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    Subchorionic Bleeding/ Hematoma??
    luminous626 posted:
    Hi mommies.... I'm new here and I'm hoping you guys could give me some advice. This is my first pregnancy and I am 13 weeks now and at about 9 weeks I went to the ER because I was having pains and I was dizzy. I had my first ultrasound there and the dr. told me they found a sac of blood in my uterus called a Subchorionic Hematoma. He told me it was quite normal and that the body usually absorbs the blood sac within a few weeks. I went back to the Dr. on Friday for my second ultrasound and it shows that my body did not absorb the blood sac. This other dr kinda scared me because he said the sac is right behind the placenta. So, as he explained, when the placenta sac starts to grow it will either push against the blood sac and force the body to absorb it OR it will push it and force the blood sac to burst around the placenta which would cause extreme bleeding and automatic miscarriage. I am really worried and have found very little information about this abnormality online. Has anyone ever gone through this? I have been on bed rest for a few weeks and I have already lost about 8 pounds since my pregnancy... I am really worried. I also keep having a pain near my right ovary but they havent found anything and said that it is not a symptom of a Subchorionic Hematoma.... I would love if someone could give me some advice on this... thanks in advance...
    witch666 responded:
    You might want to try posting on the high risk pregnancy board if no one replies here. I hope everything works out and you have a healthy and happy pregnancy!
    stephanieannobrien responded:
    I also have a Hematoma. Mine is under my placenta sitting on my cervix. I have had light to severe bleeding, the bleeding why I went to the ER and thats how it was diagnosed. I also got conflicting info from different drs my ob dr at the time even told me I was definately going to lose the baby and should go ahead and let her prescribe some meds to help it along. I told her that,that was not an option and found a new dr and a specialist....they told me it was fairly common and they would keep a close watch over me and now 13wks later I am 26wks preggo and the baby is growing good. Unfortunately the clot did not absorb it has stopped growing though at 7cmX5cmX2cm. It did cause some of the placenta to tear away but not much and the baby is doing good. The specialist told me that most are absorbed back in by around 20wks so it could still absorb and even if it doesn't that doesn't mean that it is hopeless. If it doesn't absorb it could clot up like mine did and then will just come out when you deliver the baby, thats what I have been told will happen with mine even though it is large. Good luck and I hope all goes well for you.
    BabyMakesFive2009 responded:

    With my second daughter, I had multiple subchorionic hematomas. They were discovered at 8-9 weeks and clustered all around where the placenta would form. Mine never caused any bleeding, but I was put on partial bed rest and "pelvic rest" (no sex, inserting anything for any reason, no orgasm, etc etc) Some were quite large in diameter, and I was told either they would reabsorb into my body by 20 weeks, or they could cause me to miscarry. I had ultrasounds every few weeks to check on the size, and they never got smaller, but baby was doing fine so we pushed on. Finally at 19 weeks on my ultrasound, they were all gone but one, and it was only one centimeter so I was taken off the rest and given a clean bill of health. I now have a healthy two year old!! Good luck to you! Don't throw in the towel yet, hematomas are actually very common, as my doctor told me.
    MommaLori1981 responded:
    I had a subchorionic hematoma with my first daughter at 7 weeks. I bled very very heavily and was rushed to the ER. They freaked me out when they told me it was a threatened miscarriage. I was told to take it easy for a few weeks and to not lift ANYTHING. I did as I was told and it turned out ok.

    BTW, my "threatened miscarriage" is now 15 months old and is the love of my life!
    mamimarie25 responded:
    I am 7 weeks 3 days just found out i have sch at 6 weeks 6 days had very little spotting but i was crampy constantly but now its a sharp pain i havent bleed since saturday. did your pain ever go away

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