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    Scared out of my mind
    jandt52 posted:
    I'm18 years old and missed my period on October 27th. I've never missed a period before and have never been late. I noticed a little cramping in my stomach the week of my supposed period but didn't start. Monday November 4th I took a pregnancy test and it came out positive. I live with my boyfriend and go to my parents house Mon-Fri to babysit my siblings. Later Monday night I started to bleed, it was very light at first and brown(kind of like old blood) but my boyfriends mom told me not to worry because I could just be spotting, which apparently is pretty normal during pregnancy. Tuesday I started to bleed heavier, it was bright red and heavier than any period I've ever had. There were tiny clots maybe the size of ants, but not many. Tuesday evening I had no choice but to call my mom (who I was going to tell with my boyfriend on Thursday) and tell her what was happening. I was hysterical and more scared then I've ever been. The doctor at the E.R took blood tests and said everything is normal but my HCG levels are at 22.6 so it was too early to do any ultrasounds. I took a First Response pregnancy test Monday and I looked up the levels of HCG needed to tell if pregnant or not and it said 25, does this mean I had a miscarriage? The doctor told me that there's a 50 50 chance of either miscarrying or having a normal pregnancy, so I'm getting more blood work done today and an OG/GYN appt. on Thursday. I stopped bleeding Friday night and it ended with the brown blood. I'm very nervous for the results. Has any one else experienced this and had a normal pregnancy?
    jandt52 responded:
    Also I have sore breasts, I seem to always be hungry and tired, and have to urinate frequently.
    An_254251 responded:
    Hey! Try not to stress out too much as those hormones can cause more complications in your pregnancy you definitely don't want! Sounds like you have a great support system, I would definitely lean on them during this uncertain time. I once called MothertoBaby when I was first having some heavy spotting in my first tri and they are so good about answering your questions to help ease the worry. They aren't doctors so they can't tell you exactly what's happening, but they can give you a good idea of what might be so you're not so freaked! Their number is 800-733-4727 and its all free! Hope everything turns out ok!
    giannas_momma responded:
    How long did you have the heavy bleeding for? Last year I had heavy bleeding like a normal period for 2 days and it stopped which wasn't normal for me usually lasts for 6 days and I had a very healthy baby
    jandt52 replied to An_254251's response:
    Thank you so much
    I found out last Thursday that it was a miscarriage but that won't stop me from trying in the future! I'm staying positive
    jandt52 replied to giannas_momma's response:
    The bleeding lasted for about 4 and a half days. I did blood work and last Thursday I found out it was a miscarriage. I'm glad everything worked out for you! I hope in the future everything will work out for me as well.

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