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    First Pregnancy
    Tuckswife214 posted:
    My husband and I had a hard time getting pregnant in the first place. So when we found out on July 20th that we were pregnant, my emotions were overjoyed and scared at the same time. There doesn't seem to be any issues so far but I am still worried. Any advice?
    BeautifullyBlessed responded:
    Congratulations! I know it's difficult, but it's important to not let worry steal the joy of pregnancy and the fact that your LO is in there being wonderfully made. This is a great time for you!
    Tuckswife214 replied to BeautifullyBlessed's response:
    Thank you so much. I am getting better about not worrying. We are very very excited about this and now that I have felt the baby move for the first time it seems so silly to stress. We find out on October 23rd what we are having so I am online "window" shopping lol.
    dhmandcbm4ever responded:
    hello! you and I are right together I found out at this point in July as well and this is my 1st child for me and my husband. -very excited. I did worry the 1st few weeks about bills and how I was going to come out of work because I dont qualify for FMLA at my job..but it will be all work out I am blessed with a sweet baby due in March and have never been more excited in my life. I have put everything in God's hands. Good luck with everything and have a wonderful pregnancy -D Miller
    Tuckswife214 replied to dhmandcbm4ever's response:
    Congrats on your pregnancy D! I think hubby and I have a game plan when I am out on maternity leave. I get a bonus in December and three holiday pay checks plus tax season is just around the corner. So I think I was just over thinking it. I do qualify for FMLA and I have already informed my bosses that I have every intention on returning to my position after 6 weeks. I have prayed long and hard for this baby and today we found out that we are going to be welcoming a beautiful little girl! We will name her Caylee!
    BeautifullyBlessed replied to Tuckswife214's response:
    Yes...thank goodness for tax season!

    I also qualify for FMLA and I'm also going to use 2 weeks of vacation so I can get paid for 8 weeks. I want to be out for a total of 4 months.

    I like the name Caylee! DH and I will be welcoming baby boy Canaan in February.
    Tuckswife214 replied to BeautifullyBlessed's response:
    Oh my goodness congrats to you too Beautifully!! I plan to use one week of vacation before I take my leave so we will have one check while I am out. Unfortunetly, things will be tight because my husband is a disabled vet and unable to work. BUT, we are supposed to be hearing about it VA disability soon. I am so looking forward to this little girl but not looking forward for time at work. And I like the name Canaan it's interesting!
    Tuckswife214 replied to Tuckswife214's response:
    Alright ladies, I am a bit frustrated at the moment... My OBGYN said that I was only supposed to gain 15lbs during my pregnancy and I have actually lost weight (because I have changed my eating habits to healthier ones and it has only been about 2 lbs.) and my WIC counselor said she was concerned that I was not putting on any weight yet... I am worried and it's driving me crazy... Should I eat more? Less? What should I do??
    BeautifullyBlessed replied to Tuckswife214's response:
    Oh boy...I wish I had that issue. I've gained over 30lbs already and I'm only 26 weeks.

    How many weeks are you? You'll probably start gaining soon.
    Tuckswife214 replied to BeautifullyBlessed's response:
    I am about to be 23 weeks. I am going for another ultrasound in about 2 weeks. I am pretty sure I will be okay. My mother says that WIC and doctors never agree anyways. The doctor says that gradual weight gain is okay.
    jhetsmom replied to Tuckswife214's response:
    I lost 7lbs and gained it back my 1st tri. I have only put on 5lbs from my pre preg weight. I am almost 20 weeks. WIC has very strange guidelines and as long as your doctor isn't concerned about the weight, I wouldn't let it bother you. As bad as this is to say, the counselors at WIC are taught very specific guidelines but other than their training, they aren't required to have any extra education. I have a friend who was overweight to start her pregnancy, she changed her diet, maintained a good caloric intake and hasn't gained an ounce. She is now 26 weeks and baby is very healthy. GL
    MrsBurt05 replied to Tuckswife214's response:
    If doctor isn't worried about it, you shouldn't be. WIC people are very strict and it seems like they have very different beliefs than doctors. I love the WIC program and all that they offer, but when it comes to certain things, I can't stand WIC. Lol

    I am only supposed to gain 15lbs as well, and at 10w5d I've actually lost 8 pounds(which SHOCKED me!) due to morning sickness. WIC freaked, and my doctor said it isn't a dramatic loss and an ultrasound showed that baby is actually measuring bigger than where I'm at, so baby is fine. As long as I stay hydrated and continue to try and eat as much as I can when I feel sick, baby will be fine. If I continue to have morning sickness, then they're going to prescribe me something, but it's let up a lot lately. And my doctor said, too, that if I eat a healthier diet than I normally do, and still continue to lose weight, again, as long as it's not dramatic and I'm not limiting my caloric intake(just making it healthier), everything will be fine.

    Good luck to you!

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