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    Pregnancy with RSD
    tkeoilman posted:
    My wife has been diagnosed with RSD. She takes Gabapentin for the disease. I was wonder if anyone else has had experince with having a baby after being diagnosed with RSD or some other sort of chronic pain disorder.
    kyli3866 responded:
    i am 19, almost 20 years old. i was diagnosed with rsd last october. i had been taking gabapentin along with 3 other pain prescriptions. i had tried every single thing possible for curing this disease for 3 months, including nerve block shots, different drugs, physical therapy, etc. i had met with a doctor in naperville, il. i had met with her for 3 weeks and she had cured the disease without any drugs, and ended up helping me get off all the drugs altogether. i was rsd free from january till currently with NO side effects or feelings of it returning. i am attaching her website below.
    tkeoilman replied to kyli3866's response:
    That is great news for you. I will have my wife look into the website. Thanks for the info.
    ninaraye responded:
    my daughter has had RSD for almost 10 years. she is now expecting her third child .what would you like to know?
    aselah replied to ninaraye's response:
    I would like to know, as an RSD sufferer who is thinking about having kids, what the risks are for myself and the baby. Does the rsd pain cause stress to the baby? to you as the mother?

    What has it been like in taking care of your children while going through the bouts of rsd pain. I'm in stage 1 and am fairly functional but I can't walk or stand for more than 5-10 minutes without having intense pain and I can't carry/hold heavy things. My husband and I really want to have children but we are afraid for myself and the baby. I know that he is nervous that I might not be able to take care of the baby or react in a fast manner when the rsd pain hits.
    ninaraye replied to aselah's response:
    Hi how r u? I'm Chani, Nina raye's daughter. Pregnancy def effected my made my pain much worse, and labor was even more difficult. I have nerve blocks during my pregnancy which took the edge off but didn't fix the pain. However, now having 2 kids and expecting my third as much as my RSD is bad, I wouldn't change the fact that I did have them. My kids r my world! And I'm sure u will feel the same way. My RSD did not effect my kids during pregnancy or after. It is not hereditary. My RSD is in my right arm, and I like u have no strength in it. I have a little help and it is difficult holding them..but I try my best and that's all we can do as mothers I hope this can help! If u woukd like u can email me at'd be happy to help u in any other way. Good luck!

    undefined replied to ninaraye's response:
    Hello Ninaraye, I have so many questions! As I am contemplating getting pregnant again. My 2 kids are pre-rsd kids. I've had full body for 7 years. I've researched on the internet but there is not much out there, and there are so many 'unknowns' that come with the disease. I am willing to get off meds and get pregnant. That doesn't scare me so much. I've read a 'C' section is ideal for RSDers. Can you share you daughters experience during pregnancy and managing RSD during child rearing. Does it take a village to help assist your daughter. My concern is being medically fit to raise the child. How did your daughter prepare. Did she get family involved or was she able to manage as well as any mother raising an infant?
    robinsonlee responded:
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