down a little. I haven't had any traditional morning sickness, but nausea is getting a bit worse over the last few weeks. I've read that once you see/hear the heartbeat, you chance of miscarraige is reduced to less than 2%, so hang in there! Keep me posted on the latest!
    claraaxel13 replied to tjackson1016's response:
    Thank you, We had our first u/s yesterday at what I thought was 6w2d and the little one was only measuring at 5w5d and we couldn't pick up the heartbeat. However, they told us not to worry because they only hear them after the baby is measuring over 6 weeks. Hopefully on my OB appointment on the 26th we will be able to hear the heartbeat and everything will be okay.
    tjackson1016 replied to claraaxel13's response:
    Hi! We have our first OB appt today. I'm officially 9 weeks, but will be interested to see where we're at concerning the measurements. The measurements were about 2 days behind the first due date at my first appt. I'm very nervous this time. I'm not feeling nearly as sick this last week and am wondering why. Since I was feeling so sick the last time, I wasn't as nervous. I just expected to more sick at 9 weeks. I'll keep you posted on what we find out. The best of luck to you!
    nreyn3 responded:
    I am 27 and also pregnant with my first baby and am about 5 weeks. I'm excited and scared, and definitly know how you feel!! Most of my friends already have had babies and are now getting them into school, and I really think they forgot how scary it is the first time!!! I havent had any major symptoms just a little nausea, but no vomiting yet! Thats nice you've already been able to see your doctor, mine won't even see me until I hit 9 weeks, and are syaing they don't know when they can fit me in! Talk about stressful, I'm already looking for a new one, but he's supposed to be the best in my area. What do you think?

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