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    holy acid reflux
    jle09 posted:
    Seriously, one of the FIRST symptoms I got was acid reflux. It disappeared and return to show its ugly head last night. I was unable to sleep last night because of the horrible pain it was causing me. I ended up in the bathroom several times throwing up from it. Oddly enough, I thought acid reflux was something you experienced later in the pregnancy due to organs and such pushing and moving to accommodate the baby. Am I wrong? Is anybody else experiencing this? Is there anything more I can do other than Tums and bland foods?
    SophiasMommy08 responded:
    When I was pregnant with Sophia that was the first symptom I got and it was HORRIBLE! I was working at the time and they had me on a flight from newark to phenoix and I was soooo tired on the whole flight after I had slept the whole night and then I was having horrible acid reflux from drinking a coke....To the point where I had to get up and get sick from it! Mine never went away with her it was horrible the whole time! I went through bottle after bottle of the ecomony size tums....tried all the different kinds. Target brand works just as well as reg. tums stay away from the cocoa and cream tums that they come out with at xmas time they are nasty and made me want to throw up from the taste!
    Jen0880 responded:
    The liquids work better for me (Mylanta and Maalox), even though I HATE the taste. They are both on my doctor's approved list as well. Try not to let your stomach get completely empty; it's always worse for me if I let myself get really hungry before I eat. I'm not sure when your next appointment is, but if you bring it up to your doctor they may even prescribe you something like Prilosec.
    Dakota200 responded:
    I think it will get worse the further along you get. Which stinks. I had a friend that had it really bad her entire pregnancy. I have it somewhat now, but mine is caused from vomiting all day long. It doesn't seem to bother me if I can eat fairly well. It's a cycle for me. I get sick, then the acid reflux acts up which makes me more sick and not want to eat b/c of the burning. I would ask your doc, my friend said that the med he prescribed worked well for her. Amber, Philip(DH), Dakota 8(DS), Mackenzie 5 (DD), #3 due 5/1/10....
    c8lin responded:
    hi! i've had acid reflux since i was about 13, but it has come and gone over the years. sometimes it was so bad that i had to sleep with phone books under the head of my bed so that it was at a slight angle. by figuring out what foods triggered it for me i was able to get it under control and stop taking Rx medicine for it. then it came back a bit last year and i cut out acidic foods for a few months and it totally healed on its own. go easy on the tomato sauce, chocolate, spicy stuff, greasy stuff, and pop and juice (the 2 worst ones for me). right now your stomach and esophagus is probably so irritated that anything acidic will bother it. if you wait long enough you can start having those foods again (not every day - but you can enjoy them occasionally). in terms of medicine, what i've found that works the best is gaviscon. it really really helps! right away and for a long time. i would recommend it to anyone with acid problems. unfortunately i've noticed that mine has started to come back a bit since being pregnant... just in the last few weeks or so. so i'm going to try to adjust my diet a bit again.
    JENEGIRL responded:
    I agree w/ PP. Watch your diet first and formost. Try and figure out what the trigger foods are for you. I had it really bad w/ DD and my stomach never healed up after the fact. So, before I got preggo I was on a perscription which I can no longer take. I do not eat onions, peppers (loved them both so that was hard for me to give up), greasy food, pop is a HUGE no-no, tomatoes, citrus (watch juices...even apples and apple juice is bad). I pretty much drink water and milk. My DR said Zantax is safe to take while preggo. Good luck and i hope you feel better soon.

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