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    lovenox during pregnancy
    An_217331 posted:
    I have had 5 pregnancies... a miscarriage, a child, a miscarriage, a child, and then a child. With my last 2 pregnancies, I was on Lovenox the whole pregnancy then switched to heparin the last week prior to delivery. At the time, I was told there would be NO side effects to the baby... now I am not so sure. My oldest has ADHD which we knew would be a possiblity since it is hereditary. My 2 little ones have not been diagnosed yet, but my 4 yr old shows signs of PDD-NOS which is on the autism spectrum. My 2 yr old is showing some of the signs and symptoms as my 4 yr old. I have researched and researched and there was one website I found 3 years ago, my printer crashed so I could not print.The next day I had working printer and website was non-existant Now, I have found no documentations of this type of diagnosis being a side effect for children whose mother took lovenox during pregnancy. I just want everyone to be aware that although drug companies may claim side effects being present. Look at all of the future side effects.If they cannot give them, don't take it. If I had to choose again, I would have chosen aspirin or leaving it up to God. There is definitely something there, just don't know what exactly it is. Good Luck to all.
    laine2709 responded:
    what condition do you have that caused having to take the lovenox... i am 17 weeks pregnant and was put on lovenox as soon as I found out that i was pregnant. I have factor V leiden, and would also rather take an aspirin. although, i have been assured that the lovenox will not affect the baby.
    june2011baby replied to laine2709's response:
    I am on lovenox as well for my pregnancy. All of the research i have done has soon that lovenox is safe for the baby. I also have Leiden Factor V as well as Factor II, blood disorders. My last child was born extremely early at 25 weeks. I would much rather take my chances with Lovenox then to experience another preterm birth. Good luck to everyone!
    Haylen_WebMD_Staff replied to june2011baby's response:
    FYI - Here is a link to information about Lovenox from WebMD with comprehensive coverage of side effects, precautions and interaction information. SubQ.aspx?drugid=1837&drugname=Lovenox SubQ&source=1
    00ann responded:
    Sorry to hear your children are having issues. I have a blood clotting disorder (Factor VIII and Protein S) and took Lovenox though out my first pregnancy and my son is almost 4 and very normal. He was a very happy baby and we joked it must have been the Lovenox. He did have IUGR and was small on the growth charts his first 2 years. I also had 2 bloodclots in my placenta at delivery and a very aged placenta so delivered at 36 weeks. I really didn't have an option to weigh the side effects as it was the only thing to protect me from having blood clots through out pregnancy. I have been back on Lovenox since July while trying to conceive. I just found out I'm pregnant and have to have an ultrasound at 7 weeks to check everything out. Once again, its vital I take Lovenox so I just have to accept all risks.
    obeyone37852822 replied to laine2709's response:
    I have the MTHFR (Methylenetetrahydofolate) gene mutation C677T
    bebe516 replied to laine2709's response:
    Aspririn doesn't help with Factor V Leiden. It thins the blood, but has no impact on the clotting factors. I am 7 weeks pregnant and dealt with a pumonary embolism 8 months ago. For me and some of you as well, it is either Lovanox or we aren't here to raise our babies. I am heterozygous for Factor V Leiden and MTHFR. My pulmonary embolism showed up less than 30 days after starting birth control. Pregnancy will certainly make it worse. Trust that things will be o.k.
    mommystimeout responded:
    I see this was posted awhile ago this is my first time here i actually was looking up the side effects of lovonox because my daughter just turned 3 and something is not right! i have my oldest she is ten and my 2nd who is 3 and my baby who is 10 months, she is the only one i took the shots with(my 3 yr old)and the only one who is well i just think what you also put you don't know but something is different right? if you get this please write back I would love to exchange info on the kids mine also have a good chance of delevoping adhd but my oldest is a straight a student and my youngest shows no difference as my first however there is a HUGE DIFFERENCE in my 3 yr old! your post was the first I seen I will contiue to check on this here I thought it was just me and my husband thinks I put to much into the issue(which by the way he works 12hrs a day )and i,m with her 24/7 thank you for your post:)
    obeyone37852822 replied to mommystimeout's response:
    I am the person who started this thread anonymously 6 months ago. I have 3 sons, one who is 10 with ADHD. My now five year old had a diagnosis from a mental health agency since age 2 of ADHD, possible mood disorder, and developmental/language delay. For almost 3 years we worked with speech, early intervention, occupational therapy, neurological pediatricians, a TSS (therapeutic staff support), a behavioral specialist, and more. I was giving up hope and that's why I posted the thread. You know the saying, "if I knew back then what I know now", well it means a lot to me. The only change in my pregnancy was the Lovenox... I am not necessarily saying this caused his problems, but I do believe that it did influence them. We have so many days of ups and downs, our son is special and very difficult. My youngest son was/is showing my 5 year olds previous and current behaviors, so I was really frustrated when posting the thread. After posting the thread, I decided to take him to a different mental health agency. Now after only 6 months we have a new diagnosis' they are PDD/NOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified), ADHD, mood disorder, and ODD (oppositional defiant disorder). All opening up a new category of medications available to him. We have mood stabilizers and the difference is like night and day, we still have a few rough days, but most now are "manageable" compared to what we were going through. I think the main thing I am trying to get at is try to do as much research on medications you take, and be prepared for things to be turned upside down at any given time. Always be prepared for anything. Now that we went through the things with my 5 year old, my 3 year olds "common" behaviors are easily remedied since we have "been there and done that". Mom's/ parents are the only people that truly know their children. Most times, we spend the most time with them, more than doctors or specialists that only spend a few hours with them, the important thing to do is find a doctor/specialist that is really going to listen to you. You are your child's advocate and if things are not good for him, then something needs to be done. My son was always sad and mad and on the emotions rollercoaster and never had control over his actions/ body. Now, he is able to tell why he feels things the way he does and seems happier. He is able to control himself now, which gives him satisfaction and the ability to succeed at new things introduced to him. Good luck with your 3 year old, and I hope this has helped.
    amfrost responded:

    I was told with my second son that I had a protein S defiency, so my Ob/GYN put me on lovenox. My son has autism, he shows signs after his first birthday. My first son I took nothing and he is healthy. My third son I took nothing, after and he is completely healthy. I wish the same think that I didn't take it. Maybe our lives would be different. I know in my heart it isn't genetic. I found out later that all women have some protein S defiency when pregnant and I didn't need to take it. My heart is sicken and sad and I think drug companies want to make our kids sick, so that can profit off it.
    shaylamom replied to amfrost's response:
    AS I write this, my six year old is having another meltdown. this is the first time I'm hearing of women going through what I've been going through. Speech, learning and anger difficulties. Has been so difficult. we've been to three psychiatrists and they can't give a definitive diagnosis, but possibly ODD, ADHD, bipolar. She also has Tourette's Sydrome. which seems to be the least of her problems.

    I took Lovenox with both pregnancies but for the whole pregancy with my six year old. It's getting harder and harder to want to get out of bed in the morning because I hate waiting for the episodes to start.
    obeyone37852822 replied to shaylamom's response:
    shaylamom, I can totally understand the not wanting to get out of bed days. Up until several months ago, I was feeling like you, waiting for the episodes, and not seeming to get anywhere with the doctors who are supposed to know what they are doing. I think the hardest part in these situations is knowing that something is different with our children and by researching all of the possible diagnosis and not having the doctors agree. I had said from the time my Logan was 18 months that he was either autistic or at least on the autism spectrum, but no one listened to me. I finally found an agency that actually listened to what I was telling them and now things are so much better now. Remember always, God will never give us more than we can handle. Also always remember to keep fighting for your child. Sometimes it will seem like it is getting worse and never better, but take it one day at a time and try to focus on the positive behaviors that your child has and work around the meltdowns. Right now you cannot fix them, but you can see if there is a common trend to them and avoid the triggers. Good luck, and if you need to vent I am here for you. Hang in there.
    laneysmom2010 replied to obeyone37852822's response:
    Hi everyone,
    I too was on Lovenox for 32 weeks during my pregnancy and 6 weeks post pardum. My daughter is 21 months old, and is showing signs of PDD-Autism. I was told that I have protien s deficiency while i was pregnant and the clotting factors in my blood were too high. I honestly think baby asprin would have done the job, by I took the advice of my OBGYN and stuck with the injections. I feel awful that this could have been prevented if thats the case. My daughter does not play with other children, didn't walk until she was 16 months old, DOES NOT talk. she doesn't eat with a spoon, she doesn't play normally with toys. She would rather play by herself that with ANYONE else. She is a only child and we are wanting to try to have another, but I am scared to death that this could happen again. I love my child, and want nothing but the best for her, I am not sitting here crying because she could be autistic. I want to find out for sure and start working with her, so that she can lead as much of a normal life as she can. I am also glad to know that I am not alone in the thought that the Lovenox is the culprit.
    Heidi4696 replied to mommystimeout's response:
    Hi, I also took Lovenox with my last two pregnancies. I also found out after my first I had a factor V. Something just clicked to do some research on Lovenox and effects. My daughter my second has been diagnosed with ADD and ADHD. Prior, another doctor diagnosed her with Sensory Integration disorder. Something is wrong, and I don't know where to go to next.
    My son, 3rd child is 3 1/2 and has severe speech delay and probably on the road to ADD or ADHD. My eldest daughter who is 8 and didn't take Lovenox with is a great student . Our experiences seem really too similar and scary! I hope you get this post. My heart dropped when I found these posts. Please let me know if you have found out anything.
    christusamat replied to Heidi4696's response:
    You might want to go the FDA website to inform them of post-marketing data of the risks associated with using Lovenox during pregnancy from your experience. Though it's a pregnancy category B drug, the FDA might need to update its info to reflect more statistics from patient population.

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