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    Constipation Tip! (Gross, I know.)
    KP1985 posted:
    Hi Ladies!

    With every pregnancy my worst symptom has been my inability to poop. It's pretty disgusting, I know.

    HOWEVER, the only reason I would post this is because I'm thinking it's a pretty widespread problem. (Prenatal vitamins w/ all that extra iron and whatnot...)

    I found a quick fix today: Eat a huge bowl of cheerios, and drink a large glass of orange juice. Wait 1-2 hours... It worked for me. Hopefully it works for you too!

    Me: wife to one, mom to four - m/c '06, DS (2), DD (11 months), LO (on the way))
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    terricody responded:
    usually eat raisin bran cereal and it has fiber in it which is what your body needs when concipated and drink plenty of water
    ReneeErin replied to terricody's response:
    Just for the record, 2 kiwis a day also seems to solve the problem!! It was recommended in one of my books and has been a more reliable help than anything else I've tried!!!
    Jennax907 replied to ReneeErin's response:
    I find if you stay away from Banana's and increase the water and fruit intake everything starts to work properly again.
    slagtersgirl responded:
    Thanks for the info, i am having super bad pains and i think its because i cant go to the bathroom. Just found out a few weeks ago that we are prego and its been a roller coaster of a ride.. an appt every week... ugh... my nurse appt to go over things like this isnt til march 16, i have to do something, the pain was so bad to day at work that i was in my chair with my feet up it hurt so bad... made me worry because i have been spotting also.
    twistedkites responded:
    if you really need help, drink a glass of warm water with lemon juice in it. sounds gross, but it always worked during my 1st pregnancy.
    Louise_WebMD_Staff responded:
    I found that some lemon juice in warm water and oatmeal helped me during the pregnancy I had so much constipation during. I couldn't drink OJ while pregnant because of the heartburn, but I sure did eat a lot of cheerios.

    Thanks for the tip!
    AngieErnie responded:
    Thanks for the tips, ladies! I don't mind the sore boobs; don't mind the sleepiness; however, the constipation is making me 'anal retentive' for sure!

    I knew something was up when I wasn't going to the bathroom!

    I will try them all!
    weldermom responded:
    My OB gave me this prenatal vitamin called Pre-Nexa.Not only do they not make me sick,they have a stool softener in them! I had alot of problems before starting these, now I'm regular.They are also fairly more horse pills! LOL
    KSHoh responded:
    I just tried the honey nut cherrios this morning and it worked. Did not drink the orange juice but had a big bowl of the cereal and by the time I finished it I was in the bathroom. Thanks for the tip.
    jrm1209 responded:
    Wow, it's so crazy...because I've heard from every woman I know that has kids that they stayed constipated while they were pregnant, but I have the opposite problem....I'm pretty sure I go at LEAST 5 times a day. I mean, I guess that's a good thing, but it's kinda irritating when you're at work and you are constantly running back and forth to the bathroom!!
    jadedstar replied to jrm1209's response:
    you are not the only!!! With my first one I was constipated alot this go round exact opposite dont know if it is the change in prenatels this time or not but my prenatels are great easy to take and dont cause back up probs they are Prefera OB DHA it has a natural heme iron in it that doesnt cause problems YAY real small to like the size of jelly beans way better than the horse pils i took 6 yrs ago
    kristi_alexander replied to weldermom's response:
    I agree with you on all accounts of the Pre-Nexa except one. My husband took one look at the capsule and asked if I had to neigh (like a horse) before taking them each day. They are pretty big but luckily they are not solid like some pills.
    hopeks27 responded:
    It took me a little while in this pregnancy to figure out why I was sooo constipated unlike my first. Then it hit me right after a big bowl of Cheerios. I lived off Cheerios in my first pregnancy!! Never had any constipation. This time around I work days so cereal at 5am is not on my list of things to do but it is the one thing I do if I start to feel stopped up now!!
    READY2BFREE replied to hopeks27's response:
    hi ladies-hope u dont mind me butting in (smile), try strawberries too!

    when i was very "clogged up" w/ DD, the doc said to try them and now i cant even look at one w/o having to go -lol

    good luck!

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