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    Find your due date buddies: February 2012, March 2012, April 2012 and May 2012.

    Take a peek inside the womb to see how your baby develops from week to week.

    Welcome mommies from 1st Trimester Community (BFP to 13weeks). Your final stop is the 3rd Trimester Community (28w to 40w). Yay!
    April 2012 Due Date Buddies
    Byroney_WebMD_Staff posted:
    Where are the April 2012 Due Date Buddies? I know we have a lot of you just coming on board for the Second Trimester and this is your place to meet and greet.

    Post here if April is going to be The Month for you and your Little Arrival:

    1) Due Date of LO (Little One):

    2) Name of LO (or any you're considering):

    3) Fill out the poll below and we can see if boys or girls are taking over in the month of April! You're going to have your own special Spring surprise.

    Have fun!


    Photo: ljweb Courtesy: EveryStockPhoto .com
    I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once.
    -Jennifer Unlimited-

    Take the Poll

    April is a time for snuggling with your precious Little One while Spring blooms take over for Winter's starkness. Will April 2012 see more arrivals from Team Pink or Team Blue--or another team altogether?
    • Boy Power--I'm Team Blue!
    • Girl Power--I'm Team Pink!
    • Mystery Power--Team Green, Yellow, or Purple!
    • Twins!
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    mam546 responded:
    Melissa (mam546)

    EDD 4/26/12

    No names yet - I keep thinking it's a girl since this one is completely diffrent than my DS. I would not mind another boy at all. We'll know sometime early december if LO allows.
    mocha85 responded:
    Names are a tough one! DH and I don't really agree on much! For a girl we both like Addison and for a boy we both like Tucker. But, I'm not completely sold on either! Besides, I've heard we should wait until the little one arrives and then we'll know just by how he/she looks. As far as what I think we're having....I've had the feeling "boy" since I found out I was pg pretty much! We'll hopefully find out 11/29! Lots of baby dust to you mommies
    hgreenwood7058 responded:
    Heather (Hgreenwood7058)

    EDD: 04/17/12

    No name yet. We will be finding out what we are having in about 2 weeks.
    Heather(24),DH Lee(25). PCOS w Hemmoragic cysts. BFP:1/23/11 M/C 2/10/11. BFP 08/13/11 EDD 04/17/12-Green team. Hope this LO will stick
    Angelsbuff responded:
    I'm hoping for a girl...but gotta admit, not really into's all about purple!!
    Angelsbuff responded:
    EDD: 4/2/12

    We're divided on what we want...I want a girl, he wants a boy so our next one-a girl, he hopes-will have a big brother to protect her.

    Undecided on names...A friend of mine actually asked for names for her little girl on Facebook a few months back and I suggested my favorite name - never even imagining she'd choose it...especially since she had like 30 responses...and wouldn't you know it, she liked my suggestion so much that she chose it for her little girl. So...back to the drawing board!

    We don't know if we're having a girl or boy yet....we should find out on 12/1...which is actually 4 years to the day from our first date!
    hevans0516 responded:
    Due 4/17/12

    Find out the gender on 11/23/11 (if baby cooperates)

    Not telling names til we find out the gender but we have a first name for a boy and a girl.
    hgreenwood7058 replied to hevans0516's response:
    Hey I find out on the 23rd tooo and I am also due 4/17!
    Heather(24),DH Lee(25). PCOS w Hemmoragic cysts. BFP:1/23/11 M/C 2/10/11. BFP 08/13/11 EDD 04/17/12-Green team. Hope this LO will stick
    cjl0510 responded:

    We find out on 11/23 what we're having! Whether it's a 3rd little guy to add to our family, or a little girl. Pretty sure it's a girl though, considering that's all my husbands side of the family makes!

    Pregnancy has been completely different than with my two boys - but I guess we will se
    cjl0510 replied to cjl0510's response:
    Whoopss. I mean, pretty sure it's a boy. Hmm.. that's kinda funny !
    jacobria responded:
    So the u/s I had last Wednesday moved my due date from 4/3 to 3/29. But I was late with my last baby, so I'm planning on it with this one too ~ so no matter what I'm still considering myself an April Due Date Buddy!
    muzikizmylife2 responded:
    I am 19 weeks pregnant with my first child. I found out last week we are having a girl. My due date is 4/17/12 and I believe Spring 2012 will see a lot of girls. Because I am a spring baby myself being born in March.
    cifirst responded:
    MY EDD is: 04/28/12
    Not sure of the name yet, as I don't know it's sex. Will know in 2 weeks on my next doctor's appointment.
    This is my first one, so very happy and expecting the EDD.
    harobertson91 responded:
    1) April 16, 2012, induced date on April 9, 2012.
    2) Hadley Noelle Robertson
    butterflywings21 responded:
    4/2/2012 is when the little ones coming and its a boy William is the name

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