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    Cathie01 posted:
    I'm not having much luck getting my question answered anywhere else so I'll bring it here. Does anyone know if PUPPs rash can start early in the first tri? I know normally it's last tri.
    sj2777 responded:
    Hi Cathie!

    Here's what I found: (by the way, I love that you named a daughter Claudia! That is such a beautiful yet underused name.)

    "Women are most likely to experience PUPPP during the third trimester, although it also can occur earlier, or even after childbirth."

    And here is a link to some pictures if you're trying to figure out if you have it:

    Here is another link to a list of other common pregnancy rashes:
    Jess40005 responded:
    it can but it is very very rare for it to. I had a rash that wasn't PUPPS or any of the other ones when I was pregnant with DS. (I was fine and so was DS)The drs nor the midwife knew what it was. The only thing I found to help was putting regular A&D ointment on it. It went away right after I had DS. they were very confused lol so good luck and try some A&D ointment if you can't find out what it is. But always with a rash call your dr it could be something bad for you and the baby like your liver(which goes back to normal after delivery)
    Cathie01 responded:
    Well technically I'm not sure if I'm pregnant or not...and I'm refusing to take a test until after the 8th (which will be the first day of my period). My prior period was really messed up. 3 days essentially, heavy on day 1, spotting the rest of the time. I'm nearly 99% of the time, heavy for 2-3 days, and go for 5 days with lightening flow at the end, and a day of spotting after. But I've had this weird rash on my abdomen, the bikini line along the legs, and my left hip...and the doc I went to said eczema. It's not responding to steroids at all. I've had eczema since I was having it not respond to something isn't normal. I saw a picture of urticaria plaques, looked at more and it's what at least the one on my hip looks like...and then in searching realized the UP in PUPPs is Urticaria Plaques.

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