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    We're having twin boys!
    mendezwife posted:
    This is Mendezwife....we are having twin boys....found out on Mon! We are super excited but this comes w a ton of other concerns.....We expected 1 baby. This was drugs nothing...just did it the old fashioned way! Is there any moms out there in my boat & is there a chat just for moms w twins & multiples?
    hisangelface responded:
    Congrats! That is amazing news! I can tell you first hand how wonderful it is to have twin boys! Mine will be 3 in May.

    I know it seems terrifying especially since you are only finding out now. But, you have nothing to worry about. You can expect to still deliver naturally (I did) but they generally recommend at least an epidural. I exclusively nursed both boys until they were 10 months old. I had them on the same routine (ie. napping and eating at the same time) when they were 5-6 months old.

    If there is anything specific you have questions about, please feel free to ask. I have been where you are now and it was so great that we were willing to do it again! But, this time there seems to be only one in there unless we get a surprise out our u.s next week. Take care and remember that a calm and happy mommy makes for calm and happy babies!
    Me (33) and DH (33). We have twin boys born May 2008. We are expecting 3 June 13th. Big u/s on Jan 26th!
    mendezwife replied to hisangelface's response:
    Hi, yea it was a shock, still a lil hard to take in. But the more we talk w fam & friends, the more "real" it seems to be.
    This will be 6 children for us. I have 2 boys, husband has 2 girls & we just wanted 1 between us to tie it all together. Took us 7 months to get pregnant & we just thought 1 baby, never thought 2! (Although hubby teased me for 2 months about it being twins....ha ha very funny I kept saying! how'd we know he was right all along & didn't even know it!)

    I take very good care of myself & eat well...I look totally fine, normal for 5 months, we gotta show the pics so people believe us! I'm very small 4'11 & 97lbs before all is well.

    Ive heard & read about getting twins on a schedule soon & keeping it that way. I plan to do that. I did w my other 2 boys & they were great!

    Doc said 90% it will be a c-section. I had 2 natural (no drugs) vaginal births w my sons....I didnt want drugs or anything. I did it just a lil nervous about being cut....but I know its whatever's best for babies. So I dont mind. No point in being selfish or vain at this point! LOL!

    How far did you carry your twins? What should I expect recovering from a c-section? will I bleed more than if it was a vaginal birth? I'm not breastfeeding. I'm expecting small babies 4-5lbs. Since Im very small to begin with. (my 2 sons were 6lbs) How long appromixly will they have to stay in hops?

    Thanks! any info is great! Im looking online & reading about twins. we are finding this is a whole new thing! Any advice for hubby too? he has his own set of worries!
    mindy48875 responded:
    Oh WOW!!!! That is a lot to take in. Sorry i dont' have any advice to offer sine I've never been in that boat. But how exciting/nerve wracking/scary all at the same time! Best wishes to you and your dh! Things will work out great!
    Me(28)(DH(28) DS(2) via unnecesarian DS(1)VBAC! and the 3rd on the way! VBAC hopeful again!
    hisangelface replied to mendezwife's response:
    I was induced at 37w5d because I wanted to avoid a c-section and my OB was worried that they were getting too big. They were 7lbs 1oz and 6 lbs 1oz at birth. We stayed at the hospital for only 2 days. Since they were not born prematurely and were a good size, there was no need for them to stay any longer than that.

    I can`t help answer your question about recovery after a c-section. If you want to avoid one, it isn`t out the question. Talk to your doc and discuss it with him or her. The only difference for me was that they had me deliver in the operating room just in case they had to do an emergency c-section. As far as the bleeding, I couldn`t tell you since I had an issue with my placentas and the basically cleaned me out after their births so I had very little bleeding afterward.

    My hubby spent a lot of time talking to the boys when I was pregnant. I seemed to help a lot because they were so used to his voice that it soothed them as much as mine did. He gave them a bottle of breastmilk (I pumped once a day) at night which gave me a rest and gave him bonding time with the boys. He would help me get the to sleep when they were little. He also helped walk the halls when they were cranky since you should never walk around with both babies in your arms.

    I found a nursing pillow to be extremely useful to comfortably snuggle with both babies, even if you don`t plan to nurse. Keep me posted on your progress!
    Me (33) and DH (33). We have twin boys born May 2008. We are expecting 3 June 13th. Big u/s on Jan 26th!
    mendezwife replied to hisangelface's response:
    thanks for replying..........I did talk w my doc & I'll prolly get a c-section. its ok I just wanted to know what to expect. id like to have them natural..but my doc said he doesnt feel comfy doing that. for reasons he explained.....

    I know mine are goin to be small....your were good size! Mine arent expected to get very big since Im very hoping for 4lbs each! So we will see.

    Thanks for the help. Did you put them in the same crib for a lil bit, I was reading it is ok until they start rolling around & waking each other up. Do twins generally sleep well together & at the same time? or are they complelty different?
    hisangelface replied to mendezwife's response:
    I tried putting the boys in the same crib but it didn`t work. I have heard of a lot of identical twins sleeping together. My boys are fraternal twins and it caused them to sleep worse. Try it out and see.

    My boys were also tummy sleepers and it wasn`t until I started putting them on their stomachs to sleep that we got any sleep in this house. I know it`s not what`s recommended, but sometimes you do what you have to do. We had the AngelCare monitors to ensure that they were still breathing.

    My boys still sleep in the same room. They do not wake each other up unless the other is about to wake anyway. I find it easier to them to bed that way. If they are not quite ready to fall asleep, then they simply talk to one another. You can feel free to check out my blog and read some older posts about all of this type of thing... maybe it will help...
    Me (33) and DH (33). We have twin boys born May 2008. We are expecting 3 June 13th. Big u/s on Jan 26th!
    mendezwife replied to hisangelface's response:

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