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    Bright bowel in ultrasound
    OTXB78dani posted:
    I had my ultrasound Tuesday and my doc called yesterday to tell me she noticed a "bright bowel" Otherwise the baby looked normal. She said this increases the risk of Downs & CVS to 4% each. We have to go for genetic counseling and get some blood work. The amnio is up to us. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm really scared. I also have placenta previa (right on the border of the cervix) but doc isn't worried about that. Thanks. Danielle
    RachelNJ responded:
    I can't believe I just googled exactly what I have, and your question popped up! My name's Rachel, I just found out two days ago everything that you just said! My doctor told me their was a bright spot on my baby's bowel, which meant a 1 out of 344 chance that my baby could have down syndrome, and that I have placenta previa, but that has a 90% chance of clearing up on it's own by birth. That's crazy. Unfortunately, I don't have any answers for you, but it sure is comforting to see that there's someone else out there going through the same exact thing as me. How far along are you? I'll be 20 weeks this Friday.
    allusion01 responded:
    I had my ultrasound last week and just got told yesterday the same thing and I'm so scared.
    jennylgib responded:
  • I found this on another website and it was really helpful to me. I would suggest that your best bet is to go by your gut feeling. You are the Mother of this child and you will sense when there is something important you need to worry about. Best of Luck!*

    Best Answer - Chosen by Voters

    Echogenic Bowel--for anyone reading and not sure--is when the image on the ultrasound shows a brightness in the bowel area. Bright findings on an ultrasound indicate a denseness--which is not normal for organs in ultrasounds. Usually seen with bones.

    In 2004, when I was about 17 wks pg with my second child we had a routine scan--and was told the same thing....bright bowel, echogenic bowel. We had no other markers. My OB was out of town--and another Dr delivered the news---I was told this marker is usually seen with cystic fibrosis, downs, toxoplasmosis, and it can be absolutely nothing. I was not a carrier for cf and did a blood test that ruled out the toxoplasmosis. Also was informed that intrauterine growth retardation was a possibility. I was the chance of downs had also increased. The odds it was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING was MUCH greater than anything else--but still it was going to be a rough next couple weeks for us.

    Ten days later I was having a level 2 ultrasound--with a perinatologist. This scan was more detailed---and they did not see the bright bowel and his growth was on target--and even a week ahead. About 4-5 days later, I had a follow up with my OB. She said that she felt that the u/s machine in their office--just picked up too much "garbly goop"---and that it may have just been more technical...which is why the level 2 didn't see anything--since it is a far better machine--and the technician was more skilled. Amnio was an option. In FL, you can abort a pregnancy up to 24 wks. I decided against having the amnio just because I would not abort the pregnancy no matter what. And the small m/c rate for the amnio was too great in my eyes--not even for the pc of mind it may have given me for the next 20 wks. A safer alternative was that we decided to have 3 more level 2 u/s over the next 6 wks. This was to make sure he was growing--normally. And he was growing normally. Although we never got a definite "He's fine!!" from the perinatologist---simply because without the amnio confirming he was ok, anything is possible. AND.....20 wks later--he was born 100% perfect.

    My husband and I did a lot of research online in those 10 days. In 2004---there was not much out there on the internet. Lots of medical sites popped up--with hard to read abstracts. It was very frustrating. But, I managed to find out that SOMETIMES the baby could be swallowing blood or amniotic fluid at that precise time of the scan---and could be detected in the scan and make the bowel appear dense. And I read that their "intestines" could still be developing that early and also appear dense--hence just waiting it out another couple weeks may prove to be nothing. We still needed more encouragement as we waited--and I did find a site where I got a lot of help from the members on the forum. The site was dedicated to cpc's (certain kinds of cysts found on the brain). There were many people that found their way to that site--that may have been dealing with echogenic bowel--alone or with other markers. It's amazing the amount of pregnancies there were with these findings. And it was encouraging that a very high percentage of these pregnancies---were normal. I suggest you visit their forum. -
    krisbum responded:
    I was told at about 16 weeks that there was a bright spot on my baby's bowel and also some spots on his brain. I freaked out! I was sent to Forsythe Medical Center in Winston, NC for a level 2 ultrasound, which showed nothing. The doctor said that it could have been just the way I was laying for the first ultrasound that made it look like that. I was so relieved. I know its hard not to worry, but try not to until you know for sure. My heart goes out to you. Good luck.
    happymummy10 responded:
    Hi everyone!

    My baby girl had bright bowel in her 20, 24, 26 and 30 week scans, and we were told something very similar by our doctors. At 36 weeks her bowel looked clear in the scan and I now have a beautiful, perfectly healthy little girl who is now nearly 4 months old Sometimes babies just develop differently to what is considered in the "normal" range, but often the problems ultimately resolve themselves, without explanation before the baby is even born I also had low lying placenta but it moved up well before the birth Try not to stress too much (I know that is nearly impossible!!) and still enjoy your pregnancy as much as you can! It is an amazing time!

    Hope this helps and good luck!
    erinsmom1964 responded:
    I agree with PP I would have a level 2 before I did anything else. Also make sure it is given by perinatalist. I had these every 2-4 weeks because of high risk, age, gd, pre-eclampsia. It is wonderful to get those u/s because they are true professionals with the best equipment.

    Good Luck!!!
    kdunn72 responded:
    Hi Dani:
    Just ran across ur post on here about ur doc telling you that you had a bright bowel show up on your u/s too. I also had a level 2 u/s done last week, because I'm 37 yrs. old & have alot of medical problems w- my back and knees, & rt. foot. So, I thought i would let u know i feel ur pain & concerns & i'll keep u in my prayers too. Good Luck. Kris
    16161818 responded:
    I just went to the doctor yesterday for my 18 week ultrasound. We found out it's a boy! We also found out I have a low lying placenta, it' supposed to be at least 2 cm away from the cervix and mine isn't even 1. Doc said this will most likely change as the uterus grows, the placenta should move up. Then he also said the tech said the bowels appeared whiteish, meaning echogenic bowels. I had never heard of it. He said he wasn't worried at all, that most times this is either because of the swallowing of blood by the baby or most likely a poor ultrasound resolution. I'm going back in Feb to his other office which just purchased a new ultrasound machine. the one they used on me yesterday is 4 years old. I was excited to find out it was a boy, but the other news took the wind out of my sails and I have been pretty depressed since I left his office. I have googled everything 2x and I just can't shake this worried feeling. Thinking that something might be wrong with your unborn child is a fear like I've never felt, it's overpowering. I'm not a carrier for CF and my risks of Downs are low according to blood work and an NT scan. Still, I feel lile I'm holding my breath till the next u/s.
    An_267512 replied to allusion01's response:
    I bet uou went sll good!Share for other mums so non had to go be in the dark place-83D-C95

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