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    A few tips to start
    Dorothea_WebMD_Staff posted:
    • If you?d like to find which board went to which Exchange, then check out Find Your Exchange .
    • You can increase font size by pressing CTRL (or Apple Symbol) and the ?+?sign.
    • Clicking the Discussion Index link on the left sidebar will help you follow Discussions in a more linear fashion.
    • ?Bookmark this Exchange? at the upper right part of the page beneath the house icon, is a good way to find your favorite Exchanges. Once you do that, it will appear under ?My Exchanges? on the left navigation bar.
    • Finally, to watch or follow a discussion, click on ?Watch this Discussion,? found beneath each Discussion.
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    kmsorrels responded:
    Can we still do signatures? If so how would we make one?
    Dorothea_WebMD_Staff replied to kmsorrels's response:
    No, I'm sorry to say that the old signatures are gone, at least for now. As a workaround, you could use a notepad file to save what you'd like for signature text and paste it into each post. Not ideal by any means, but might be useful.

    scperdomo responded:
    Just curious, why were the signatures - and the emoticons - left out??
    bcfrost816 responded:
    wow, this change is horrible!!!! Why the changes???? I loved these boards....I don't know if I'll come back. No signatures and no emoticons?? What gives??
    Happyislindsay replied to bcfrost816's response:
    I agree with you. I hardly come on here anymore. Oh well. I feel like it's harder to see all the discussions...(before it was more of a snap shot, but now it's like only 5 discussions on the first page, and you keep going to the next page...)
    Louise_WebMD_Staff replied to scperdomo's response:
    We are all working on getting the signatures back. I miss them as much as you do. I think in getting a better, more stable platform-some tricky things were left for later.

    You can still do emoticons. :-)

    You need to type them and include the nose but colon : or ; semicolon, then dash -, then paren ) ( D or / makes a range of emoticons.

    :-) :-D :-( :*-(
    Louise_WebMD_Staff replied to Happyislindsay's response:

    Have you tried using the See All Discussions view? You can click on the link on the upper left sidebar or bookmark this link:

    Many members find that an easier work around at this point. Or if you click into a post and then click the latest tabs to navigate on the right sidebar-that can be helpful too.

    I know our engineers are working feverishly on improving some of the things that our members most want changed or fixed. Please let me know if I can help you with ideas in the meantime or if you have a particular issue you would like to see addressed.

    Know that the discussion issue, emoticons, and signatures are priorities on the tech team's lists already!

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