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    Has anyone else felt sore after an ultrasound?
    latsyrc10 posted:
    I had my ultrasound yesterday (18 weeks) and they were pushing and grinding the wand on my abdomen so hard. I didn't know whether or not it was "supposed" to feel like that so I kept my mouth shut, but then last night and today, my abdomen feels sore/bruised from where they were moving it around. Has anyone else experienced this? I think next time I will ask if they can be gentler. I know they sort of have to push down to see stuff, but geez. Also I am overweight so maybe they had to get through all the fat. Here I was being so careful not to push on my belly. Also, it's a girl and I passed my quad marker! I also had to collect my urine for 24 hours, and that came back good too...phew!
    HalieW responded:
    Yeah, I got my 18 week ultrasound Monday, and I am always sore afterwards. When they use the doppler and the ultrasound machine they have to push a little harder. I found out im having a girl also. good luck!!!!
    abbygailsmom1 responded:
    With my first two, I don't remember ever having soreness after an ultrasound, however this one has been different. He implanted really far back in my uterus and it is hard to get a good picture of him so they have to push down farther. Maybe that is the reason behind the pushing more.
    Me (30) DH (28) DD1 (5) DD2 (2) Baby boy Korbin expected via c-section early Jan 2011
    gigglygirl responded:
    I get a lot of cramping after my us's. It usually lasts till the next day each time. I think everyone is different.
    kristinrayerootes responded:
    Did they say anything about a titled uterus? Turns out I have one, but nobody ever told me until I had ultrasound at 10 weeks. They have to press harder for that. I have my 20 week today, so I will have to see how hard they press. I don't know how overweight you are, but they should have had you wait a couple of weeks before they did it if it really was an issue. That is what I have been told before anyway (the first time around my doc told me I could have it a bit earlier if I wanted to because I was thin, trust me, nobody is telling me that this time!).

    Congrats on the little girl and passing the quad marker!
    jrap1978 responded:
    not only am i sore,but my underbelly tends to bleed a little cuz the skin is soo sensitive,and then its sore for a couple days after....ive had a level 2 u/s every 2 weeks for the past hoping that she cooperates this time and isnt breech...i get tired of being ripped up lol....
    Jen(32),dbf(34),ds(10),sdd(7), EDD 1/16/11 PINK TEAM!!!!
    GermaphobeTeacher responded:
    Lurking from 3rd Trimester...I had that after my big ultrasound at 20 weeks. She had to really dig the wand in because my little girl was not cooperating and letting them get a good view of her kidneys or her gender. She is too much of a wiggle worm. It only lasted about a day and then I was fine.
    kristinrayerootes replied to jrap1978's response:
    Could you ask them for more gel? Do they know this is happening to you? I think the gel is to help get a better picture, but it probably serves as a lubricant too.
    jrap1978 replied to kristinrayerootes's response:
    oh yeh i told her last time,cuz she moved the wand way to my right and it was drying up,she was like lemme know if its too much for LO is just such a mover that they cant get the pics they need...hopefully i'll get the same tech at my u/s tomorrow
    Jen(32),dbf(34),ds(10),sdd(7), EDD 1/16/11 PINK TEAM!!!!

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