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    QOTD 5/20
    FloralMom posted:
    Question of the day:

    For those of you who have found out the sex of your LO's. Are you happy, disappointed, overwhelmed... and why?
    NatashaT1 responded:
    I'm sort of happy and disappointed. I'm glad we're having a girl, because girls seem to be fun to raise, shop for, interact with etc, but I really do feel bad for my dh. He wanted a boy so badly. He says he wants a male around just in case something happens to him. Maybe we'll try again and see what happens.
    kfitz responded:
    I have a 9 mo old DD and we are having another girl. I am happy b/c I will love doing all the girly things with DD and her new sister, but I am worried there will be alot of competition since since they will be so close in age. I CAN wait to get to the emotional teenage stage though. I am certainly not looking forward to that. DD is a daddy's girl and I guess I really wanted a boy to have a mommy's boy. I know it seems shallow, but DD ALWAYS wants daddy. He stays home with her 2 days per week and I do on the weekends so we spend the same amount of alone time with her, but she just LOVES her daddy. I am glad we are saving $ on clothes, but it would be nice to have a boy. DH wants to start trying again in December. (DD is due Sept 6!) So maybe next time?!
    mommy_a responded:
    I kind of always "knew" .. just felt it I guess

    I wouldn't have been disappointed with either.. we've been waiting for a baby for too long to be disappointed with the sex.. but finding out just reaffirmed what I already "knew"

    definitely happy.
    MellieP10 responded:
    I am very happy! We found out we are having a boy, Dh wanted a boy and I didnt really care what it was. We do a lot of camping, fishing, outdoor stuff. I was really hoping my Dh would have a new lil partner to do all that stuff with. Overwhelmed? A little, this is our first and now I have no excuse not to work on the nursery ;)
    roni090909 responded:
    I just found out today, that they think I am having a girl. I will get this confirmed in about a month. I am am so excited. I already have my little man, so I was really hoping this would be a little girl. I think DH is a little disappointed though. Boys totally rock and I love mine to death but I am super happy to "hopefully" be able to buy cute little girls clothes.
    tamliz08 responded:
    At first I was overwhelmed with the idea of having a boy. I already have a little girl, and for some reason I had it in my head that it would be easier to have two kids of the same gender. (Hand me down clothes and junk, and sharing a room)

    I'm way over that now though... I am thrilled that I am having a boy! DH and I only want two kids, so it's awesome that we will have the best of both worlds! I wouldn't have been able to stand the thought of never knowing what it's like to have a son...

    I kind of knew that I was having boy from the beginning though :)
    KSHoh responded:
    Well I am having a boy and I really wanted a girl. I would not say I was disapointed but liked the thought of a girl, and my favorite color is pink. I guess little boys are just different, I am not into sports at all. I have always been very girly( hated to play in the dirt when I was a child, prefered dresses over pants and just loved all things girly). It will be an adjustment.
    emyjo83 responded:
    Ohhhh, tough one here. We are having a girl...which is what I wanted. But now after dealing with DH and children, I am completely overwhelmed. I worry about having two girls. Boys are so much easier and our little princess has to be the most difficult child on earth and the thought of having two of her, makes me want to curl up in a little ball. I am happy that I don't have to get rid of our DD's clothes just yet plus I get to buy tons of cute hairstuff. However, the other night I was going through DS's clothes and figuring out what to get rid of..pretty sure I cried the entire time.
    sorme818 responded:
    We found out we are having a little girl. I am so excited!!! I think my husband is excited but would have preferred a boy but by no means is disappointed. I have no sisters and my mom is not girly so I am kind of in a new realm. I am the youngest as well so this being my first baby i just feel weird that 1. I wont know what to do with a newborn and 2. I want her to be all girl just beautiful and lovely and I hope I know how to do that.
    MtnPrincess responded:
    We're having a boy and thrilled! We both sort of "knew" it was going to be another boy (have 1 DD and 1 DS already). When our mw couldn't see because of the cord and said "Maybe a girl?" both DH and I didn't feel right about it. Then when he flipped and kicked the cord out of there and we saw it was a boy were were like "That's better! We knew it!"
    SunConure responded:
    We are having a girl and thrilled to death!! I would have been happy either way though, baby's are a blessing! Of course what dad doesn't want a son, but were going to have at least one more so he will get another chance!
    jenny8709 responded:
    We are having a boy, this is our first LO, so we are super happy. We both think having a "big brother" first will be good for either a baby sister or brother someday, which we are going to try for a girl within a few years!
    JColburn09 responded:
    We are having a little girl and we are both very excited.
    williamswifey responded:
    We are having a little boy and we are ecstatic about it!! I have a little boy already and they are soo much fun!!! My DH wanted a boy and so did I.

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