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    Amniotic Fluid Band
    ddem1332 posted:
    Hello, I am 24 weeks pregnant and during my second ultrasound I was told that they found what appeared to be an amniotic fluid band. They did a follow up ultrasound and they confirmed that is what they are looking at. The band is currently not attached to the baby, and I was wondering what are the chances the baby could become entangled in the band? I so far have had no pregnancy complications and I am hoping it will continue that way :wink: I was also wondering if any one has ever been through this same situation? :confused: Please let me know it would be great to talk with some one that knew maybe a little more than I have just read about on the internet :crying:
    acbbeck responded:
    Hi-- I've never actually responded to a message, but I read yours and felt that I should. I had a pregnancy affected by amniotic bands. We knew there were complications during the pregnancy, such as a two-vessel cord, but didn't know exactly what was going on until the baby was born. Our bands were pretty thin and never showed up, even on high-resolution ultrasounds. Anyway, long story short, my son turned nine in November and is perfectly strong, healthy and beautiful. He has had some issues to deal with, but they're mostly cosmetic. In my research on the internet, I found that when the placenta tears and causes the bands, the usual result is a miscarriage. Considering that, I just feel so blessed that my son is here with us. I'd say that since you are so far along and have detected no complications or abnormalities with the baby, your chances of having things turn out well are pretty good! Best wishes to you and your baby. I'll keep you in my thoughts!
    babyendy responded:
    Hello ddem1332, We are now 21 weeks pregnant, and us too discovered during our second ultrasound that an amniotic fluid band showed up on screen. And our band, too, is not touching our baby nor attached in anyway. We are very scared after looking up information on the internet and were wondering how you were. I'm sure you were just as scared and concerned about your babies health as we are now. And it would be nice to hear from anyone out there who may also be going through the same ordeal. Knowing it is a 1 in 1500 chance for an Amniotic Band to show up, we aren't feeling very lucky at the moment. :sad: Is anyone out there?
    sew27 responded:
    I know it's been awhile since this post, but my husband and I just found out today at our 18 week scan that there is an amniotic band present. It looks right now as though the baby has managed to stay clear of it, but we are going in this week for a higher level scan. I'm just trying to find out the risk now that I'm 18 weeks. If he's managed to stay clear this far, what are the chances that he will continue to? I'm so worried!
    sm212 replied to sew27's response:
    hi sew27
    I just had my 18 week scan and was told that I may also have an amniotic band (it may also just be a fold, they're not sure). My baby has also managed to stay clear of it and thus far has developed perfectly fine. The ultrasound MD has asked me to return for a follow-up and says that they may have to do serial ultrasounds every few weeks to make sure the baby stays well and doesn't get tangled up and have any issues. my ob/gyn said that an amniotic band is really rare and that if my 18 week scan was otherwise normal it shouldn't be a huge concern and that the baby will just push it out of the way. I am still worried like anything. What was your experience?
    thanks for any information
    hayleyxxx replied to babyendy's response:
    hi. i just had a scan at 15weeks and was told i have a band at the moment its not touching the baby but im only early. ive never heard of this before in my life and im extremely worried. they have told me that when i have my 20weeks scan they will be able 2 tell me more and if it is in a dangerous place they will refere me to a specialist. i just want to no what is the likely hood that this will affect my baby. it is a rather larger band and is very visable on my scan picture. i have also had complication at the start of my pregnancy. i had some bleeding not alot but i had a scan done when i was 5weeks but there was just a sac with no baby in it. i then went back for a follow up scan 3weeks later and there was a baby there 9weeks so the dates didnt add up and no one could explain what was going on. im so confused and just really need to no what im facing so i can prepare my self. please can any one help.

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