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    Fetal Stethoscope?
    amr4434 posted:
    Has anyone tried a fetal (or regular) stethoscope to hear the baby's heartbeat? I am thinking about buying one but not sure where or if they work. It would be more for novelty's sake than anything. My mother is having a fit to go to one of my OB appointments so she can hear the heartbeat - I was hoping this would be a compromise.

    ILOVEGAVIN responded:
    I tried a regular stethoscope that I use at work and was never able to hear anything, but that could have just been me. I was disappointed, but atleast I didn't buy one just for that purpose and it not work. I didn't know they had fetal ones, maybe that would be better?
    klynshoe responded:
    I don't know about a stethoscope but I know you can buy home doplar's in order to hear the heartbeat. I think you have to be a certain number of weeks pregnant though in order for them to work. You'd have to research it.
    lbean1975 responded:
    I just purchased a fetal Doppler for 39.99 for home use arrived in 2 business days and didn't have to pay extra for the express S&H ... I've never used one before so I had a hard time finding my baby's HB at first but after several times trying and positioning the Doppler in different areas of the belly finally heard those joyous pitter patters I'd been longing to hear!! :) There are several fetal Dopplers to choose from and all are differently priced and some are more advanced than others so definitely do your research, good luck! :)
    Me (36) BSD (27) DS (16) Team Blue EDD (10/15/11)
    klynshoe replied to lbean1975's response:

    what doppler did you purchase and where did you get it from?
    lbean1975 replied to klynshoe's response:
    Fetal Doppler Baby Sound fetal-b 39.95
    Me (36) BSD (27) DS (16) Team Blue EDD (10/15/11)
    klynshoe replied to lbean1975's response:
    Thanks! I think I am going to order the same one. How many weeks were you when you tried this on your belly?
    jdblack78 responded:
    I bought one called Angelsounds Here is the link and its only $29.99

    I cannot tell you what relief it gives me after miscarrying my last baby. I listen to the heartbeat twice a day since I was 10 weeks a long. It works better with lotion or aloe gel if you don't buy the gel that they sell. It works wonderfully! It even comes with a cord that you can hook up to your computer so you can record the heartbeat. I have recorded the heartbeat and saved it as a wav file so my family can hear it. I would definitely recommend it!! By far the best purchase I have ever made especially because of the peace of mind it gives me.
    htma4494 replied to jdblack78's response:
    I just ordered one last night off of Ebay, its the Sonline B (it displays heart rate too and has a recorder) It had good reviews on Youtube..I cant wait to get it..
    amr4434 responded:
    Can others hear baby's heartbeat by putting an ear against your belly?

    I pulled this quote from my WebMD pregnancy newsletter for Week 25: "The heartbeat can be heard through a stethoscope or, depending on the position of the baby, by others putting an ear against your belly." My huband tried this last night but couldn't hear a heartbeat. He did say that he could hear her swishing and sloshing around as she moved. That by itself is pretty cool.

    I was just curious of anyone has tried this and if it worked.
    klynshoe responded:
    I received my doppler last week and I have been able to find the heartbeat! Its pretty tricky to find the right spot and sometimes can only hear it faintly but its definitely there. I think as I practice more I'll be better at finding it. Reaching my 20 week mark yesterday, I am often feeling the baby move and kick me. Very exciting!
    amr4434 replied to klynshoe's response:
    That is so cool. We haven't made purchase yet. Hubby has been trying to hear it by putting his ear on my tummy. The first few times she was so active that he couldn't hear anything except sloshing noises (and she kept kicking him in the face). Last night, she seemed to be resting and Hubby said he could hear the heart beat. He checked his pulse and mine first so he could compare. After a few time of moving around my belly, he said he could hear it. That is pretty amazing.

    It makes me very happy b/c it is something that only he can do to bond with her (I'm not letting others stick their ear to my naked belly). It makes him feel special. I've got a feeling that it will be come a new ritual for the next few months.

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