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    Blood Clot in Uterus
    YourSliceOfLife86 posted:
    Hey All! I'm lurking here from the 1st trimester board. Well yesterday I had a 15 minute session of really strong cramps and about an hour later red blood. I bled off and on all evening, nothing too heavy and not strong cramps, very mild actually. So i called my OB this morning and she saw me, did a sonogram and the LO is doing okay. I got see the heartbeat flicker on the screen!!! We also got 2 pictures. However there is bad news. I have a blood clot in my uterus so I have to go back next week for another sonogram so they can take a closer look. I'll be into my 7th week, almost 8 when i go back for the sonogram next week. She did say that there is a possibility that it could be another baby and not a blood clot at all!!! I doubt it though, my husband and I do not have a single set of twins in our family. She also said that if I started bleeding red again to call the ER and tell them what's going on and they'll tell me if I should come in or not. Has anyone here had a blood clot in your uterus during pregnancy before??? She also mentioned that I had a cyst on my ovary but not to worry about it, it was normal looking and not dangerous. I'm kind of worried about the blood clot hurting the baby. Any advice?
    stephanieannobrien responded:
    I had a large blood clot in my uterus that caused me to bleed up until about 26wks. The baby is fine and the blood clot is starting to go away I am now 29w5d. All the bleeding and cramps scared me so much but they say it can be normal and that the clots usually go away....the absorb back into your body. So the chances are good that you and your LO will be fine. Good Luck.
    YourSliceOfLife86 responded:

    I went to have another sonogram yesterday. Unfortunately the blood clot is still in there. I"m still having light brown bleeding. They did more blood work and my doctor told me that from what he sees there is a 50/50 chance that I'll have a miscarriage. I'm going back in tuesday for more blood work. At this point there is nothing really they can do except monitor me. So he told me to take it easy and put me on pelvic rest. He did say to stay on the bright side because there is a heartbeat of 119. So that's good. It just sucks that they can't actually tell you what's going to happen! So now I'm just waiting and praying that I don't lose the baby. I'll keep everyone updated.
    stephanieannobrien responded:
    I am glad you updated and I have been wondering about you. I am the one that answered your last post and am 31wks now (29 then). When they diagnosed my blood clot the ER dr also told me that I had a 50/50 chance. My own ob told me that because of the hcg not doubling like it should, the clot and my previous history that I would lose the baby. Then I went to see a maternal fetal med dr and he said that there is nothing they can do except watch me but that it can even be normal to have clots and although mine was very large and I had placental abruption (where the placenta tears away from the uterus) that as long as the baby looked good thats what mattered the most. I bled until around 26weeks and hemmorghed (sp?) several times so we can be surprised at what are little ones make it through. I had an appt this last monday and finally it is completely gone. So have faith and I am praying for you and your LO. I have been on bed rest and pelvic rest for pretty much my whole pregnancy and I really think it helps. If you want to talk or anything my e-mail is Good Luck
    YourSliceOfLife86 responded:
    Thanks so much for your replies stephanie! They really made me calm down. Thankfully I went in last week for hcg testing and all looks normal. She said my numbers are going up like they should. I also have no more brown blood at all. It stopped about 3 days ago. No cramps either. So hopefully everything is going good! I don't go back again until next Friday and I'll be 10 weeks. I'll update when I know more! I hope you're doing well and your LO is good. Good Luck and keep in touch!
    jkshah replied to stephanieannobrien's response: wife has similar blood clot and advised by doctor for complete bed rest.
    currenlty she is having 11w3d pregnancy.
    blood clot looks increasing.
    anyone can suggest here.
    Sisi1 replied to jkshah's response:

    My wife is 15wks now. Last week the found a blood clot behind the placenta of 20mm size (just under 1 inch). Today, my wife fainted and went to ER. They found that the blood clot increased to 84mm (just over 3 inches). They told her to rest, lay down, not move at all.
    Sisi1 replied to Sisi1's response:
    Baby is doing fine though. Heartbeat 160. crossing fingers.
    Losp1128 responded:
    Hi! I am in week 14 plus! I just found out I had a subchroinic hemmorrhage in the uterus outside of the placenta causing bleeding! I went to the er and took blood work and my qhcs is high and fetal heartbeat is there going strong! I am really worried about this! Have a 50/50 chance of having a baby or not!!! Not doing anything but worrying! I am devastated! I hope it grows smaller and disappears! Did not know common this was until got on here!! Need advice. Thought the docs could give blood thinners or progesterone to treat the problem. Read here online about subchroinic hemotomas! Need encouragement! Have apt as a follow up Tom! Thanks so much!
    demiix replied to stephanieannobrien's response:
    Hello I no this was posted 5 years ago but am hoping your still on this site, I'm 6 5 weeks pregnant and I've been haveing bight red blood when I wipe sorry Tmi and sometimes in my pants I've had a scan and baby was ok but had a patch of blood the same as what u have had, I'm just wondering how ur pregnancey went?? xx
    levrier26 responded:
    How did everything turn out? Was the baby okay I'm going threw the same exact thing right now my heart is breaking I'm unsure of what to do
    kadee081013 replied to levrier26's response:
    Hi there! I am new to this but I am 7w5d with my first pregnancy and I was just informed that I have 2 blood clots in my uterus I was so caught off guard I didn't know what to ask or what to say. All I was told was that they are very small and no heavy lifting no exercise no sex and if there is any pain or bleeding to go to the hospital. I haven't had any pain or bleeding. I just don't know what to think.
    aishymmc replied to stephanieannobrien's response:
    I have found your commens very helpful! I am currently 15weeks and have been having very heavy bleeding and severe pains since i was 9 weeks. At first i was told that I had a massive blood clot behind the placenta which has torn a 1/3 of the placenta. I was up for a check up yday and I now have another clot at the top of the sack aswell as the placenta.I have had bleeding non stop from 9weeks and at times it comes in a big gush(sorry for graphics)Im being taken bck every 2 weeks for a check up!
    Have they told you anything about the birth,wether they will section you or take you in early.I am not sure if you can give birth naturally.

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