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    ClosetRocker posted:
    I posted this poll on the July exchange but I figured that I would ask the opinion of all of my 2nd tri sisters too :)

    have been craving a spicy itallian sub from subway for the past week and it's not going any where. I am so afraid of listeria, I heard that it's rare but when I was on the 1st tri board a lady posted that her sister lost her child from listeria. I loathe toasted subs and/or warm lunchmeat. I'm wondering how many of you out there still eat lunchmeat without zapping it first.Poll: Would you eat a cold lunchmeat sandwich if you were craving it knowing that it could POSSIBLY harm your LO? Yes....listeria is so rare that it doesn't really scare me|No... Absolutely not, it may harm my LO|I probably would if the craving wasn't going away|What is listeria? have always hated lunchmeat so this is no biggie|

    Take the Poll

    Would you eat a cold lunchmeat sandwich if you were craving it knowing that it could POSSIBLY harm your LO?
    • Yes....listeria is so rare that it doesn't really scare me
    • No... Absolutely not, it may harm my LO
    • I probably would if the craving wasn't going away
    • What is listeria?
    • I have always hated lunchmeat so this is no biggie
    View Poll Results
    tamliz08 responded:
    I've been eating a lot of lunchmeat. Since I've been pregnant, I've had 2 or 3 spicy italian subs!! I never heat it up either. I'm trying to be better though... It's just hard when so few things sound appetizing.
    JessWilcox responded:
    So I know how you are feeling, I have been seriously craving Quiznos for lets see... since I found out I was pregnant and I am 25 weeks!! My doctor said absolutely not to go to a place like subway or Quiznos since listeria could even be on the veggies there from workers not changing gloves between touching meat n veggies! BOOOO so I havent and yes I have wanted to EVERYDAY! Now on the other hand with DS#1 I also craved subway and I ate it literally just about everyday because I thought if i got it heated it was ok. That doc didn't tell me not to! He was just fine. With DS#2 I ate it probably once every week or so, again the doc didn't say I absolutely shouldnt. He is also fine. BUT I have not had the guts to tempt it now knowing I shouldn't. It is rare. My doc said though that she had two women lose their baby to listeria last year. On one hand its only 2 and I'm sure she saw hundreds of women, on the other it was TWO women, TWO babies... so for me.. I haven't... I'm too afraid!
    ClosetRocker responded:
    I must have gotten too copy/paste happy when I started my discussion LOL....whoops! Sorry the initial question looks so crappy.

    Jess, I'm going nuts!!! I want a cold sub so bad but I just can't bring myself to do it UGH. 2 women losing their LO's from the same Dr. office is a lot so now I'm discouraged but I want a flipping sub LOL. My OB double talks a lot so I know that if I ask her for an opinion I will not get a straight-forward answer. Sheesh! I didn't know that veggies were dangerous too OMG. I'm not going to be able to eat anything when it's all said and done lol.
    JessWilcox replied to ClosetRocker's response:
    LOL I know what you mean. I was craving a sub very bad and went to the grocery store n got deli style buns, lettuce, tomato, and meat n made one for myself. It wasn't as good as Subway or Quiznos but it did the trick, I heated the meet n then broiled the sub before adding the veggies so it was "toasted" I think about Quiznos all the time. It sucks, I'd way rather not be allowed to eat at mcdonalds or something lol
    ttrishh replied to JessWilcox's response:
    I don't like sandwich meats so I don't eat them for that reason, but I do eat at quiznos quite a bit (I get the yummy tuna melt!)

    Honestly If I was craving a subway sub I would go eat it. I am not a really worrier though, I realy believe that the safest this baby will ever be is right now in my belly, it is already in a bubble, how much safer can it be :sillygrin: I feed my toddler lunch meat, all the time and we don't worry about that.
    scperdomo responded:
    Your chance of getting listeria from lunch meat when you are prego is the same as when you are not prego.

    I was told there was an "increased chance" when you're prego. When I found out the truth, I went out and had a nice cold cut combo at Subway. Who wants to eat hot lunch meat in the middle of the summer??
    jsmanning replied to scperdomo's response:

    You are correct- there is no increased risk! HOWEVER, the risk is more dangerous due to the fact the it can actually harm or even kill an unborn baby. Not to mention, no one wants have to deal with being that SICK while pregnant not only for the symptoms but the fact that some treatments aren't safe for the pregnancy....

    However, I can't deny the fact that I still each me a good ham sandwich occasionally at home!
    ClosetRocker responded:
    I asked the Dr. about having a "cold lunchmeat sandwich" and she said that I could have one from Subway because their meat usually moves pretty fast so the risk for listeria is lessened but I still cannot bring myself to eat one. Oh well, I'm just going to wait until Peanette arrives before I have one BOOOOO.
    imreddy responded:
    Honestly, I have been heating all the sandwich meats I eat. I guess it wouldn't matter too much - it's all in what you consider a big risk. 1% is a low risk, but 20% to me is a large risk. Find out what it is and make your choice accordingly. There are so many things that people freak out about when you get pregnant, and while I agree it's a good idea to avoid taking the risk, sometimes you feel you HAVE to. For instance, if my husband wasn't home to do the litter boxes and they NEEDED doing, I would cover my nose/mouth with a shirt, try to breathe lightly and hunker down to clean the boxes. Also, I wanted some wine a few weeks about, so I had approximately half a glass of wine. I figure if my mother smoked during pregnancy with me, while breast feeding with me, and throughout my life, and I'm fine, and since she over-indulged on alcohol while being pregnant with me, and I'm still smarter than the average bear, the twins will be absolutely fine with a tiny amount of wine. At that point and time, the craving outweighed the risk. And other than a taste of beer two days ago (husband was drinking Dunkelweisen, I wanted to know what it tasted like), I haven't touched alcohol.

    If you're that concerned, ask them to heat the meat separate, make the sandwich without the meat on it, then add the meat when you get home after it's cooled.
    figgie0905 responded:
    My midwife told me no lunch meats. When I worked up at the hospital I saw listeria once, and that was enough for me. As much as I know the chances are slim, I don't think I'd forgive myself if I happened to be that slim chance. I heated my sandwich when I had a ridiculous craving. It helped, but it's wasn't the same. We had a miscarriage a few months prior to this pregnancy, so I do everything they tell me. I know there are so many other risks outside my control, but there are some things I can control.

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