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    knife/scissors test?
    bubbie1130 posted:
    I was just wondering if anyone did the knife and scissors test that wasw posted over the weekend and then had their big u/s!? I did it sat on the knife and i am having a boy!! Worked for me .. anyone else?
    cujaybird responded:
    Hi, I am the one who posted the test, thanks for reporting back! As I posted before it worked for me and I am having a girl. My mom and aunts can't remember an occassion when this did not work in our family. Both for the women who are genetic relatives and the ones who married in. Even on most friends of the family the test always works, it's creepy almost! Congrats on your little boy!
    Jle21 responded:
    jbish did it and sat on the knife and she is having a 75% girl (although I think it will work out to 100%). I did it and sat on the scissors.... my u/s is on Monday though. I will report then :) I guess no matter what its gotta be 50/50 right?! :wink:
    LilBlondeRNBSN responded:
    Okay this is freaky................. I did the knife-scissors test and....... I sat on the KNIFE! When I went for my "big u/s" at 17 weeks 6 days, the tech gave me "an 80% chance" it's a girl (but she only based it on the fact that she did not see a penis... however, the "3 lines" indicating the labia on a girl were not present either). I figured 80% was good enough for me & assumed it was in fact a girl. Fast forward to my 20 week appt today. I requested that my DOCTOR (not a tech) do an u/s to try and confirm the gender for us. I figured the doctor's trained eye would be able to point out the "3 lines" for sure (IF they were in fact present). Well, the doctor agreed to do another u/s & spent 15 minutes trying to get a better look at LO's goods. Even with LO's legs spread eagle, there was no sign of the 3 lines whatsoever! The doctor was like "Well........ I can't say its a girl without seeing evidence of the labia (lines). And this wouldn't be the first time a boy has managed to hide his penis from me." I layed there in total shock!!! I was totally expecting to confirm that "yes the baby is in fact a girl." But instead the doctor tells me "Could be a boy! I can't say for sure either way, but I will tell you that I have seen plenty of women who were told 'girl' based on the tech not seeing a penis & have it turn out to be a boy because that in itself is not evidence of a girl." :confused: I am soooo confused!! I am going to have a fourth u/s done next month & we will try & take another look. I hope it's a little more clear by that point because I can't take the suspense!!!!!
    cristaro3 responded:
    Hi to everyone, I am just moving here to the 2nd tri board and I was wondering if someone would tell me what the knife/scissors test is!!!??? I've read all your posts and now Im dying to know! Sorry I missed it and TIA :smile: Christina~
    dolphinprincess06 responded:
    I was wondering the same thing. Google is a great thing!! Here is what I found: b "A person places a butter knife and a pair of scissors under random sofa cushions. They ask the mother to be to sit whereever she feels "comfy", and if she sits on the scissors, it's a girl. The knife, it's a boy. "
    hiddenmoney responded:
    there is another test that all my family and friend have use to date is 99% accurate get a sewing needle and thread put to together as if u were going to sow then hold over belly if needle swings back an forth in any direction its a boy if goes in circle its a girl has worked every time for me 1 girl and 3 boys its been right be for the first u/s
    devin1989 responded:
    I sat on the scissors but won't find out until March 16th!!! I'll let ya know though!!!
    Hast579 responded:
    i have never heard of the knife/scissors test. i have heard of the string test. it is suppose to tell you how many children you have and the gender of each one. you take a piece of thread and attach it to a needle. hold the top of the thread and let the needle hang. tap the needle on one side of your hand 7 times and then hold it over your hand. if it goes in a circe it's a girl, straight line, a boy. then tap the thread 7 more times on the side of your hand and repeat. keep doing this until the needle completely stops above your hand. i'm suppose to have a boy, a girl, a boy, then another girl.
    SandyyE responded:
    Hey, Every one my name is Sandra and I was reading the blogs and I'm wondering if the knife/scissors test works only if your pregnant? :smile: Thanks♥
    aduval7499 responded:
    I did it and sat on the knife I find out on the 14th :smile:
    Jle21 responded:
    I sat on the scissors and am having a girl.
    tifa1724 responded:
    I'm having a boy but sat on the scissors
    haven2946 responded:
    Hi there... I read the posting on the knife and sissor test and am a bit confused (which believe me, doesn't take much now days). What is this test? How far along do you have to be before you can take it? Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.
    glitterin_pink responded:
    I sat on the scissors and I am having a girl! It was right for me! The ring on a string (needle on a string) was wrong for me, :frown:

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