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    Horizontal linea nigra
    natandjustin posted:
    Ok...So I tried to look online for anything that says some women get a horizontal linea nigra but I'm not having any luck. I don't know anyone that has a horizontal one EXCEPT for me! It's about an inch above my belly button and clearly goes across from left to right. Now the kicker is I have the vertical one too but so far it only comes to my belly button. Which is fine with me because then I would be a walking, talking positive pregnancy test. lol

    I've asked my doctor about it because it showed up a while ago and she blamed it on my pants, which I know is not what caused it for 1- I have never been able to do the pants above the belly button thing and 2- it's still here! She then said it's a stretch mark. Okay, I have stretch marks from puberty and it's so not a stretch mark. So IMO a horizontal linea nigra is what it is.

    Anyone else a walking pregnancy test? I feel like a weirdo.
    LadeeEmpress responded:
    Hmm..I can't say I have heard of that one either. I have dark line down the center but not across.
    booloo29 responded:
    I have this too!! I have a diagonal one that goes up about 6 inches above my belly button then I have a horizontal one that is about 3 inches above my belly button and it clearly goes left to right as well. So I am really a walking, talking positive pregnancy test lol. I have no idea why this is and I have never seen it on anyone else either. Strange.
    rockgrrl responded:
    Is it in a spot where you tend to crease when you bend? I have a horizontal line on my belly that often tans more than the rest. I don't have a linea negra yet, but I know it's caused by general pigment darkening, so if you have a line that has more pigment, or gets more sun, or tends to sweat more (like in a crease) causing more tanning, that could be what causes it. Maybe?
    nwalton responded:
    This is my first pregnancy, am 26 weeks along with a girl and just the other day discovered the same thing. Mine is about an inch below my belly button and pretty skinny at this point but clearly there. It goes from near my right hip bone to about 2 inches past my belly button. I thought it was a stretch mark starting, my husband disagreed and kept telling me its from my pants but kept telling him I don't wear them that high and pants create pink wrinkly skin from clothes lines. you I have a horizontal linea nigra near my belly button. You're not alone

    mommy_a replied to nwalton's response:
    It sounds like a stretch mark to me.
    princessliv responded:
    Same but I'm 12

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