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    mommyof3kiddos posted:
    For those of you that are mommies already how necessary do you think a monitor is? Our house is really small. I won't need one when I am in the house. I can hear every whimper or sigh that comes out of the kid's mouthes. I was thinking it might be more helpful if I take the older three outside to play and the babies are sleeping. But then I remembered with the girls I would just set their swing/bouncer up in front of the door (we have french doors in the back) so I could see her the entire time we were outside and I would prepare a bottle if it was close to feeding time and then I could feed her without having to make DS come in. So I am thinking this will likely be what I do again. I hate to drag the kids in and out just to check on one of the babies. I could even set the pack-n-play or swings up outside in the shade and let the babies sleep outside with us. They will be here end of July beginning of August so we have a couple months of summer left. I bought a monitor on Friday but am thinking I am going to return it and get my $20 back. The stroller I want is only going to cost me $60 after my coupon and gift cards and I am thinking that the extra $20 would be better used on the stroller. Opinions????
    ttrishh responded:
    I personally use my monitor all the time, but I have a large house and we have an outdoor hot tub that we sit in, so we still use it with our 2 1/2 year old. If it where me there is no doubt I would keep it.
    diamond7sparkles responded:
    I have a small house too but when DD was a newborn I couldn't bare to be without it. I'm a worry wart though. I think that they are really useful for when you get to shower and the baby is sleeping too, even now at 2 years old I still use it with her. Also, if you travel to someone elses house, it's easier to have them then not have it. Personally, I think they are worth it.
    dwaw02 responded:
    For me a monitor is essential, even though our house is small. Even after DS though, I was such a heavy sleeper that I still used one to MAKE SURE I heard him, until he was 3 and moved to a big boy bed. I would also take it outside with me at night so I could play ball with the dog (DH works nights).

    Sounds like it's not such a big deal for you though so I would probably take it back in your case.

    Angela, DS (5), EDD 7/25/10 Pink Team
    IsabellaMommy22706 responded:
    I think they are essential, I live in a small condo and still use it for my 4 year old, even when they are sick and need to hear coughing etc we like having it, they have some good ones out there for better prices. I just bought one that babiesrus had for $50 for $35 at walmart so just so some research to get a good deal or check out craigslist to save some $$.
    mommyof3kiddos responded:
    Thanks ladies. I think I will keep the monitor. Well I should say I am taking back the monitor I bought the other day and am going to pick up a used one from Once Upon a Child. I know I have seen some there for like $5-8. I won't be using it often so I don't need anything big and grand. But I think you all have a good point that it is good to have one just in case.

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