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    Bystolic for High Blood Pressure
    Traci_NC posted:

    Two weeks ago halfway through my fourth month of pregnancy, my primary doctor called me out of the blue to say I need to be on a different high blood pressure medicine. I was taking 10 mg a day of Bystolic, a new drug since just Dec. of 2007. I learned then that it is a "C" Class drug. Before I became pregnant, my cardiologist took me off Altace and put me on it because it would be better during pregnancy...none of the many ob-gyn practitioners thought it dangerous for me to be on this unproven drug for pregnancy and so I'm grateful for my primary to call my attention to it and change me to Methyldopa (a 'B' Class drug), however I'm a little peeved at finding this out so late in my pregnancy...has anyone else used Bystolic in their pregnancy and were there any complications? Any feedback would be extremely welcome. By the way, I'm 42 and this is my first baby. Also, my initial blood pressure was pretty high, and I'm a Type II Diabetic. Thanks again, Traci
    poohlar responded:
    My ob put me on Labertrol from the beginging and its been working great and he says thats what he used in the past for other people. It can be modified as you go . My pcp said he was not going to change it and let my ob take over care until after I'm finished with baby stuff. I've had hbp for years am 38 but dont have the diabties to complicate things. Sorry if its not much help.
    Freemahyena1 responded:
    This is really old but since I was searching to see about taking bystolic during my pregnancy and found nothing I thought I'd help others searching. I took Bystolic 5mg through my entire pregnancy. I had no complications and my blood pressure stayed within a normal range. My baby was even almost 9 pounds so no low birth weight either. My baby is perfectly fine.

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