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    350lbs and preg.
    punakin posted:
    is their anyone here that is this heavy and what are the risks compared to healthy pregnacy. I dont know what to exspect is mine going to be normal or what people think is normal. help me please. I just want some kind of peace of mind. I want a baby and am happy but scared cause everybody is telling me that i'm selfish and i shouldnt be pregnat
    nechole99 responded:
    Thats crazy !!! Are you able to care for and love a baby? If so than you have every right to not only want a baby, but to have one as well. Tell all those people they need to get a life! I hope your preg goes well for you.
    triannanmoon responded:
    I'm at high risk too because of weight and high blood pressure. People are telling you not to have a baby because of the complications it can cause. The complications that could arise are higher blood pressure, miscarriage, gestational diabetes. If you eat right, take your vitamins and keep your blood pressure in check you should be well enough to have a baby. Just take care of yourself and don't let anyone get you down. Don't listen to anyone but your doctor.
    punakin responded:
    thank you that makes me feel sooooo much better. And yet i am able to LOVE AND CARE for a woulderful and amazing baby.
    LauraSNJ responded:
    I don't have any personal experience with this, but I have a very close friend who is at least 350 pounds (I'd guess her around 400, although I don't know for sure, I would never ask of course) who had a successful, healthy pregnancy. I believe she was monitored a little more closely for conditions that can be brought on or worsened by obesity (like blood pressure, gestational diabetes, etc) but in the end, she had a beautiful daughter just over a year ago. Wishing you the best of luck!
    TiaKatrina responded:
    You are not selfish. I am also a heavy woman and pregnant, Im 17 weeks and I havent had anything different than any other woman I know. Im 300lbs and 5'9" and Im dealing with the same thing that every pregnant person is. Of course they say that being heavy and pregnant can cause an increase risk at certain things but my doctor has not said anything to me about being high risk or that my baby is doomed. Knowing Im heavy and that there can be an increased risk of certain birth defects I opted to have almost every test done. One thing that I found to be incredibly helpful is my fiance is super supportive. Hes there through everything and that has been really important to me. I think you should keep an open line of communication with your ob/gyn and your partner and dont be afraid to speak out. Tell them how you feel and your fears. I hope this helped you. Keep in touch if you'd like [email protected]
    Ready2pop23 responded:
    im also considered obese 5'3 before becoming preggo i was 300 and 29 weeks into my pregnancy im now 328.... i was told that i too would have more complications when it comes to being preggo and plus size. I also have High Blood Pressure. Tested NEGATIVE (Relieved) for gestational diabetes. However i See my Doc once a week so that He can monitor me and baby closer, and also have a HBP Specialist that i see once a month. So Far everything is looking good for me. Eat Healthy Take your meds and im sure everything will be fine for you aswell. So dont let simple minded people bring you down. Have Faith You'll be fine.
    amb_519 responded:
    You know what? People who say things like that should just bite their toung and keep it to themselves. There's NOTHING selfish about wanting a baby. If you're able to have a baby and like PP said, if you're able to love and care for one -- why not?! That's insane and I'm so sorry people made you think differently, gosh. I don't even know what to say. I can understand where you're coming from. I was 238 when I delivered my son and I was worried about everything, I felt ike people looked at me different than the skinny girls that gained 5 lbs with their pregnancy and whatever else. I even stopped eating for awhile because I was so upset and figured my baby would "use up" the extra fat -- that was really dumb and I know better. Some women gain a lot of weight, some gain a little -- some only gain in the belly, other's take the blow all over the place, like me! I ended up being diagnosed with hyopthyroidism at the end of my pregnancy, so go figure -- I gained 78lbs with my son. I'm scared to get pregnant again, and I often ask myself if I'm selfish, or just stupid --- but this is what I want. I have every right to have a baby, no matter what SIZE I am. Hunny, don't let anyone else make you feel bad abotu the decisions you make in your life -- someone is ALWAYS going to say something, no matter how right you try to live your matter if you do everything right...someone's always got to talk, if you know what I mean!

    Keeping active (despite how difficult that can be while pregnant), taking your vitamins and keeping yourself and your life under control is your best bet. Make your doctor your best friend and take his or her advice or words more seriously than others -- they SHOULD have you and your baby's best interest at heart! You'll be just fine, and congrats, mommy!!!
    Shimoko responded:
    I am about 218 right now and I?m in my second trimester.

    I was diagnosed with PCOS a few months before I got pregannt and started metformin therapy along with a special low GI diet. Even though I exercise daily, take my metformin religiously, and eat low GI, I STILL developed GD and feel like a horrible person because of it. People are saying it?s because I had PCOS and problems with insulin resistence before the pregnancy, so it?s not my weight, it?s my stupid endocrine system.

    I know at least three or four morbidly obese women (over 400 pounds) who had perfectly healthy pregnancies with no GD or pre-e or anything! Sometimes it is not your weight but whether or not your weight is due to a problem like PCOS or endocrine disorders like hypothyroid. If you are mostly gaining weight on your thighs, butt and hips, you?re probably safe because that sort of weight distribution is low risk for most pregnancy complications (which I suspect are more due to the disorders themselves and the weight is just a symptom that people blame). If you are ?apple shaped? on the other hand and most your fat is on your upper body and belly, you should probably get your blood checked for insulin resistence early on. Not only could a low GI diet benefit you immensely, but it could also lower the risks for your baby and lower your own risks for developing GD.

    I feel like a total failure and horrible for having GD, and it makes me sad because I just KNOW that if my mom finds out that she?s going to think that I got it because I am fat. A lot of other people have acted like I am horrible for deciding to have a baby because I live in a tiny apartment (but I am prioritizing; I would rather live in a small place and have a savings just in case then move to a larger place and possibly have no job based on economic down turn), but the second thing on their ?b*tch list* is my weight and how I?m ?not taking care of myself? or I would be thin. Well horse hocky to that! I?ve been exercising upwards of 30 minutes a day (hard cardio), eating incredibly mindfully, and taking my meds. I?ve done everything to be as healthy as possible while I see thin pregnant women eating entire tubs of ice cream and chowing on onion rings. Of course, I would like a dish of ice cream from time to time too, but now I can?t have it because of the GD. It?s unlikely I?ll enjoy eating for the rest of the pregnancy because it?s going to really suck how limited my eating will have to be. But I guess that?s my cross to bear in the genetic crapshoot of life.

    Don't let people attack or harass you because of your weight. Only take medical advice if they have actual PROOF that you have a problem and not one second before. If you don't advocate for your rights to be respected as a patient, doctors will walk all over you, especially in our fat-phobic culture.
    MommyMartinez2 responded:
    I just wanted to leave you a comment...RIGHT ON sister!!! I like how you think. I am starting my 30th week today and I weight 244 lbs. I've actually lost weight during the pregnancy because I've been eating so healthy (with my doctors supervision that is) Anyways, about 26 weeks along I got diagnosed with gestational diabetes and I just wanted to let you know, you do NOT feel deprived AT ALL. There are so many things we can eat. In fact, some days I feel like I'm eating way TOO much. Also, if you have a sweet tooth, the no sugar added dreyers/breyers ice cream is great as is the sugarfree Hersheys chocolate bars (I freeze them so they take longer to eat.) GOOD LUCK!! You will do great and feel just fine, promise! = )
    TRACY7999 responded:
    I am 246 right now and I'm 5'5 so I am considered morbidly obese. I am currently 11 weeks pregnanct with my 3rd child. I weighed more when I was pregnanct with my daughter, about 275 with her. She was healthy and my pregnany was fine. I had to do the sugar test twice because the first results were close to the diabetic level but they came out fine. But luckly for me my bp has always been fine, and I am realitivly healthy for my weight. My Dr told me to just make healthy choices when eating and the baby would control my weight. So far I have lost 3 lbs in the 11 weeks I've been pregnant because I try to eat healthy. Everyone telling you that your are sellfish, are completly clueless, don't listen to them, don't worry, just enjoy being pregnant and if the Dr feels there are risk that come along with it, then they will watch you a little closer, that's all. So don't worry, just enjoy your pregnancy.
    dede25jc responded:
    girl, A baby and your pregnancy is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING IN THE WORLD. So my advice to you is to forget what the world expects a pregnant woman to look like and just enjoy this beautiful time of pregnancy and the joys it will bring now and after. Now i am saying this as a fellow Big Girl who is about 250 lbs. 4 1/2 months pregnant with her 4th child. And thank God and my children are healthy as am I. My piece of mind i would share with you is that we are not all looking like those pregnant woman with their round bellies all perfect little bump no matter what!!!! oh no! you my friend are not alone, i say we are a good percentage of us pregos who struggle with the weight issue even before we get pregnant,, but if it was meant to be it was meant to be. Just think about it this way..How many skinny healthy woman who are out there and cant get pregnant for whatever reason? and How many woman out there have misscarriages or other child complications even though they were taking great care of themselves? NOw i m not saying this to be mean or scare you... I guess my point is that if GOD intended for us to have a baby then it will be... and if for whatever reason he didnt or doesnt then everything happens for a reason.. I know i have lost 1 baby just last year and i was 6 months pregnant... but we tried again right away and here i am pregnant again.. Well good luck with everything and just remember you are beautiful no matter wht anyone says and its your body and your choice..Lots of Luck and good wishes,...DEDE
    BrooklynDiva responded:
    Allow me to say this ! Those that are not helpful or positive in your life get them out. You are a woman and you were blessed to bare children. I am currently 8 weeks pregnant. I am currently overweight due to bad asthma and the medication that caused me to gain. But, by no mean will I get rid of my child because I am 300lbs I will relax ,enjoy and pray for a healtly baby. This is my 3rd child my children ages are 16 and 5 if I listened to anyone outside of myself and my husband they probably wouldn't be here. I suggest you do the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, good Luck!
    michellewilson55410 responded:
    am heavy to for my height and so far the doctor says everything is going we. I do notice that I do get SOB at times. Since we are overweight we are at an increase for diabetes which they test at 24-28 weeks. Just because you heavy does not mean you should not have kids. Whoever told you that has not right to judge you like that.
    kerrib1971 responded:
    I was over 300 and was 350 when I had a gastric bypass. My dr.s were trying to help me conceive even though I was 5'9 and over 300. They didn't feel just because I was obese that I shouldn't have a child and I think that is a ridiculous thing for someone to say! You have as much love to give a child as a skinny person. I actually couldn't get pregnant though and tried everything. After my bypass I married a sterile person and didn't know I could conceive until we seperated. It was totally unexpected and I was 230 pounds when I conceived my daugther and I got up to 280. My dr. never had a problem with it and I had no trouble with HBP, gestational diabetes and I was part of a study for pre e and that was never a problem. I was 265 when I got pregnant with this child and don't feel my weight has hindered me raising my daughter at all! She is healthy, intelligent and absolutely beautiful as I'm sure this LO will be too. I feel people discriminate against heavy people sometimes to the point of absurdity and you know that all too well I'm sure. I'm AMA also(advanced maternal age) and still wouldn't give up the chance to have my girls even though that puts me high risk all by itself.

    Congrats on your pregnancy!!!! I am wishing you the best of luck with everything.

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