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    BeautifullyBlessed posted:
    Hello all,

    I'm currently 8 1/2 weeks and have been experiencing EXTREME HUNGER! Last night I woke up 3 times in the middle of the night to eat. This is mentally, physically and emotionally exhausting.

    Did this end for any of you already? When?

    Do you have any tips to combat this issue?

    I'm DESPERATE!!!
    An_242764 responded:
    I've have times where all I want to do is eat, but because of gestational diabetes I can't just over eat. What i've done is eat smaller meals more often so you are eating 6 times a day instead of 3. Eat more proteins and foods that don't have alot of empty carbs like pastas and potatoes. Those are energy foods and will give you a quick boost but doesn't stay long in your system. Try eating foods that will stay with you longer so you stay full. Also many times when you feel hungry it's actually your body saying that you need more water so try drinking a glass of water and see if that helps. If not then eat a salad or some veggies so you are eating something healthy and not going for that candy bar with is alot of empty calories and will go straight to your hips.

    When I wake up in the middle of the night feeling hungry I usually grab a glass of milk, some yogurt or a couple slices of toast and that helps me get through the night. Just don't over eat because that can make you feel worse when you wake up. And you should never go to bed hungry but don't eat too much before bed because that can make it harder for you to sleep. Just eat a small snack.
    BeautifullyBlessed replied to An_242764's response:
    Thank you so much! This is very helpful.

    With eating so much, it's easy to run out of options or ideas on what to eat.

    It's always been just me and I didn't have to eat often.

    Anybody want to share what their typical day looks like, meal wise?

    HayleesMom2007 replied to BeautifullyBlessed's response:
    Hi there! Sure I will share my typical meals for the day:

    7:00 - Breakfast - bowl of cereal before I leave for work. I am hooked on Honey Bunches of Oats, Mulitgrain Cheerios and Rasin Bran right now.

    9:30 - Mid morning snack either yogurt, fruit or graham crackers with peanut butter.

    12:30 - Lunch, I usually try to have a salad for lunch but recently that hasn't been cutting it so I have started to either add chicken to my salad or sometimes I get a slice of veggie pizza. I also usually have some fruit or yogurt with my lunch.

    3:00 - Afternoon snack. I bring the following things to work at the beginning of each week to pick from for my afternoon snack - trail mix, cheese sticks, hummus and crackers, peanut butter and crackers or veggies with dip.

    6:00 - 6:30 - Dinner - I make a variety of things for dinner including one night a week we have fish usually grilled with baked potatoes and a veggie, I make allot of chicken dishes like marinated grilled chicken, chicken fajitas, BBQ chicken, baked chicken etc. With the chicken dishes I usually make a rice dishes with whole grain or brown rice and a veggie and when I make fajitas we have them on whole grain tortilla with lots of extra veggies like peppers, onion, lettuce, tomatoe and I always make black or refried beans for some extra protein. Pork chops either marinated, BBQed or breaded. I limit red meat to one night a week and usually make either steaks on the grilled or a cut of meat in the crockpot with a side dish and veggies.

    8:30 - 9:00 - DD and I always have a bedtime snack together usually either cereal, ice cream or yogurt with fruit to get in an extra milk serving. Lately it has been ice cream because it has been so hot and what pregnant woman doesn't like ice cream??? LOL

    Hope this is helpful to you!!
    Erica (29), DH (31), DD (4) and baby No. 2 on the way EDD 11/14/12 blue team!!!
    BeautifullyBlessed replied to HayleesMom2007's response:
    Very helpful! You seem to have a strong handle on eating. And I'm sure the fact that you cook makes things even easier.

    I tried cooking baked pork chops last week and had to throw them out. They were so dried out.

    I keep reading about ppl eating cheese it regular cheddar cheese sticks? I think I'll try them.

    Eating is getting REALLY expensive! lol

    Thanks for sharing...even the way you laid out your eating schedule tells me you are very organized. That's great.


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