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    blue dye tests vs, pink hpt
    Zoer posted:
    I just read that blue dye hpts give false positives. Has anyone else heard/read this? I took the Equate Early Pregnancy test (with blue dye) yesterday morning and this morning and both gave me a very strong positive result right away--within 1 minute. I thought I was pregnant but now I read that blue dye tests are not reliable. Has anyone gotten a false positive from a blue dye test? I suppose I should get a pink dye test and try again.
    Jess102600 responded:
    I've never heard that before, other than them giving false positives because people read them after too much time has elapsed. In that case, it would be an evaporation line. If it appeared after one minute, congrats! You're pregnant!
    Jill_en responded:
    you can go to Out of all the tests she has done on the different tests she doesn't say anything about that. I took both kinds and the blue can give you a positive after 10minutes. But if it showed up right away than you are pg.
    Zoer responded:
    Thanks for your input! I was hoping the reasons for the false positives were due to people reading the results after too much time had elapsed. AF is late, I'm TTC, and 2 out of 2 hpts were positive dark blue lines within 30 seconds or so. OK! I'll consider that pg! :sillygrin:
    Ingawahkiki responded:
    I have never heard of this. I think the reason would be reading it incorrectly. Evap lines are grey or "ghost" lines. It would make sense that an evap line would be more easily mistakable as a faint blue line than a faint pink line....but that's just my guess. However, if it gave you a strong line right away like that, then I would say it's a positive. :grin:
    JenniferandGary responded:
    I took the Clearblue digital test so there would be no mistake in lines. It came up pretty quick to and it actually said PREGNANT :grin:
    k8lynn0428 responded:
    I have taken countless numbers of hpt. I have never gotten a false pos with pink dye... BUT i have gotten a false pos with a the ONE blue dye that I have taken.... It was as clear as day. I looked online and found others who had said the same. I like dollar tree tests to be honest. The area buck and have never gotten a false pos. You can pee guilt free because they are so cheap. One dollar for a hpt that is as sensitive as first response!!!!
    Zoer responded:
    Wow. That gives me something to think about. Might as well go ahead and get the pink dye one at dollar tree and give it a try. I have nothing to lose.
    lpglv responded:
    Yep, we just did the dollar store ones too, they are great! No reason not to take one! Makes you wonder why the other ones charge so much - although they aren't as sensitive, you do have to wait until the first day of your missed period, no testing 5 days before.
    k8lynn0428 responded:
    You don't have to wait. First response is sensative at 20mlu's and dollar tree is at 25mlu's. That isn't a day's worth of hormones. Last pregnancy I was temping so I knew when I ovulated and I had a pos. test result at 10 days past ovulation... just like they say you can get with First Response. They are more or less the same test.
    stinkybutts_mom responded:
    Well I took 2 blue dye tests in the same day and they were positive. They were not false though. I think you are pg so CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! Ash(24) DBF Ty(26) DD Abigail (5) our puppy Sofie and our little penut EDD 4-27-10

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