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    Normal Fetal Heart Rate
    Brianna914 posted:
    Does anyone know the "normal" fetal heart rate for the 15th week of pregnancy? DOes it decrease from the first trimester? I have a fetal doppler and I have been checking the HR since 11 weeks. At that time and until about a week ago the HR was almost steady at 165bpm. when I checked last night the HR was only 154bpm. Should I worry?
    NewLO responded:
    I don't know the exact range, but fetal HR does vary quite a bit throughout your pregnancy. I know it can be anywhere from 120-170 without worries! This is why the wives tale about fast HR vs slower HR is not accurate....The HR will be different for each baby at various stages of pregnancy. HTH
    jlbogue responded:
    My doc told me that sometimes the heart rate can be slower if the baby is sleeping or in a relaxed state. Your LO could have just been chillin out. :grin:
    GigiSage responded:
    There was a study about that and they found the only time you could reliably predict the sex of a baby by heart rate was during birth! I thought that was interesting! And yes heart rates can vary WIDELY! I have had a HB in the 130's all the way up to the 160's with my baby.
    Brianna914 responded:
    THank you for your replies! I'm not overly worried but since the HR was so consistant until just a few days ago I worried. I did hear movement at the time I checked, but it was not as strong as it usually is. It may have been resting, as one pp has suggested. Plus Ichecked at a different time of the day than I usually do......Thanks again ladies!
    mrswelchiswaiting responded:
    NO, you shouldnt worry. The babys heartrate will naturally slow a little at a time as he/she grows and matures :) my baby started in the 170's early on and he's now steady in the 140's :lightsmile:
    yzzil2103 responded:
    I was told by my doc last week the normal HR is between the 120s and 170s. My LO was upper 160s in the first tri and have been right about 150 since then. At the last appt it was 137 which I asked about and he said it was perfectly normal.
    jlg08 responded:
    154 is fine! My LO stays anywhere from 140-150 and thats considered healthy and strong.
    momb201 responded:
    Anything between 120-170 is completely normal. Amber (24) DH (28) EDD LMP 04/30/2010 17wk U/S 05/03/2010 Green Team
    marshac01 responded:
    It should work out to be approximately twice your heart rate (in a relaxed state), which can vary from person to person. But usually our resting HR is between 70-80 BPM so baby's should be somewhere between 140-160. But it differs.
    LinaJean responded:
    Marsha- I'd never heard that and it makes me a little nervous, though my doc hasn't said anything so I guess I shouldn't be worried. My resting HR is naturally very high, between 90-100, but LO's seems to be in the lower range of normal. Maybe I should ask my doc at the next appt.
    Brianna914 responded:
    Again I appreciate all the replies!! Usually I get a few if I'm lucky! So I did some research of my own and as it turns out every singe one of you were exactly right! Duh....why was I out of the loop here? Anyway, I suppose 154bpm is actually pretty strong then. With a history of M/C I can't help but freak out once in a while! Maybe I shouldn't pay such close attention to my LO?? I'm no Dr. after all. Take care and Thanks!

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