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    Belly Fat = Baby Bump???
    klynshoe posted:

    I just joined the second trimester group and wanted to ask when everyone started showing. I am 5'6", now 158 lbs (28 yrs old). Before pregnancy I was 164 and lost a few due to morning sickness. Anyhow so I'm not severely overweight - the top (non-pregnant) healthy weight for my height is 155 so I've got a few extra pounds.

    Anyway in the last week I finally purchased some maternity pants because my current ones were getting tight. However just in the last couple days I feel like I have a very obvious pouch but I think it's mostly because my enlarged uterus is pushing out my current fat (I've always had a little tummy pouch). So in my head my belly bump isn't really the baby at all - its just pushing out my fat and making me look truly fat not pregnant in my opinion.

    Anyway I'm soooo self-conscious because it probably looks like I'm more like 18-20 weeks pregnant when I'm really only 14 weeks (almost). I'm afraid to tell people that I'm only 14 weeks because from what I've ready most people don't begin to show until 18-20....

    Maybe I'm just being too self-conscience but does anyone else have this issue? Should I keep trying to hide the fat pouch until I'm closer to 18 weeks or should I just pretend its a real baby bump?

    HamelMommy2011 responded:
    Hello Kelly welcome to 2nd trimester!! I personally was showing at 14-16 weeks so it does become noticable keep in mind everyone is different! some girls will not show till final trimester, it prolly is the baby like i said im about yer height and i weighed a little more then you are stating and from everything ive read the smaller you are the quicker you show...but not for me!!
    kell0613 responded:
    Congrats on making it to the second tri!
    It sounds like we have a pretty similar body shape (I'm a few inches shorter and a few pounds lighter) and like you, I'm at the "top" of the acceptable range for weight according to the BMI calculator.
    I was wearing most all my pants with a Bella Band at 13-15 weeks and just buying some maternity stuff. I have always worn my clothes very fitted, so I have no room for weight fluxuation at all. But I remember just feeling like it looked like I had a beer belly at the time.
    I am SURE it doesn't look like you are 18-20 weeks. It is important to remember that everyone grows at different rates. You'll really "pop" soon and it will be exceedingly obvious to everyone that you're pregnant. In the mean time, just wear whatever is comfortable. I wouldn't try to "hide" anything. I'm sure you look great, and remember we are all our own worst critics!
    Even if you think you look fat - you aren't - you're housing a tiny human
    Me(25), DH(32), Baby 1 EDD 9/12/11 - Team Pink!
    mokuley responded:
    That is not true at all that people don't start showing until 18-20 weeks. I was showing early on which happens later and later in each pregnancy. However, the "inital" showing always seems to look like a muffin top if you have any weight on you. At least that has always been my experience. But, even though this was my third pregnancy I did keep telling my husband I looked fat. So it is totally normal to feel self conscious and if you want to keep it hidden, go for it. Whatever you feel most comfortable with. It is a real baby bump though. It just gets harder and harder as your pregnancy progresses.
    Me (29), DH (29), DD (22 mo), DD (9 mo), EDD 8-19-11
    marchbabee replied to mokuley's response:
    I am pregnant with my first baby, and started really showing around 13 or 14 weeks. I'm a small person. I weighed 123 at my first appt and am about 5"3', so my doc kept telling me that I might pop early since there was nowhere for my uterus to go but out! Also, I had severe gas bloating (lovely, right?) I'm now 27w along, almost 28, and it's amazing how much the tummy grows still! I feel fat most of the time, but everyone keeps telling me that I don't look pregnant until I stand sideways. Everyone grows, and shows, at different rates...sometimes I think we are our own worst enemies! Plus, it's alarming to see the scale numbers keep climbing. But, like PPers said, we are growing a tiny human in there, so for once, we should let our self conscious images of ourselves go, and revel in the fact that we're bringing new life into this world
    Hope this helps!
    Me(30)DH(29) 1m/c at 5w2d, 2m/c at 6w1d, BFP 11/24/10, EDD 8/4/11. Blue Team!!!!
    LIZellie responded:
    Hi! I love this conversation because I am right there with you. I'm at 16 weeks, 1st baby, but my pants have been tight for a couple weeks. I am quite a bit overweight, but always fit and active, so my weight is pretty distributed. Now I have a noticeable (to me) bigger bump of belly fat below my navel. I'm sticking with your theory that the baby is pushing the fat out.
    The truly noticeable thing on me is my breasts. They are huge and overflowing, and I've always been modest about them and now they are exploding out of my clothes. So my friends are noticing that way more than my belly.
    Embrace whatever you've got!
    pollyanda replied to LIZellie's response:
    I'm only at 9 weeks but have just found this tread by googling 'Fat baby bump' I am overweight but generally quite curvy though my belly has got big in the last year. (I am a UK size 18 if I am honest with myself.) From everything I've read it's too early to show and because I am tall and large and it's my first I should expect to show relatively late. But I feel like I have a huge belly already! I have already felt the need to buy a few maternity clothes and if I really let it go I look like I could be almost there. The thing that is bothering me most is the fat high up above my belly button and below my boobs- it is definitely sticking out too much and if I try and hold it in it makes me feel really sick! Also, I am still playing netball (you can until 12 weeks) and I can feel my belly wobbling when I run which is really uncomfortable! I am also getting short of breath from things that shouldn't make that happen- like going up stairs! I get the baby/ uterus pushing the fat up and out theory and I know that weak stomach muscles can mean it all shows sooner and I can see that it could be pushing everything up which can make you feel sick/ short of breath etc but I can't shake the feeling something's not quite right as it's way too early for all this! I guess there's a chance I am a month further on than I think I am as I haven't had a scan yet but would that even explain it? I guess I am looking for ressurance from someone who has felt similar!? Thanks ladies

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