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    karen213m posted:
    im 20 years old and pregnant and i had my first ultrasound in mid april and the doctor only saw a sac and also said i have a tilted uterus i had my second ultrasound today 5.7.13 and im told im about 8 weeks but the doctor only saw the sac and not the baby im terrified and sad at the same time i lost my fraternal twins on 12.23.12 i miscarried them i had no idea i was pregnant with twins until it was to late and i was hospitalized i got pregnant again and now im afraid that it might happen again because the doctor cant find the baby only a sac which he says looks empty so he sent me to get bloodwork done to see my hormone levels today and i go back next tuesday to get another blood test for my hormone levels and wants to see me again in two weeks on 5.22.13 has anyone had anything similar happen to them with good results ? any advice on what i should do? does my tilted uterus have anything to do with whats happening?
    wanderson2012 responded:
    Hi there. I'm sorry about what's happened to you. I've lost 2 babies, and I'm currently 8wks pregnant with my 4th pregnancy. (my son is 3 so this will be my 2nd living baby, God willing everything works out this time!) I don't have much insight into your issue, but I do have a question. If your Dr didn't see a baby at 8wks, did he/she not give you any information as to if you might've lost the baby? I had my first ultrasound with this baby at 6wks and we could see the baby as well as the sack, so the Dr should've been able to tell you something! Have you gotten the bloodwork results back yet? I've never had my pregnancy bloodwork monitored, even though I've lost 2 babies, but I'd think the Dr might be a little more helpful in your case. Good luck!!
    karen213m replied to wanderson2012's response:
    thanks wanderson well i got blood work on may 7th the results were my hcg levels were at 40000 thousand so aweek later got another hcg quant on may 14th i called today found out they dropped to 16000 so i got sent today may 15th for another hcg quant im going to call tomarrow to find out my hcg levels for the 15th and then i got another one next wednesday may 21st im hoping this isnt bad and they go up maybe my dates are off or i had hcg remaining in my body from my first pregnancy i dont know but i havent had any bleeding or cramping the nurse asked me when i called about my results even aszked if i went to the emergency room
    karen213m replied to karen213m's response:
    update may 15th hcg went down again its at 14000 thousand starting to lose hope but still no cramping or bleeding next hcg quant wednesday may 22nd same day as my ob appointment ill update more later on
    jenica1432 replied to karen213m's response:
    ok you said you lost some twins right? well iwas prego with twins and did not know it. my hcg level was really high so they thought i was very far along. then the ultra sound we didnt see anything so we did the blood wook and myy hcg level dropped. then another ultra sound showded the baby. apparently i was pregnant with twins which cuased the really high hcg and then the loss of one cause the really low hcg. keep hope if it starts to go back up then you will know. not seeing the baby in the sack tells me you are not that far along. Good luck
    wanderson2012 replied to karen213m's response:
    Are they not giving you ultrasounds to see if there's anything there? I'd be making them give me one! Blood work can only tell so many things- they should be checking to see if they see anything besides the sac. At this point they should see SOMETHING. I hope everything works out for you.
    karen213m replied to wanderson2012's response:
    my outcome wazs not good ultrasound on may 22nd showed no change and my hcg was down to 3000 thousand so i haxd a blighted ovum and i decided to naturally miscarry i have another apt wit the obgyn to make sure my body expeled everything i hope it doesnt haven again
    wanderson2012 replied to karen213m's response:
    I'm so sorry to hear this, I really am. Praying for a speedy recovery, both physically and emotionally. I've been there twice

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