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    Stranger comments(laugh of the day)
    tasha_016 posted:
    I had to share this: I lurk on the 3rd Tri boards and I notice alot of poor women get all kinds of comments about size weight and what not when they are pregnant and I have come to realize as I start to show that peoples mouth filters automatically shut off around a pregnant women, with that being said.

    I have a friend who is 38 weeks prego and constantly has comments made to her about her size from strangers. We are walking through Walmart one day and a fairly large man makes a comment about how "large she is" and when she was due. She kindly remarks " Oh I'm not pregnant, I swallowed the last person who made a comment about my weight whats your excuse." I almost died from trying not to laugh! I have never seen a prego stick up for herself that way!!!! He didn't know how to respond, he just walked away! (granted it may have been slightly rude, but come on after a woman heres day in and day out how "large" she is... it gets old! )

    I hope when I am 38 weeks I can tell stranger where to stick it regarding my weight!
    Ireland05 responded:
    That is awesome! I have not had anybody say anything to me yet...I'm only 25 weeks. But when I get bigger I hope that I have that same courage!
    Jennax907 responded:
    LOL...I love it! I was 41 weeks pregnant and working out on the treadmill at a gym trying to get things started. Well, out of no where this guy asked me if I was having a twins. I just gave him a smart-ass answer back and said quadrupletes.
    MrsL9 responded:
    A woman who works in my building, whom I barely know but knows I'm pregnant, came up to me the other day and said I QUOTE "Wow! You are getting really big, but you would never know it was from a baby". Yeah. I said to her " Yup I guess I'm just getting super fat." I'm 20 weeks along adn have only gained 2 1/2 lbs. I cannot believe people sometimes. And even family does it too. We've had miscarriages in the past and my husband's aunt said to me at Easter about my pregnancy "at least it wasn't a false alarm THIS time." I started tearing up adn walked away before I could burst completely into tears!
    mommy_a replied to MrsL9's response:
    Golly MrsL9.. that aunt is really MEAN :(

    Hugs to you
    williamswifey replied to MrsL9's response:
    I would have had to divert my punching urge with the aunt. Wow!! How insensitive and mean!!!
    bcfrost816 replied to williamswifey's response:
    Ha! People always think they can comment about your pregnancy and your child. The stupid comments don't stop once the baby is born either!!!! People just seem to think they can pipe in with comments on your kids or what you do or shouldn't do. DH and I were at Burger King with our DD who is 16 months old and this old man comes up to us and tells us that we shouldn't be letting DD eat her food off the table and that we shouldn't be letting her eat fast food anyways. Grrr...if he wasn't an old man I'd have popped him a good one, lol.

    I always got the opposite comments when I was pregnant with DD, it was always "oh my, you're that far along? You aren't very big, is the baby growing ok?" You can't win for losing I tell ya!
    PGinSJ replied to bcfrost816's response:
    That is hysterical! I love it! Good for her.

    I agree that if you are outside of the range that people think is normal you'll get comments~big or small. I have a friend who is all belly but her belly got big pretty fast and she gets the twin comment all the time. People were asking her if she was full term at 24 weeks.

    Alternately, I have a friend who everyone told she was small and she said to me wow you look like I did at 7 mos when I was only 18 weeks. What an a**! I typically haven't gotten unnerved with loved ones comments but this really ticked me off, esp since it was the first thing she said to me after I had flown down to see her for her baby shower. Strangers havent' said anything to me yet at 22 weeks.

    It's funny though because I think that looking at a womans' belly doesn't really help you to guess how big the baby is going to be? Atleast I can't judge it based on most of the women I know or the baby shows. Can you all?

    I concur MrsL9, that is one insensitive aunt. I would have been so saddened and angry. I have had a ton of lame remarks from people that knew I m/ced.
    ForeverHisWife replied to PGinSJ's response:
    This is my first baby. Ive had 2 m/c's before and I am not skinny but I am fat well atleast thats what I call it. Anyways I have a slight bump and I am short for my age and I look fairly young well younger than 24 and my SO is very tall and looks older than what he is and I havent gotten any comments yet but people stare at me like crazy especially when I talk to him. Sometimes I sound like a little girl and they look at me all weird. I am wating for someone to stare at me and do it for a while and I am going to ask if they want to take a picture because it will last longer!!!
    woody1983 replied to MrsL9's response:
    I would not have been able to walk away from that.....I too have had 2 miscarriages and if anyone would have said that to me I would have been arrested for assault!
    mkdawn06 replied to bcfrost816's response:
    It is really sad that people cannot watch their mouth around prego women. And like bcfrost816 said it only gets worse when u have kids. I remember with our first (she was a healthy chunky kid) every one would be like "feed her much?" or say something about how fat she was. Hello! I took her to the doc and yes she was a little bigger than average. But she was solid not fat. And if u see her father you would know where it came from. Its so rude. My biggest deal right now besides comments is people coming and rubbing my tummy! Its ok for close friends and some close family but just a complete stranger!!!!! Wow i cannot believe people are that ballsy.
    NatashaT1 replied to mkdawn06's response:
    Wow, a complete stranger rubbing your belly! If it were me I would certainly cause a scene. I hate being touched by strangers it weirds me out. I would probably have to go Jackie Chan if a stranger went to rub my belly!
    diamond7sparkles responded:
    Oh I had my fair share when I was pregnant with DD. I was in Dunkin Donuts getting an iced coffee and this older lady was behind me in line had the gall to yell at the poor cashier who looked all of 16! She was going on and on about how she was a disgrace giving a pregnant women coffee and blah blah blah and making a scene! So I turn around and say something along the lines of "Don't yell at her, she doesn't have kids and wouldn't know but more to the point pregnant women ARE allowed to have coffee, just because you weren't when you were young doesn't mean jack, things have changed lady." I was fuming! How dare she yell at that girl and not just say something to me! Oh well haha She looked like the jerk
    ttrishh replied to diamond7sparkles's response:
    The unfortunate thing is that it does not stop anytime soon. Just the other day I was out with my nearly 3 year old son and he had been being a real terror while we where shopping. what was supose to be a quick 5 - 10 minute stop had already turned into about 40 minutes because of him. Well I finally had enough and it was obvious how angry I was. I picked him up without saying a word and started walking out of the store. I was not hurting him, I had not hit him or yelled at him, yet this lady stops and starts to talk down to me telling me to stay calm and just relax she has 4 kids and knows how hard it is but I can't get angry....bla bla bla.... I was so angry with her at that point, that I stopped and faced her, opened my mouth and had to turn around and walk away without saying a word! (a huge accomplishment for me!) I figured if I stood there another second it would either be vulger or violent and we both had children there after all. You would think a woman who has had 4 children would know better than to interfere with a pregnant woman!
    DaleCDean29 responded:
    Good for your friend...I have decided that since I am not one to have random people touch me let alone comment on my size, I buy funny t-shirts. My BFF has one that says "I'm Pregnant what your excuse" I recently got one that says across the belly "I am not a hand magnet" My sister on the other hand saw how I was carrying and made the comment that my butt had gotten fat I told her "Um yeah I'm carrying low do you really think my butt was going to stay small" Really most of all I hate the people that tell me I have no idea what I have gotten myself into...I just say yeah I'm 30 and have 3 brothers and 3 sisters all younger than me your right I have no clue durrr.

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