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    unexpectedly_at_18 posted:
    So i've posted in other "communities" but no one will respond to me. I'm 18 and my boyfriend and i have unprotected sex all the time. Normally after i just get in the shower and rinse (him) out of me. One night in perticular i didn't it was December 12th and my period normally starts on the 18-22 going for 5 days. its been pretty regular for a few months no but i still havent gotten my period and my local health dept. told me i must be 2 weeks before they can test me. I just want an explaination or response if anyone thinks it would be possible to be. I've been feeling queasy lately, feel extremely hungry but can't finish any of it, tired (though i'm like a cat and can sleep anytime) i've gotten headaches lately, which i never do. and i'm just worried. i just got a job but i'm in debt and don't think i could afford a child, praying i'm not prego!!! only becaurse if i am i'm not having an abortion nor adoption! Replies would be greatly appreciated at this time! Thank you for your time and help.

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    An_217289 responded:
    If you are worried about getting pregnant, you should not be having unprotected sex. Period. "Washing him out" will not prevent pregnancy. I really hope you are not pregnant. Deciding on baby names should be the least of your worries. You could always buy a home pregnancy test.
    firefly19860525 responded:
    It is possible that you might be pregnant. I had the same thing happen to me basically and I ended up being pregnant. It is not the end of the world I promise. I am in a similar situation. In debt and no solution to any of it on the horizon. Whatever state you live in will help you. Apply for county assistance and they have 30 days to get back to you after getting your application. You will have to provide a medical record of testing positive for pregnancy to get the help you need but I know that you can raise a child even if you are in debt. I am living proof. My son is now almost 3 months old. Just take it easy and breath. Also try some ginger snaps for that upset stomach. The doctor told me while I was pregnant that almost anything with ginger in it will really help with the upset stomache. You can also get pregnancy tests from the dollar store and they work the same as any other pregnancy test out there so you neednt worry that it isn't accurate. It seems to me you are now past your 2 week mark and your doctor can give you a pregnancy test. I promise everything will be ok. You can also go to local churches and that kind of thing for help even if you aren't religous they are more than willing to help a fellow human being. Just hang in there, I know it's hard but it is totally worth it.
    firefly19860525 replied to An_217289's response:
    You are a jerk. This woman is in real need of advice and it's judgemental people like you that need to just go to hell. I am appalled that a fellow human being could be so cruel in a response for someone needing advice that will actually do some good. If you don't have any helpful advice then you shouldn't post anything. I really hope you find some compassion for people because at this point you don't deserve to even have a heart since you obviously don't use it!
    BRICKAG replied to firefly19860525's response:
    Actually, its sad that this girl is 18 years old and thinks that "washing him out" will prevent pregnancy!!! Were you absent on sex education day in middle school.....and I agree with Anon_6782, she shouldnt be having unprotected sex obviously if she hasnt even figured out how babies get here, and baby names should definately be the furthest thing from her mind!!!! Stay in school honey and be sure to get an education!
    BadWolfArianna replied to BRICKAG's response:
    I'm with all of you here. First off, at 18 (even 15) I knew better than to 'wash out' and I didn't have sex until after I was 21! The reasoning behind that was: Even contraceptives don't work all the time
    Its common sense that if you don't want to get pregnant, don't have sex. The last thing we need is another child mom trying to take care of her baby while she's still trying to finish growing up.

    BUT Its a little harsh the wordage that is used in most cases like this to belittle a person, even if it seems like they're asking a dumb question because lets face it, there are some religions/organizations out there that don't teach parent ed very well. Some Christian faiths (where I am living at least) try to disprove and make evil every part of family planning so people have babies babies and more babies, disavow condoms and birth control etc. This particular person may have been poorly educated in this regard simply based on the religious, geographical or parental aspects of her environment.

    But in my opinion it still doesn't beat keeping your legs crossed if you don't want to/can't afford to raise a child.
    An_217290 responded:
    Once you have unprotected sex, you cannot 'wash out' his sperm. You don't want to be pregnant but yet you are picking out names? What the hell is wrong with you? Get a clue and use a damn condom. Doesn't this country have sex-ed anymore or are we all just lacking in education?
    An_217291 replied to An_217290's response:
    And by the way, you need to learn how to spell before you have a child.
    An_217292 replied to An_217291's response:
    This is crazy! Although I got pregnant at 17(The month I graduated high school), had a beautiful baby boy, and am now 19 and pregnant again (therefore, you guys may think I have no right to talk), I still believe in what the majority of you are saying. At 17 I knew a lot about sex and protection. But that is because I educated myself! My school was useless when it came to sex-ed. And to be honest, I didn't care to talk to my family about it, so I turned to the internet and books. When it comes to something as serious as sex you have to take responsibility and educate yourself. You cannot rely on others to educate you. "Washing Out"...seriously!!! I think my 12 year sister would be smarter than that! Obviously you are not educated whatsoever, which is very sad. But even if you are pregnant, life doesn't stop. You can still pay off your debt and have a good life for you and your child. My boyfriend and I lived with my mom until my son was 8 months. We got our own apartment and we both have jobs. I finished school and am contimplating going back. I pay for everything out of pocket. I have never taken a loan from anyone. If I can't purchase something on my own, then obviously I don't need it! It's all about budgeting and knowing between want and needs. That is what will help you get out of debt. I hope that you are not pregnant, but good luck to you if you are.
    LilDonner81 replied to An_217292's response:
    Kudos to you- it sounds like you really have things worked out and have done a fabulous job getting yourself on your feet. It's very hard deciding between wants and needs and educating yourself on any topic is a sure sign that you're going to do just fine in life. I commend you and wish you the best of luck with your second child!

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