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    n131 posted:
    Hey- anyone on here having to take Lovenox shots while pregnant. The dr. told me today that I would have to take them while preg. to reduce having a blood clot. He said I would be taking a shot once a day for 34 weeks, then he's gonna put me on heparin. (2 shots a day) Is that not horrible or what? So, please anyone have comments, please post.
    TracySTB responded:
    Many of us (I can think of 3 or 4 off the top of my head) take it. It's really not so horrible, so long as you have good insurance. If you don't, ask to switch to the heparin earlier because it's much cheaper (Lovenox retail is $1200+ per month, whereas heparin is like $500-600). I pay $40/month with my insurance, or $100 for 3 months.

    The first week is a little weird. I like putting ice on the area ahead of time for like 10 minutes to get it numb, then give myself a shot, no biggie, little sting, then ice for another 15 minutes. I do it while reading before bed, but I've also done it just whenever without the ice and it takes no time, only then it stings a little more because there's no ice to numb it. It's kind of a comforting ritual to me now, believe it or not.

    The first few times, I rewarded myself immediately, it was funny. I had a treat next to me for after the shot. I was so proud I did it! Now I'm an expert and it's almost time to switch to heparin.

    Last time, I didn't find out I had the Factor V till mid-pregnancy and was told not to take it, but I worried every day that there would be a blood clot in the placenta and the baby would die (this is the biggest risk in my opinion- I wasn't worried about me but 2nd or even 3rd tri baby issues are sooo scary to me). This time, I don't worry because I know I'm taking care of things.

    Yoiu can do it, and if you need help, I'm here and so is pincushion, who helped me when I started out. We can answer most of your questions-- she even gave birth so she knows about post-partum stuff too!

    Take care-- you WILL get used to it and it's funny, you learn a new skill (and me, if I want a treat I'm like "hmmm, need some more subcutaneous fat for easier injections, I should eat that treat! "
    n131 responded:
    It sounds not to bad, I had to take heparin with my second child. Needles don't bother me too much its just the point where you have to give yourself the shot. I'll have to definite try the ice method. Cause I was wondering what I could use to numb it. I used nothing with the other time.

    So far as my insurance goes, I'm hoping their gonna pay for it cause I've already met my deductible. And theres no co-pay. Thank Goodness!!!!!

    Thanks for all the info, I'm sure I'll be talking to ya later!!!!!

    me(34) EDD 06-11-09
    babynumber309 responded:
    I have a double copy of the MTHFR gene and I am now on lovenox. I have to do it once daily for 35 weeks and then twice too. My question is how do we not hemhorrage at birth?? This is all new to me. I had three miscarriages before I found out that I have this gene. What are you taking it for? I have two children, but miscarried in between them every time. How did they come out ok if I have this disorder? I am so confused but trying to do what they tell me so this pregnancy sticks. Good Luck.
    hightower_mom responded:
    I'm lurking and wanted to answer. I took Lovenox during my last pregnancy. The shots were a piece of cake but they were very expensive. We could not afford to pay $150 a month so I was switched to heparin and that cost was about $10 a month. If I have to do that this time I'll just pay for Lovenox because it was much less painful and I didn't have to fill needles.

    So Lovenox - maybe more expensive, prefilled syringes, less pain

    Heparin- less expensive, you have to measure the dose yourself, a little more painful and more bruising
    n131 responded:
    With my previous marriage I had two children. The second child I had to take heparin near the end of my pregnancy. Now that I'm remarried, I've had two miscarriages and finally got pregnant with this one. I'm gonna have to take shots for having a DVT in 1996, just to make sure I don't get another blood clot. So far as the hemhorraging part, idk- they told me I'd have to switch up to heparin if I wanted to have a epidural. Most definite got to have a epidural, unless they want to put up with a extremely mad woman. lol Our babies will be just fine!

    me (34) EDD 06-11-09
    n131 responded:
    Oh so good to know about Lovenox, you don't have to fill the syringes-Wow. And you said less pain, I think I can deal with it now. Thanks so much for the info!!
    linco1972 responded:
    I was so happy (o.k... maybe happy isn't the right word) to find others out there that are taking Lovenox. However, I think my diagnosis and dosage is different, so I'm a little curious how/why others are taking the drug.

    I went through IVF and am now 5 1/2 weeks pregnant with twins. I was having pain in my left arm, shortness of breath, rapid heart rate, and chest pains, so my doctor told me to go to the ER immediately. After a two day stay in the hospital, I was diagnosed with blood clots in my left arm, high blood pressure, and withdrawals from stopping my beta blockers just prior to the embryo transfer. They believe the IV in my hand from egg retrieval surgery, along with all of the fertility drugs, caused the blood clots in my left arm, which is EXTREMELY rare. Usually people develop blood clots in their legs, not their arms. Luckily, I had no clots in my lungs or legs.

    I was told that I can't take Heparin since I'm pregnant, but that I should take Lovenox. I take 95 mg twice a day using the prefilled injections. Oh my Lord, do those things burn. Worst shots I've ever taken and I've taken plenty of fertility shots!! A 30 day supply was $4,276, but my part was 20% of the cost, so about $855. For those of you paying less, I am soooo jealous! Since I have already had blood clots, my hematologist suggested that I take Lovenox through my entire pregnancy. Since it only lasts between 5 - 8 hours in the body, I will stop taking it just prior to delivery to avoid too much bleeding, then start taking Heparin after delivery.

    I am interested to hear the experiences of others, too!

    Kind Regards, Jen

    Jen (36), DH (47), IVF TRX 10/23/08, EDD 7/13/09
    Franchesska responded:
    I am just about 6 weeks now and I was started on Lovenox as soon as they found out I was pg. I have double copy of MTHFR and also PAI-1. I am doing one shot a day (mornings) of Lovenox 40mg. My husband gives me the shots. They burn a little going in but it goes away in a few minutes. I have never iced the area before/after. I had a m/c and was then tested for the clotting ob believes it may have caused my m/c.

    Cost is scary. We met our deductible early this year so we only pay $186/mo as opposed to the $860/mo without coverage. However, in January our deductible starts over and I fear we are going to take a hit for the first 3 mos till we reach the $2200 deductible. We are scared because we don't have that laying around - we could probably scrounge up 1 mo worth but not 3. We may borrow from our parents if we have to...until ins kicks back in. Weird thing is my nurse told me Lovenox is CHEAPER than Heparin and that's why they prescribe it. ???

    My RE didn't discuss with me how you "go off it" before delivery...he said my regular OB will discuss with me when he turns me over. I too worry about hemmoraging (sp?) - what if I go into labor unexpectedly? Do you wind up getting "scheduled" to be induced so they can plan ahead? Why do you have to switch to Heparin at the end? Can't do Lovenox that close to delivery?
    mgatto responded:
    Hi! Yes I?m 12 weeks pregnant with twins and I have Factor V. I started taking 40mg once a day in an injection at 7 weeks. It's not as bad as everyone will tell you. Once you get over the initial stress of injecting yourself it's really not that difficult. Also, it?s much easier to inject yourself, don?t have someone else do it. You may have some bruising, but the key my Dr showed me is to pinch the skin and do not release it until after you've removed the needle. Good luck! MGD+2
    EllasMum2006 responded:

    Just found out I am pregnant (yeah!!), so only 4 weeks along. I have MTHFR and had a DVT and PE in 1998. During my 1st pregnancy I took Lovenox starting in week 12 until a few days before my scheduled induction because as others have said you can not be on Lovenox and get the epidural. Interestingly my doctors did not put me on Heparin for those few days saying Heparin crosses into the placenta, which is the reason you can only use Lovenox for pregnancy. I was not on any anti-coagulates for those 2 days before the induction with no problems. I have a 2.5 year old perfectly healthy daughter.

    My question now is should I start taking Lovenox immediately? I have read through the posts and it looks like the earliest anyone has started is week 6. I called my regular OB who will not give me a script because I am high-risk so referred me to a specialist. I have an appointment with the MFM specialist but it is in 2 more weeks. I am worried that I should start it today!

    Another question is where everyone injects. I saw someone say she injects in her legs, which is where I did it during 1st preg but my doc then said the stomach was preferred. I could not emotionally stick a needle in my big stomach even thought she said there was no way it could reach the baby. I did definitely look like a black & blue pin cushion by the end and hated every minute of it (plus the fights with the insurance company) but it was worth it to have a healthy baby.

    EOD 8/8/9
    nochev responded:
    Hi Jen,

    I've never posted on here before but after reading yours, I couldn't help but want to share with you. I can't believe how much I have in common with you. I'm 33 and also taking Lovenox shots 100mg/ 2 times a day. I have a very large blood clot in my left arm. It's starts at my collar bone and goes to my elbow. I've also been told how rare it is to have this. It's my left arm too btw!

    I had all the same symptoms you mentioned above and was in a great deal of pain with my arm. Mine was first diagonsed as a torn rotator cuff, but I couldn't take the pain one morning and went to E.R. to find it was a blood clot and not the rotator cuff. Thank god I survived that.

    I am almost 10 weeks pregnant now and found out that I have one part of the MTHFR gene issue. Have you also been checked for that? I wondered how common that was? I just wanted to say hang in there and there are others out here feeling your pain.

    Stacy 33 EDD 7/11/09
    ursas responded:
    Hello All, I have 85 ml Lovenox shots 2 x 's each day for a PE and DVT a few weeks ago.. First, thank God I made it and Thank God I don't have that kind of payment. I was almost whining about my $120 RX Copay each month until I read all your costs! Whew!!!

    Secondly, a couple tips for injections that work for me...

    I dont ice. never thought of that.... After 10 days in the hospital and 10+ different nurses jabbing me, one actually showed me the trick. Pinch the skin on your stomach, but not TOO hard or it will bruise even more. INJECT VERY VERY SLOWLY... I know thats hard for some of you cause you just want to get it over with, BUT I PROMISE, IT WILL HURT MUCH LESS!!! It's the medicine going in that burns. Make sure you change sides each time.

    In the hospital I had a quarter or larger sized bruise for each shot and they really burned. Now that I have been giving them myself, nice and slow, the largest bruise is smaller than a pea. Good luck!!!
    ashley002 responded:
    Hi I wanted to reply to your posting. I recently lost my 1st child due to cord wrapped around neck and blood clotts on placenta. I found out dec. 15 that I am expecting again and the doc. has put me on Lovenox and I am so nervous about it. I was fortunate in the fact a lady that goes to the same doc. had some left and donated them to me. My insurance dosent cover it and I am considered high risk for delivering a stillborn. So my doc is having to appeal to the insurance so that it will cover the Lovenox. How are you doing on the Lovenox since your pregnant? I am 5 weeks ashley
    westbrk_12 responded:

    I am only 23 and far too familiar with lovenox and blood clotting...

    I got my first blood clot two days after I got married. This clot was in my left leg and ran from my pelivis to my knee. It was one of the most painful things I've ever been through. The docs tried the clot busting procedure, but the clot was too developed and the procedure failed. I spent a night in ICU, then returned home with horrible pain and cramping sensations in my legs. After this clot, they ran the blood work and it came back that I didn't have a clotting disorder.

    One year later, my husband and I took our belated honeymoon. I developed another blood clot...when we were in Florida...1000s of miles away from home. It was a risky move, but I didn't see anyone until we got home. This clot wasn't as horrible as the first was in my left knee. Doc put me on Warfarin and made me promise to keep my legs elevated and sent me on my merry way. Two weeks I was back...the clot moved to my foot....Warfarin and a month of bed rest. I just had gotten my period right after the first clot after the honeymoon....I got my period again two weeks later in the beginning of July. When it didn't come the first week of August I thought my body was resetting to it's normal clock. When it didn't show up by mid to late August, I took a pregnancy test and sure enough, I was pregnant. I was nervous because I was taking Warfarin for at least 4 weeks of my pregnancy. I had to wait for two weeks to start lovenox because the doc wanted to send me to a hematologist. He did blood work, found out I had Factor V, started me on lovenox...few days later, OB said I miscarried very early in the pregnancy...I was about 10 weeks when I first went in. Had a D/C in September. Went back on Warfarin. My period didn't show up in November...took a home test, came back positive. Went to the OB, and found out I was about 3 to 4 weeks along. After phone tag with the hematologist, the family Doctor, and the OB, I was started on 40mg of lovenox twice a day two days later...

    Mid december I landed myself in the hospital with a blood clot behind my knee in my left leg. I was there for a week in the labor and delivery floor with a Heparin Drip. They upped my lovenox to 120mg before they released me...

    Then to make things more complicated, two days after Christmas (I was about 8 weeks) I started bleeding. Had an ultrasound, and baby was still alive and healthy. Docs upped my lovenox to 150mg twice a day...which ended up being 4 pokes in the belly because I had 120s left and 40s...and I wasn't about to go out and buy another $100-$300 worth of lovenox just for them to change their minds... Thankfully I didn't. I had a checkup yesterday and they lowered my dosage to 100mg twice a day because of the bleeding and the blood in my abdomen.

    My little baby is now a little over 11 weeks old and it's a fighter. Mom and Dad are hanging in there.

    At first I wasn't to thrilled about taking Lovenox for basically nine months, but the pokes will be worth the final result...

    I know I checked into heparin, but it is much more expensive than lovenox and they aren't prefilled.

    There's my soap opera of a story lol.

    One thing that I have learned from all of this is that anything feels a little weird or out of the ordinary I call and keep calling. That's what I did in December until they scheduled a dopler of my leg that day. They were glad I didn't give up after the found that it was a clot.

    Hang in there my fellow pincushions!

    Stephanie *Remembering our first little one 9/18/08, and hoping for the safe arrival of our second baby! EDD 8/4/09*

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