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    Am I Alone here?
    candy352 posted:
    I was telling my DF how much I'm ready to finally feel the baby move. He didn't understand why. He said that I'm the only woman that wants to feel a baby kick the mess out of me. LOL. Is anyone else anxious to feel the baby move?
    Candy 26, DH 37, First pregnancy, EDD: 1/6/12  Team Yellow!!!!!

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    aly192527 responded:
    I was definitely ready to feel the baby move! Even though now I complain about being woken up by the kicks at 4am every morning, I still love it. It's reassuring to know he's okay in there. I think pretty much every woman enjoys the movement though maybe not always how hard or where they kick. :)
    imrn1997 responded:
    Feeling the baby move and kick are the most reassuring signs that we moms can have that our baby is thriving. Towards the end of the pregnancy it can become a little uncomfortable, but I would never give up the chance to have that feeling of the LO squirming and swimming inside of me.
    candy352 replied to imrn1997's response:
    That's exactly how I feel. I think it would be soooo reassuring once I feel those movements. This is my first pregnancy and besides the absence of my period and sore boobs, I have not had any symptoms. I am sooo ready to feel him kick, jab, or elbow me.
    Candy 26, DH 37, First pregnancy, EDD: 1/6/12 Team Yellow!!!!!
    htma4494 replied to candy352's response:
    Girl my little one is so active, he moves, twist, etc..It is soo cute when you feel him hiccup, its like a jerking movement, its great!
    missashley1010 responded:
    I love the movements I get a big smile everytime he kicks and moves I now just look at my belly and can see him move from inside its crazy cool I wouldnt trade it for anything! Its by far my fav thing about pregnancy :)
    ColleenK32 responded:
    It was one of my favorite parts of being pregnant. Even after I had dd I would still hold my belly to feel for movements- lol obviously there weren't any. I can not wait to feel move movement. Only felt one "flip" so far...
    Colleen 27 DH 31 DD Lexi 5. Expecting 2, Due Date 1/2. Changed from yellow to green team!
    bcfrost816 replied to ColleenK32's response:
    Feeling the baby move was always my favorite part of being pregnant!! Neither one of my girls were extremely active, so their movements never bothered me or kept me awake at night. Sometimes at the end, I could see a little elbow poling out or their little tushy, lol. So cute!! I can't wait to feel this new LO move!
    Courtney (28) DH (30) DD Peyton 17 months; baby girl EDD 9/26/10
    peanut_1991 replied to candy352's response:
    Im so ready to feel the baby move. Im only 4 weeks so i probably have a few weeks but i really really long to feel a major movement. I sometimes think i feel something but im no really sure. when did everyone start to feel it?
    peanut_1991 replied to peanut_1991's response:
    14 not 4 sorry
    aly192527 replied to peanut_1991's response:
    Peanut_1991, my doctor said usually around 20 weeks. I started feeling flutters around 16 weeks or maybe a little earlier but wasn't sure if it was the baby because he's my first. Then at 17 weeks, he started kicking away. Every baby is different. I'm sure you're start feeling your LO soon! :-)
    candy352 replied to aly192527's response:
    I am 16 weeks as of today. At times, I think I may have felt some flutters. I'm not really sure as it usually happens when I'm falling asleep, and I don't know if I'm just dreaming it or if it's really happening, LOL. Once or twice I felt it while lying in the bed. DF felt it too and said it was just gas. I'm soooo ready to feel some consistent strong movement.
    Candy 26, DH 37, First pregnancy, EDD: 1/6/12 Team Yellow!!!!!
    hurrydecember replied to candy352's response:
    Candy352, I'm 18wks and this is my 3rd baby. I still confuse the movements for gas. LOL.
    bcfrost816 replied to hurrydecember's response:
    This is my 3rd baby as well, and I still think its very hard to figure out if its the baby moving or just gas, lol. Early on, its so hard to tell, but I felt my second much earlier around maybe like 14 or 15 weeks, but I think its just because I knew what the movements felt like. Most of the time now, I'm too busy to notice,lol.

    It's nice when you start getting those consistent pokes and kicks, very reassuring!
    Courtney (28) DH (30) DD Peyton 17 months; baby girl EDD 9/26/10

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