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    Monday Updates (7-9)
    korin81 posted:
    Korin and Pink Team, Khloe Madison!


    Weight gain: 16 pounds

    Symptoms/Conditions: RLS was killing me this weekend! Found out I am Anemic so the low Iron was causing it. Taking a iron supplement now and I am feeling less restless yayy!

    Other: Passed my 1 hour GTT, that has never happened so I am still in denial. Nursery painting is all done

    Next appointment: July 31st MW.
    Korin(31), DH(26), DS(3), DD(1), Khloe Madison EDD: 10/18/12
    melb1121 responded:
    Melenie and Green Team Baby!


    w/g: guessing around 12lbs....will find out for sure tom.

    s/c: sciatica and am so tired all the time, was hoping the 2nd tri would be better for that but so far not so much

    other: ready to find out what this baby is!! so excited!!

    Next Appt: tomorrow! 7/10.. anatomy scan and find out the gender! hoping for a boy, but as long as baby is healthy we will be happy!!
    Melenie(27) DH(27) DD1(3) DD2(2)...BFP 3/25/12....EDD 12/4/12 green team!!
    ChristinaTT responded:
    Christina and Yellow Team Baby!

    23w 1d

    W/G: 6 lbs

    S/C: Braxton-Hicks starting up occasionally, trying to drink more water and put my feet up from time to time - hard with the other kiddos!

    Other: House is all packed up and girls and I are staying with MIL (fun...) until my replacement at work is ready to go (waiting on state licensure) - we should be off to Wyoming in a week or two to start our new adventure!

    N/A: this afternoon OB

    --Christina (30), DH (30), DD (7), DD (5), DD (2), EDD #4! Nov. 5th!
    pambam05 responded:
    Pam and Pink team, Grayci Sue

    24 Weeks 2 days

    weight gain: none

    Symptoms/Conditions: This week has been pretty good. Nothing really has been off this week.

    Other: Failed my glucose test, Went in yesterday and did a 3hr glucose test. Waiting on results.

    Next appointment: July 24th
    nikndan13 responded:
    Nikki & blue team baby

    24 weeks 2 days

    Weight gain : 23 lbs : ( oh well I'm all baby and my DH has gained 10 ; )

    Symptoms and conditions : sleeping is uncomfortable especially if I have to roll over at all , sore belly button lol but otherwise actually feeling pretty good .

    Other : was able to do a small registry over the weekend for a small shower in August - so that was fun looking thru baby stuff ! Picking paint out this weekend to paint my DD and my new LO's room .

    Next appt : 7/30 reg OB plus GTT

    Have a great week ladies : )
    Nikki (29) DH (32) DD (13) DD (10) DD (2) EDD 10/28 scheduled c-section 10/23 Blue Team ! Yay ! Excited for my lil future cowboys fan ; )
    speechtxjessica replied to nikndan13's response:
    Pink team

    23 weeks 4 days

    weight gain: 15 pounds

    Symptoms and conditions: baby has been doing some painful rolling motion. I have also had some back pain. Other than that feeling pretty good.

    Other: Still waiting for another ultrasound to confirm it's a girl. The girl parts didn't look like they did with my first daughter and the whole pregnancy has been so different so I am not 100% convinced.
    thebirdisblue87 responded:
    Mary and Blue Team, Eian

    21w 6d

    Weight gain: 10 pounds

    Symptoms/Conditions:I had my first braxton hicks contraction a few days ago. My stomach got really tight for about 30 seconds and than went away. Besides that a little m/s here and there and thats it.

    Other: We did a 3D ultrasound this week and it was so cute. We have the whole thing on DVD with music.

    Next appointment: July 25th
    Taylove11 responded:
    Taryn and blue team!


    Weight gain 2 lbs

    s/c: my hips are really hurting me. I had issues when I was pregnant with DD and it looks like it's happening again. I'm hoping baths and tylenol can help.

    other: started shopping to pick up things for this lil boy on the way. We don't have much to buy... it's mostly diapers, wipes, swaddling blankets, and the furniture. We have most everything else that we saved from DD.

    Next appt: u/s 7/24
    Me (24), DH (31), DD (2) Expecting again! EDD 12/7/12. Blue team!
    iceechic responded:
    I know this is not Monday but this is my update lol


    Weight Gain: 14 pounds

    Symptoms/Conditions: Lots and lots of back and hip pain, going to physical therapy, seems to help a lil. Exremely tired, more tired now than the 1st trimester, ugh. This last week started getting heartburn

    Other: Went to the Dr. 7/12 for ultrasound... and its a GIRL!! Sydney Addalyn. We were leaning more towards a boy, but seeing her on the screen we fell in love! So excited for her arrival now!!!!

    Next Appointment: Aug. 16th
    Me(29), DH (35), DS(11), DD(7), EDD(11/30/12)
    Hoping for HEALTHY first, then hoping to be a part of TEAM BLUE!
    Love my FAMILY
    jessi2056 replied to iceechic's response:
    21w 3d

    Weight Gain 8 pounds

    symptoms/conditions: Back Pain when i wake up in the moring! and Not being able to get comfortable when i Sit down. Other then the normal Stuff I LOVE BEING PREGNANT!

    Other: Went to the Dr. We are expecting a Girl! Zoey Christine Renee... (my mother and I both have 2 middle names it only makes sense to give her 2 too!

    Next Appoinment: July 31st! 3D ultrasound YAY!

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