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    15 weeks today
    jon3brn posted:
    i dont know about anyone else. But this second trimester does not seem to be any easier than the first. Granted I am not vomitting (sorry) as often, but I am still vomitting, feeling nausated and experiecing morning sickness. The doctor has prescribed several medications known to help will all. But, sadly none of them have worked. Taking pills has become the reason I vomit. During week 6 or 7 up until about a week or so ago. Any time I would swallow a pill (any) within 15 minutes I would be hugging the toilet. I could not keep anything down. So I stopped taking pills all together. This seemed to help reduce the vomitting. so now I believe since all of those traumatic pill taking experiences, now that when i feel up to taking one and i try I cant keep it down. So I am now down to taking one a day gummy vitamins and overloading on veggies and fruit due to not being able to take a traditional prenatal pill. Now since entering the second tri, I am experiencing debilitating back, hip and pelvic pain (the stretching) which is causing everything to be uncomfortable and making it hard to walk.

    i was large chested prior to being pregnant, but since becoming pregnant they are the size of cantlopues (measured at the store) that its becoming hard to breathe when I am walking around. Which is causing me to become very hot, faint and dizzy to the point I am having to sit down and try to catch my breathe. I wanted to be so pregnant so bad and tried for so long that I feel like I shouldnt be complaining or do not have the right to complain. I am feeling all of these feeling and no one seems to understand. Not my family, friends or my husband. Everyone keeps reminding me that woman do this every day and that I am being a baby and acting absolutely pitiful. The only time my husband takes pity on me is after he has watched or heard me throw up. I have no one to talk to and I feel so alone.
    thebirdisblue87 responded:
    I just wanted to say hello. I know this is my first pregnancy and I am still vomiting sometimes and I am at 17 weeks. I feel the same way about the just feeling fat. lol My clothes are getting tight but I don't look pregnant even though my belly is starting to round a little.
    Overall I would say the second trimester for me has been a little easier but not much. Its okay to complain just try to not stress yourself out and know it will be worth it. Have you started feeling flutters yet? I started to a few weeks ago and that helps you when your down. Come and vent here anytime.
    Shakanson responded:
    I'm sorry you've been having such a difficult pregnancy. The debilitating morning sickness is the worst, I had to take Zofran to keep from throwing up until around 17 weeks. I've been lucky and my family and husband have been really understanding about how miserable it can be at times. I've been stuffing a pillow behind my back when I am sitting to help with the back pain, and taking a warm bath in the evening. The bath has really helped so I'm not hurting when I go to bed. I hope it gets better for you.
    Sasha (22), DH (21), EDD 10/25/2012
    korin81 responded:
    m/s is the worst! I've been taking zofran since 4 weeks. I stopped taking it this weekend because I cannot deal with the terrible constipation anymore. The m/s is not as bad now, but it lingers till prolly around 10 am. However if I don't eat every few hours I start to feel sick again. I herniated a disk in my back last July so I have had my share of back issues. My back get spretty tired and sore by the end of the night but the "U" shaped body pillow that DH bought me around 5 weeks is a life saver. I get the front and back support plus you don't have to move it cause it's already on both sides of you . I did not get my energy back till close to 16 weeks but now at 20w4d I am feeling pretty good, other than early morning. I hope you start to feel better soon so you can enjoy your pregnancy more . Also if you need to vent, then vent away!!! It will make you feel better!
    Korin(31), DH(26), DS(3), DD(1), Khloe Madison EDD: 10/18/12
    jon3brn responded:
    Thanks Ladies. I am feeling a little better (emotion wise) not health wise today. I talked to my husband this morning and explained that I understand that at times I can be highly emotional and extremely sensitive but with that said you constantly telling me that "this is what I wanted" just discourages me from talking to you about how I am feeling and then wind up feeling completly alone because no one understands how or what I am feeling. his response was I am sorry, I should stop saying that and say i know you wanted to be pregnant but this just isnt what you expected. And i replied "perfect".

    Yes clothes no longer fit. I am mostly in running or gym shorts and sweat pants. I am waiting for a few stores to have a sale to make way for their summer attire and then i am going to go and get some maternity clothes. hopefully that will help boost me up for when I have lunches with friends or dinner with my husband.

    I have the boppy pillow along with 3 other large soft pillows that I sleep with. But still I have trouble getting comfortable. I was a tummy sleeper before and find it very uncomfortable on my sides. but once asleep i sleep on my sides. Because I am constantly rolling back and forth. To the point I am alone in bed and my husband is on the sofa. he says my rolling keeps him awake at night.

    To add to my stresses I am a full time graduate student and with no energy and wanting to lay around in bed all day, my work is starting to slip. And at this point, it shouldnt be. Two of my dreams are colliding together, making both difficult to handle. But I do not have the option of stopping either train. I am almost done with school and by the end of the year I will have a beautiful baby. I just have to continue to find things daily to look forward to. Looking too far ahead, it causes serious anxiety which then causes the baby to stress which then causes stomach cramps.

    Thanks again for letting me rant and rave. I usually have it well together as I am studying to be a Marriage and Family Therapist. But as this pregnancy progresses, I am finding that I am no longer in control of my life or my feelings. They are ruled primarly by hormones and what is going on at that very moment.

    Again thank you for your continued support!!!
    iceechic responded:
    This is a great place to vent! Hope you start feeling better soon. With my DS I had horrible morning sickness, with my DD I had NO morning sickness, and with this one well I had slight morning sickness, but i was exhausted with this one up until last week. I am dealing with horrible back and hip pain, the pubic bone hurts if I roll over in bed, or sneeze or cough. At my last dr. appt. I told her bout my pain and she prescirbed, physical therapy. So my fist appt. is in 2 weeks I hope it helps.
    Good luck with your pregnancy! Keep us posted.
    jon3brn replied to iceechic's response:
    Now that I am at 18w2d, I am feeling much much better. My sleeping habits are up and down, sometimes I get really good sleep and then other times I get no sleep due to not being able to get comfortable. I toss and turn alot, which keeps me up as well as DH. Yesterday we found out we are having a girl, I didnt have a preference other way. But was just excited to finally start referring to the baby by name instead of calling it baby in discussions. We are having a LIL GIRL!!! Her name is Addisson Michelle. Michelle is my mothers middle name as well as my Aunt (my favorite aunt). If it were too be a boy, which DH stated since we have a girl now, we must try for a boy. So when we have a boy his name will be Laiken Carter, which has a really long meaning behind it.

    The "L" is for the two special men in my life who share the middle name Lawrence. My father and grandfather. The uniqueness of his name is attributed to my Uncle Ensell and counsin Zarion, I know no one else with these names. To round out his middle name is I think the greatest honor to the Matriarch of our family, My grandmother. Her maiden name is Carter which our heritage is French-Canadian. Found it only fitting for a middle name. All of these people mean so much to me and I wanted that love to reflect in my childrens names.

    How does one get physical therapy put into their pregnancy plan? I have alot of what the DR referred to as round ligament pain, but I am also experiencing pain, a sudden burst of pain at times when I am laying down and doing nothing. Which she said should be kept an eye. I would like to do physical therapy in the water as to help reduce the weight on my body. We have a pool here at the complex, but its filled with kids and hard to get anything done with them ripping and roaring through the pool as kids due. So I am looking to to some prenatal water classes at our local Y to see if I can get in on one of those. because its just been too hot outside to get in my 15-20 minute walk in.

    How is everyone else doing?
    iceechic replied to jon3brn's response:
    Congrats on the baby GIRL!!!! the names you have are great! We are still deciding lol we included our 2 other children into the naming process and stated out with 80 different names, knocked that to 31 then had elimination rounds between the 4 of us and now we have 9 names, 4 girl, and 5 boy... our preference is a boy but HEALTH is numbe one priority!

    Girls names:
    Ava- Daddys fav
    Addalyn- my fav

    Boys names:
    Eli- may fav
    Titan- daddys fav

    As far as the PT, I just informed my dr of my horrible pain in my back, and she sated that if it hurt that bad now it would only get worse and that she would prescribe me PT.
    I do know being in water helps tons. I totaled a car when I was 9 months preg with my 2 child. (both me and my lil girl were perfect, I had one small bruise on my leg, and bruised tailbone thats it!! Accident 6/6/05, due date 6/28/05, arrived 7/10/05 lol)
    My dr wanted me in a hot tub for 5 min and a pool for 10 and just keep switching for an hour or two and it helped so much.

    Good luck I completely understand about the sleeping thing and the sparatic intense pains.
    Me(29), DH (35), DS(11), DD(7), EDD(11/30/12)
    Hoping for HEALTHY first, then hoping to be apart of TEAM BLUE!
    Love me FAMILY
    BridgetBurke replied to jon3brn's response:
    I am so happy that you and baby GIRL!!! are doing well. It is so wonderful to have a name to put to your LO, isn't it? I am also having a little girl. DH and I were shocked because boys tend to run is his family. Since we already have a DS it will be fun to experience a DD. Plus, girl clothes are adorable! I must admit that I have gone a little overboard in that department.

    I am starting to get the crazy nesting feeling. I am asking DH daily (nagging really, but I won't admit that to him) to help me clear out the guest room. I did all I can, but I am not carrying a box spring, mattress, and bed frame down our steps!! I can't wait to paint, put her furniture in and put up all the decorations. I went soooo girly! (This is our last one.) Her crib has a canopy and I got a crystal chandelier for her room too! I am painting the walls a sage green and doing a pink accent wall. Have you planned your nursery yet?

    I will be 28 weeks in a few days, so I am getting anxious to meet Caitlyn Elizabeth. (Caitlyn because we love the name, and Elizabeth after my great-grandma.) I love both names you picked out. So cute and meaningful as well. Hope you continue to have a great pregnancy! Stay cool!

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