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    Bleeding but no cramps...
    Gwendalyny posted:
    I have been bleeding for about two days now. At first it was spotting, but then full-on bright red blood with some small clots for the last 24 hours. I went into the doctor 16 hours ago. They did an u/s and found that I wasn't as far along as I thought I was (I thought I was 9 weeks--but the fetal pole measured 6) and couldn't find a heartbeat. The bleeding has not stopped, but I'm not getting any cramps or passing of the tissue. I had blood drawn and will go back sometime next week to get it checked again to see where my levels are (if I haven't passed the tissue by then). Has anyone had any of these strange symptoms? I'm holding on to hope, but am also waiting for the cramps to come and the tissue to pass. Please give me good and bad news!
    BruinGrrrl responded:
    I am so sorry you are going through this. Are you (and the doctor) certain that this is a m/c? I had spotting on and off from week 5 to week 10 and a couple of times, the blood was bright red, but I am still PG and my twins are doing fine.

    Regardless, I wish you luck.
    BabyTownsend2010 responded:
    I had that kind of bleeding, my placenta is pushing on my cervix and I was and still sometimes bleed like I am having a period and I am now 18 weeks 3 days, don't give up hope
    cutenshort13 responded:
    I'm going through the same thing right now. I just have some pain in my lower back. The bleeding will get fairly heavy then stop and start again. My cervix is closed at the moment. The doc didn't seem to really calm the fears. They said no answer until the check my blood again in two days. I wish you the best of luck.
    MiaObsuna responded:
    I am 7 weeks pregnant and went to the ER today for bleeding. They drew my blood and did a vaginal exam. The doctor came back and said my HCG levels were really low and that I miscarried. I went home very sad and depressed and ended up getting a call back from them saying that they made a mistake and my lab work showed my HCG level was actually 179,000 and that I am definitely still pregnant. My concern is that I am still bleeding but I have no cramping. I was told by the on-call nurse that I shouldn't worry unless my pads are soaked with blood! I am getting really scared and concerned about my baby. Has anyone ever experienced bleeding like this during pregnancy?
    appie520 responded:
    went to the hospital because i thought my appendix was rupturing the worst pain ever. as i sat there the pain started to go away then all of a sudden a gush of blood i felt like i was peeing the bed i had no warnings or symptoms really either. come to find out its blood clots abruting. make sure to ask as many questions as possible and good luck with everything i know its scary but try not to stress too much because it only makes it worse and hte time to go by slower
    arkmom2be responded:
    I have a similar condition. The week of Christmas I got home from a shopping trip and had a small gush of bright red blood. I was about 13 weeks at the time. I had no cramping and no warning for it, so I wasn't sure what to do. About an hour later, after nothing else happened, I called the doc's office and they said to just rest and if it happened again they definitely wanted to see me. Well, I had three more gushes before the night was over and the next morning I was at the doc's office first thing. Still, no cramping at all.

    At the doc's office I got a pelvic exam and then went for an ultrasound. My ultrasound tech immediately spotted the problem which was a small tear behind the placenta. The doctor said that this puts me in a slightly higher risk catagory but that an overwhelming majority of women with this condition have an otherwise normal pregnancy. So, I'm on "couch duty", taking it easy but no bed rest yet and have been back for follow up appt's twice. The doctor said that the blood will sort of "pool" a little then dump, that's what's causing the feeling of a gush.

    Anyway, I can't remember what this condition is called since I was so anxious that day and can't seem to find any information about a tear behind the placenta. The good news is that the baby is growing and seems to be just perfect so far - it's just me that's got the issues!! LOL

    Hope that helps and good luck!
    a_menchaca84 responded:
    I had been bleeding for about 2 weeks started when I was roughly 6 wks pregnant, I'm 9 weeks pregnant now and the bleeding has stopped. Just do your best to get as much rest as possible that what I did and thats all you really can do. Just turn to God he can help you through anything!
    Jasmine1234m replied to MiaObsuna's response:
    Hi I just had the same problem I woke up in t he morning with my underwear bloody so I when to the hospital they did regular ultrasound n blood test I wait for the results when they call me they told me I'm having a miscarriage an my hgc are really low It 0.6 so I when home sad n thinking what did I do wrong so I was resting but the weird thing it's that I didn't had any pain at all so 3 days pass n i just stop bleeding I'm just spotting but when I was bleeding it's was just blood but nothing else I wonder if any of u guys had that

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