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    Looking to get tubes unclamped
    Nikki0328 posted:
    Hello, I wasn't sure where to post this so I decided here as I ever became pregnant I would probably be high-risk. I'm 25 years old and looking to get my tubaligation reversed. I my tubes clamped 2 years ago and have since regretted it. I know there is hope but has anyone ever had a success pregnancy post tubaligation that you know of. I have to set my appointment to see what can be done and Im so nervous about that. In my research I've discovered that it costs a lot to have the surgery reversed. Please dont report my post as inappropriate.
    bethjoann1 responded:
    Just lurking and saw your post. I have no experiance with a Reversal. But a friend was looking into this and found a board on the web for women who are and have had this done. you may want to google it. Good luck and hope to see you post a bfp here soon.
    LaNieve1980 responded:
    You are so not alone on this subject...and the pp was correct about there being lots of support groups and boards online. However, I am a product of a successful reversal ( so far). I had my reversal done May 5th, 2008 and I we bagan ttc 6 weeks after the surgery (per Dr. request). I am now 10 wks 4 days preggers and I have had 2 ultrasounds and so far everything is going great. So, there is hope out there. If you would like more information on the Dr. that did my surgery...let me know and I can get you more information. Good luck and keep your options open. It isn't imposible. I had a pomeroy tubal ligation in 2001 and I had regretted it basically since the minute I was in the recovery room. But, after many years of searching my soul, my husband and I went for it. And I am so happy we did! I hope this helps!
    mrsg22tx responded:
    Hello. I am new to this web site. I got my tubal ligation 2 years ago. It has been a big regret everyday. I did a lot of research on-line and found a doctor. I have researched him inside and out. Also, cost was another thing that kept me from doing it before. But this doctor I found will not break the bank. LOL I was also high risk with both of my children. I am hopeful that this one will not be. I will be calling to set up my day to get my tubal reversal this week. I will hopefully get it done in the next week or two. I wish you luck with yours. If there is anything I can do to help you out with information just let me know.
    txtornado381 responded:
    I just wanted to find out if any one can tell me where to even start? I had my tubes clamped 12 years ago when my daughter was 4 hours old. This is something I did not want at all, but due to husband at time, he felt it to be wise for us to do so. I have always wanted more children, I have looked and seen the prices and stop looking. But I am 37 and I am not getting any younger. I have looked online and did alot of home work, just not sure where to actually start. Then Dr's are so expensive. can anyone share with me their stories, I would greatly appreciate it.. Thank you and God Bless
    Maybemom2010 responded:
    Hi Nikki, I recently has a Tubal reversal and I tell you I finally feel whole again. Now the fun part begins TTC. I am not sure where you are but I found a wonderful doctor here on the east coast that is very inexpensive compared to most. I had my TR August 10 so no baby yet but we are trying. I will let you all know how that goes! If you would like more info let me know. I wish you the best in your journey.
    efranco77 responded:
    I had my tubes unclamped in July of 2007. I now have a vivacious 18 month old and another due in may. It was well worth it you just have to be careful because you will always be high risk due to the scar tissue that builds after your reversal. Good luck!!
    An_217302 replied to txtornado381's response:
    I dropped by on this site as I felt maybe I had left it too late having my tubes clamped 10 years ago and being 37, but after reading your post I feel more hopeful... please can you reply to how you have got on and give any advice. thank you x
    TMac2931 replied to LaNieve1980's response:
    Hi I'm new to the website and I see it's been a while since you've been on.But I was wondering if you could give me the Information on the Dr.that did your surgery.U see I'm 27 and I have 3 kids.I'm getting married next year and my Fiance don't have any kids.I've been trying to do research but it's hard to find some one that will do it,so if u can respond back to me that would be great,Thanks!!!!!
    my4diamonds replied to TMac2931's response:
    Hi, I was just on google and it sent me to this site. I'm so glad it did. I thought I was the only one experiencing these feelings of regret. I had my tubal ligation 5 years ago. I have since felt a since of regret. I love kids and want more but as i researched the cost is very expensive. I was wondering if you received a reply from the previous person who posted. I would like to check into the dr and cost of the procedure with them. If you can respond back I would greatly appreciate it.Thank you.
    lbarnhardt replied to LaNieve1980's response:
    Hello, Hows the baby? I live in Jacksonville, FL. I was reading your post. I had my tubes clamped 6yrs ago. There are 2clamps on my tubes, and now I desperately want to conceive. I would like the name of the doctor who did your surgery.
    lbarnhardt replied to efranco77's response:
    Hi, I know im late, but congrats on your post tubal pregnancies! May i ask where the doctor was, that did your surgery? I reside in Jacksonville, FL.
    mommy_of_estesboys replied to LaNieve1980's response:
    I'm looking to get my tubes unclammped please help
    nikkimommy07 replied to mommy_of_estesboys's response:
    You are not alone. I am 35 and I had my tubes clamped in 2005. I have got remarried and me and my husband want a child of our own. I will tell you from what I have found out that the reversal is lots of money.Can anyone help please.
    tinadeleon75 replied to nikkimommy07's response:
    HI Nikkimommy07

    I had my tubes clamped in 2010 6 weeks after i had my daughter and i regret it very much me and my husband have 4 kids but i really have been wanting another, ive looked into how much it cost and im in Illinois and was told $8,250 so if i get them unclamped i will let u know how it went

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