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    Drinking non alcoholic beers during pregnancy...
    An_217157 posted:
    I know that some N/A beers have a small percentage of alcohol in them, like .5% by volume, but I was wondering if anyone heard if it was ok/safe to drink while pregnant? I am craving a beer so bad, but if it is not safe, I could definately wait 13 more weeks to have one. Thanks!
    rangerchick responded:
    I have had random beer cravings too but the problem with alcohol is there is no way to know what amount is too much. I won't risk it because my cravings I can control by just thinking about the smell. Funny part is I don't drink much when I am not pregnant so I have no clue where the cravings have come from.
    mandyhall29 responded:
    I'm also craving it too! I got to admit that my husband's beer was looking good a couple nights ago! I don't want to take the risk of drinking while I'm pregnant... I made the mistake of drinking a before I knew I was pregnant; don't know how badly that effected my baby. Hmm, I don't know if a non-alcoholic beer is safe since apparently it has some alcohol in it. I recommend maybe having a virgin margarita or other drink that you know doesn't have any alcohol in it, even though it's a beer taste that you crave. Ask your doctor about the N/A beer at your next appt and let us know if it's safe :)
    jlbwondering35 responded:
    Lurking from 3rd trimester...I had a non alcoholic beer back in my second trimester and some alcohol free wine. From what I read, there is as much alcohol in those as a glass of freshly squeezed oj. Now I certainly didn't make a habit of it, but I did treat myself to that alcohol free wine at my shower and a glass at Christmas.
    ME (36) DH (39) BLUE TEAM!!! EDD 2/28/11
    rosecam responded:
    If it's .5% it sounds like having 1 non-alcoholic beer would be a little like having a sip of wine! I'm sure that is fine, and a nice way to address the craving without harming the baby. But if you're really nervous, call your OB's office and ask them - they should know!

    I've been having beer cravings too - any recommendations on tasty non-alcoholic beers? :)
    An_217158 responded:
    You can have a glass of wine a day while i doubt non-alcoholic beer is going to do any there is more alcohol in a redbull.
    An_217159 responded:
    I had an appointment today with my doc and he said it was fine :) He said that there is not enough alcohol and that it is absorbed before it reaches the blood stream. Good to know. He actually recommended O' Doules! I went straight to the Beer Shoppe here in town and bought a Kaliber! Definately delicious!!! (It's made by Guinness and it is n/a!!) Definately recommend it trying it!! I have also heard from a friend that O' Doules Amber is pretty good, too! Thanks for all of your replies!!

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