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    craigslist/ second hand?
    mommy_a posted:
    Would any of you consider buying baby stuff second hand?

    I think not the mattress .. eww.. but other things like baby carriers and cribs?

    Just wondering..
    jessica5289 responded:
    I just bought a mini crib on craigs list last night. You can get really great deals. It was 5 months old and I paid $75. They still sale at Babies R Us for $175. I love craigs list. Jessica
    bcfrost816 replied to jessica5289's response:
    Yes, I would buy baby stuff from Craigslist, you can find some great deals! But, I would not buy a carseat off Craigslits, some people might, but there is no way to know for sure that it has never been in an accident. And once a carseat is in an accident, you have to get rid of it.

    I probably wouldn't get a mattress either, but cribs/dressers, toys, swings/bouncers, all that kind of stuff I would think would be fine. I always go to garage sales in really nice neighborhoods, you can find great barely used stuff there!
    terricody responded:
    I bought a beautiful bassinette w/ lights,sounds,music,vibrates etc.. and is in excellent condition although she had already washed it(it comes apart for easy cleaning and material was put in wash again for peace of mind) and best part I paid only $25 for it...Now crib im getting a new one due to the recalls on most cribs

    most or all things can be easily santized and washed in hot water and ofcourse if it comes from a very clean home i have no problem buying stuff..

    here is a pic of what i had bought on cl it is on my blog
    ForeverHisWife replied to terricody's response:
    I would not buy a matress, carseat, crib, breast pump or formula off of there. The reason is because no matter how clean you make a breast pump it still carries bacteria. Carseat you dont know if its been in an accident or not. Crib you do not know if it has ever been recalled or it is recalled at that time. Matress yuck!!! Formula you dont know if it has been tampered with or not. Baby clothing yes only if it is stain free. Other things possibly
    terricody replied to ForeverHisWife's response:
    I had sold all my babies stuff after my second m/c didn't think i could get pg again.. I sold my crib and matress had a protecter cover on it the whole time and my eddie bauer car seat.. i had kept all receipts,, booklets and told them if they want to bring to police or fire station to prove it was never involved in an accident..that is how honest i am..some things i would definatle not buy including a pump etc...

    I don't regret what i had bought and it came from a clean/smoke free home
    eholdstein responded:
    I know people that have found awesome deals on lightly used things off of craigslist. I can never seem to find anything good on there though.
    KLS0228 responded:
    We bought DD crib, mattress, and changing table off craigs list. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! It looked brand new!! They got it at Babys R us for like 1300 or something. We bought it for 450.00. And its such great quality adn they even gave us all the stuff that came with the crib (instructions, tools to change the bed to toddler bed, ect.). And the couple we bought it from was super nice and really helpful!! LOL!! :) I do know you have to be careful sometimes though because some people will try to cheat you.
    mommy_a responded:
    Ohhh thank you thank you thank you for all your replies

    I was kind of wondering whether I'm being cheap but you guys made me feel so much better!!

    Thanks :)
    Craigslist here I come!!
    PGinSJ replied to mommy_a's response:
    I think it's fine to buy some things via craigslist but just be sure what you are getting isn't outdated or unsafe like pps said. I did read on consumer reports that they ideally recommend you buy a new crib because of all of the changes in safety lately. However, in their buyer reports section it tells you exactly what unsafe features to look for if you want to buy one used. HTHs : )

    As for breast pumps. My friend gave me her and said she sterilized everything in hot water every time she used it. Do you think that's ok? I trust her, she is kinda neurotic LOL : )
    KLS0228 replied to PGinSJ's response:
    Personally I wouldn't use someone else's pump. Even if they did sterile it. I read online that pumps will hold the bacteria in them from the person using it. I think if you are going to use someone's pump you need to buy all new cords and breast sheilds, ect.
    mommy_a replied to KLS0228's response:
    I would say the same about the pump.. can you get new pipes and shields at least? Maybe call the company and ask.

    It is an expensive item so good of your friend. Hopefully you can make some use of it
    jessica5289 replied to mommy_a's response:
    Our babies r us has some parts for pumps. I don't think they are that high. If you have WIC they also keep spare parts round. WIC doesn't charge for parts.
    SunConure responded:
    Using someone else's breastpump is fine, just by all new parts for it. I know BRU sells them and there not bad as far as price. When you rent on from the hospital that's what happens your given the main pump and you have to get the parts to it, that's what my sister did for 3 months and she never had a problem.

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