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    Partial Vaginal Septum and Natural Birth
    Anon_233920 posted:
    I am 31 years old and have a healthy daughter who is going to be turning 4 years old soon. I was told when I was pregnant with her that I have a partial vaginal septum by the OBGYN specialist...No one else had ever told me that in all my years of pap smears. I didn't understand what it meant exactly, except that there was an extra piece of skin up there, but I was able to carry my daughter healthily to full term even though I also had Gestational Diabetes. The doctor NEVER told me that it would be absolute that I would have a c-section and even tried to strip my membrane on my due date... but towards the end of my first pregnancy they determined that the baby was 10 lbs. 10 oz. b/c of the diabetes and an ultrasound. I still went over my due date and called and asked my doctor to take the baby and was told that I would have a c-section because they thought the baby was large and I wasn't dialating or 100% effaced (I was 80% effaced). So, i did. By the way, my 10 pounder was only 8lb. 8 oz. Anyways, I am pregnant again currently and I have a new OBGYN specialty doctor and she has seen the partial septum but doesn't see why I am not considering having a VBAC. My previous doctor (who retired and referred me to her) said absolute repeat c-section b/c of the chance of me hemorrhaging from ripping the partial septum. Why does one of the doctors think that it may be fine and the other not? Why did my first doctor try to strip my membrane and not schedule a c-section with my first if this septum is such a huge deal? I am confused b/c I believe that the partial septum is higher up in my vaginal region under my cervix and that the first OBGYN thought it would tear b/c of the weight of the baby. I don't know what to do or who to get opinions from? I would like to research my options. I don't want to die from giving birth. That is what I am most scared of. If I rip the septum will they be able to get the bleeding stopped? and are there other women that have babies naturally with a septum or partial septum? I have read alot recently about bicornuate uterus and other abnormalities and these women carry full term and deliver? I would like to have a natural birth this time. I am in shape and think i can do it if that doesn't get in the way. Help...please...first of all how dangerous is giving birth naturally with a partial septum? Secondly, where do I get this checked out to CONFIRM that this is in deed what it is?
    htma4494 responded:
    Hi, I;m not sure b/c I have not heard of this condition, but if I were you, I would get a 2nd opinion and go with another OB to see that he/she says..Also, I;m assuming that this condition makes you "High risk" and also you may have gestational diabetes with this pregnancy as well, so a C-section may be an optimal solution for you as oppse to having a VB...But still, get a 2nd opinion to be sure,.,

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