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    Babies kicking me to death lol
    ebonyeye posted:
    I'm actually enjoying and love looking down and seeing my stomach jump. My daughter felt her kick the other day and she was SO happy, it was the funniest thing. But when I bragged about it, I got a lot of "WELL you better enjoy it now because its gonna get worse" "its gonna be uncomfortable" "yada yada yada" thanks a lot Pessimists =)

    Do you ladies feel kicks and punches on a regular? And are they uncomfortable for you yet?
    Tee(31)~DD(11)~EDD for DD2(2/26/11)
    camnfaithsmom responded:
    I am only 18 weeks but for the past 2 maybe 2 1/2 weeks I have been feeling movement and regularly. The past few days has been the most I have felt and has been fairly consistent. It's so cute and kind of funny becausing knowing how tiny the little bean is and feeling all of this movement makes me smile. I can't wait til my other children can feel it too!!! I bet your daughters reaction was priceless!! Enjoy those movements it always let me know that lil one was ok in there.
    Me-27, SO-28, Cameron-10, Faith-3, Serenity-1, Lil one due 4/10/11
    ebonyeye replied to camnfaithsmom's response:
    She kicks soooo much its starting to get uncomfortable lol But it is definitely reassuring that shes okay..
    Tee(31)~DD(11)~EDD for DD2(2/26/11)
    krazykatt707 responded:
    My baby's punches and kicks already hurt. I'm 27 weeks and surprised at how strong she is already. I thought my son was bad about abusing my internal organs but she is way worse. She has this habit of kicking my cervix and bladder as hard as she can. Literally makes my crotch sore all day! I kinda wish she would move up a little bit. : ) But it is nice to know she's doing ok and it's fun to watch my belly move. I can even feel body parts now jutting out now depending on how she's laying.
    Rachel(26),Scott(27),Jon Roland(4),Kira Elizabeth(due 2-6-11)
    bgabert responded:
    I started feeling this LO's kicks/punches at 16 weeks and they have since gotten very strong! He is constantly hurting my tummy and I don't even want to go into how much my cervix/bladder hurt. They get beat all day long!

    I had low fluid with my previous pregnancy and let me tell you, low fluid = less cushion and MAN did those kicks HURT like heck.
    Bri (24), Jarrod (28), DD Emery, (6/15/2009), Baby 2 - EDD (2/13/2011) Go BLUE Team!!
    dolphinex3 responded:
    I'm 15 wks with no 6 and already have a little gymnyst! My fourth would move so much he would get stuck under my ribs and kick me so hard I swear I had bruises, lol
    krazykatt707 replied to dolphinex3's response:
    my son kicked me so hard he did leave bruises! he was infamous for shoving his feet between my ribs.
    Rachel(26),Scott(27),Jon Roland(4),Kira Elizabeth(due 2-6-11)
    jlbwondering35 replied to krazykatt707's response:
    LOL! It's so much fun feeling them move around in there! I'm in my 25th week, my little guy is still in a breech position so I get a lot of lower belly punches...nothing hurts though, just feels funny!
    ME (36) DH (39) BLUE TEAM!!! EDD 2/28/11
    clovertine responded:
    I'll be 27 weeks tomorrow & this little thumper has been moving & shaking since I was 13 weeks. I love the kicks, I really do. But sometimes it's obnoxious! I've woken up a few times because s/he's moving around so much.

    Uncomfortable is probably a good word for it at times (like when there's a foot in your rib cage, or worse - feels like it's in your "hoo-hoo"), but most of the time it's fine. It's just such an odd sensation when you're busy or out & your stomach seems to have a mind of it's own. Still enjoyable, though. There's nothing like baby kicks.
    Christine and DH: Scotti - DS: Logan born June 2, 2008 - My Perfect Boy. New little tadpole due 2/13/11! Yellow Team! Hoping for a successful VBAC!
    ebonyeye responded:
    I feel her in my sleep and she kicks on my bladder as well. So much so I have the urgency to urinate. I just started feeling that though recently, its so weird lol

    Tee(31)~DD(11)~EDD for DD2(2/26/11)
    AmandaGerike responded:
    My two daughters (4 & 5) felt baby Jacob kick this past week - They got so excited, especially after they came to the ultrasound with my and my hubby and saw the baby in my tummy. My Hubby was talking to him the other night and when he was quiet Jacob would kick until daddy started talking again - so sweet!!!

    The kickes and punches are all the time but they are not uncomfortable yet!!
    ColleenK32 responded:
    Im 18 weeks tomorrow... and i dont feel much yet. Felt a big flip once. And a couple POSSIBLE movements. Nothing definate.... :-(
    Colleen 27 DH 31 DD Lexi 5. Expecting Baby John around Christmas. Due Date 1/2 (but will have probably have repeat c-section). Blue Team!!
    charissahill replied to ColleenK32's response:
    I didn't feel my baby actually kick until 22 weeks. I felt little flutters around 18 weeks but nothing really noticeable unless i paid close attn. you will feel your baby boy kick in no time (-;
    ME (20) DH (26). Expecting our DS 11/26/11. Its a Boy! (-;
    loyal1982 replied to charissahill's response:
    I am 18wks as of yesterday and havn't felt anything yet. Was starting to get worried until I read your reply. Thanks for posting. I'm sure it will happen soon for me as well.
    JennLoney responded:
    I am 17 weeks and I don't think I feel anything, I am worried something is wrong. I go back to DR's on Monday and then for my big US on Wednesday (it was supposed to be Monday but they had to change my appointment).

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