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    Hair! (vent)
    MandaBear815 posted:
    Ok, so I have heard that when you are pregnant that your hair grows quicker and thicker...I was a bit sad when it seemed that my blonde locks on my head stopped growing. I have recently come to realize that this is because the only hair that is really growing is all on my STOMACH! UGH!
    Sorry, I kinda needed to get that out and I think it would gross out my non-mommy friends lol.
    orin34 responded:
    LOL.... are you having a boy?
    ttrishh responded:
    LOL that is funny! Probably more for us than you ;) at least there are only a few months to go if that helps!
    woody1983 responded:
    Me too! It is kinda depressing....I look like I have a rug on my stomach and I swear it wasn't there now off to the shower to either shave it or pluck!!!! NASTY!!!!LOL!!! DO you know the sex? I don't yet!!!
    MandaBear815 responded:
    I don't know the sex yet, I find out 1 week from tomorrow (EXCITED!) but I think it is a boy...
    imreddy responded:
    I hear ya! I haven't had an increase of hair on my stomach (maybe I have, I shave any stray hairs I see, or pluck), but my leg hair grows three times as fast. I've been trying to grow my hair out for ten years and so I was psyched when I got pregnant, partially because I heard your hair grows thicker and quicker when you are. ...It's stopped growing.
    Jennyhat responded:
    I've noticed the hair on my stomach also! It was blonde to begin with but is now starting to turn brown (urgh! i was hoping it would atleast stay blonde so I wouldn't have to shave it) Is the hair on the stomach determining the sex of the baby another wives tales? Everyone is telling me boy just because i'm getting wider. :-/
    MizLeah responded:
    LOL Ya I got a little hair on my tummy to and to be honest I shaved it off!!! Gross I know but I can't stand the sight of body hair. I read it falls out after you have the baby so hang in there!
    BamBam85 replied to Jennyhat's response:
    I had a girl and a boy and I was covered in blonde hair on my tummy both times! Also I have a co-worker who carried wide instead of out and she had girls both times so it really depends on your body not wives tales! But some people live by those things! :)
    KLN777 responded:
    Amen sista! I noticed hair on my stomach the other day while I was rubbing in stretch mark prevention oil (yeah, right, I know, but it makes me feel better to try) and DH was standing right there as I started to freak out. I prob should have kept my trap shut while he was standing there if I ever want to DTD again, but I was too disgusted. I feel like a man... This baby so better love me more than DH.
    KBratt responded:
    I guess I am a freak :( I always have hair on my tummy...& not just a little! It's very noticeable. Most of it is blondish but around my belly button I have a few darker thicker "strands" that I do pluck.

    It does bother me so in the summer I shave it...but yea it's been here my whole life! :/
    jsmanning replied to KBratt's response:
    I GOT THEM TOO!!! Errrr. I snatched a few out last week, ugh, more grew and now and can even see the old ones coming.

    As for the old wives tales! I thought so too! However, I asked my doctor if the hair would go away after birth and she said " Yes, BUT that makes me think you are having a BOY". Something to do with the testosterone!?!?!?! Good luck!
    Cherish2010 replied to jsmanning's response:
    I too have hair on my belly, but it doesn't bother me too much, although I have shaved it off once or twice. :)

    My sister has a 6month old and she had so much hair under her chin it was CRAZY! She said she would pluck around 5 or 6 per day! For her shower she got it waxed off and everyone noticed that the hairs were gone!!!! LOL hahahahaah She did have a lil boy!
    JulieC74 responded:
    Calm down guys! The hair on your stomach is probably linea nigera and is normal! It happens as your hormonal levels increase in pregnancy, and is more noticeable as your tummy expands.
    MandaBear815 responded:
    Well, it turns out I am having a girl!

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