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    How far along were you when you *started to show*?
    LittleBubbles posted:
    How far along were you when you started to show?
    Were you underweight, overweight, or normal weight prior to getting pregnant?

    I am about 10 lbs overweight. I haven't started to show. I am only 14w3d pregnant. I was just wondering when I should expect to start to show.
    mtlmayhem responded:
    quick question: Is this your first baby?

    At 150lbs, I was just a little overweight for my height (5'6)- still had 20lbs from DS1 though...

    I started showing earlier this time around, probably 11-12 weeks....

    I was easily 6- 61/2 months before I even had a little pooch with DS1...
    LittleBubbles replied to mtlmayhem's response:
    Yes, this is my first baby.
    roni090909 responded:
    2nd Baby

    Normal Weight, maybe a little overweight for my height

    I am starting to show now. My belly is starting to stick out. I am 14w today.
    beccadita80 responded:
    I think I am kinda starting to show already. I was about 10 or so lbs overweight before I became pregnant. I was on hormone treatments and they made me gain weight and soooo bloated. Mine has been bloat until about 1 week ago when I stopped taking progesterone. Now I am wearing almost all maternity pants and I have a low pooch. I am 13w2d today.
    michelleloehr replied to beccadita80's response:
    I'm 14 weeks and I'm starting show a little, mostly it looks like I've just eaten too much and put on a few pounds this is my first and I was a normal weight at the start.
    tamliz08 responded:
    For me, it was very VERY early. Like by 10 weeks I had a tiny pooch. But this is my second kid, so that's probably why.

    Prior to getting pregnant I was a normal weight.
    SunConure responded:
    1st baby, overweight about 20 pounds, I will be 23 weeks on Monday and I am showing now, but I didn't start until about week 19.
    ReneeErin replied to SunConure's response:
    This is my first. I am normal weight- 130-135 and 5'5" prepregnancy. My family and a couple co-workers noticed showing around 13-14 weeks. People I barely ever see started commenting around 19 weeks.

    I am 22 weeks and 4 days now and feel like I am suddenly showing LESS!! Weird...
    jenny8709 responded:
    I'm 22wks and I am really starting to show now. At about 19-20 wks DF finally said it looked like I was really pregnant. Even though I could tell a difference by, say, 12wks, my family just started saying I look pregnant these last few weeks.

    I was average before I got pregnant, but athletic type body.

    terricody responded:
    i'd say around 13-14weeks alittle and definately noticable now at 20weeks
    Kay_And responded:
    I was overweight. About 150lbs. I started showing around 15 weeks and by week 18 everyone could tell. I am now 20 weeks and my belly is round like a preggo belly finally and stopped looking so fat...and more preggo! :0)
    belle9164 responded:
    I would say that I was normal weight for my height (5'2) and I think that I am starting to show a tiny bit now, but my family is about 50/50 on it. Some say that I'm getting a pooch but others say that they don't see anything. I am 15 weeks today and this is my first. I have put on about 2 lbs so I'm still in most of my normal clothes but the jeans aren't cutting it. I have to wear my riding jeans all the time now since they are a size bigger. So I think I still have a while to go before I look prego.
    aka85 responded:
    This is my first and was normal weight pre-pregnancy (athletic).

    I'm 16w tomorrow and I am still not showing. My husband said about two nights ago there is a questionable pooch, but my aunt and mom said I'm still not showing when I showed them. lol I'm ready to show, at least a little.

    I'm down 3lbs, not sure why, but doc said he thinks I'll be showing by next week. He said my uterus is tilted toward my back so I won't show as much as some women do. Maybe you are tilted too?
    schoolforlife responded:
    I am built small, 5 ft. 1 in. and around 110 lbs. before getting pregnant. I could definitely notice a little pooch around 13 weeks. I am now 22 weeks and there is no denying it, it's out there

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