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    Sex During Pregnancy-Women Tell All
    Louise_WebMD_Staff posted:
    Sexual intercourse is safe throughout a normal pregnancy . That's what the experts say -- but to find out what pregnant women really experience, why not ask the women themselves?

    (I know...shocking idea!)

    Read the article linked above for more...and share how you feel about sex right now.
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    EyzaatheBelle responded:
    Honestly....when I am actually not so dang tired that I want to do it....its WAY better then when I am not pregnant! Not that its not good when I am not pregnant....its just extra good when pregnant! LOL.
    --Brittany(24), DH(Jaron 25),1 very spoiled siamese cat(Rambo 2)EDD June 21,2011. 1st baby. Team yellow!
    maryjade2008 replied to EyzaatheBelle's response:
    With both of my pregnancies, I have been a total horn dog... Sad to say the pregnancies seem to bring out my... lustful side
    Me(23), DH(25), DS(6), DD(2), EDD 06/11/11 ~ Pink Team
    mindy48875 responded:
    You girls are lucky. I don't know what it is - but will all 3 of my pregnancies so far sex has been awful for me! For some reason I cannot have an orgasm for the life of me. So it more or less is just an "act" I do for my dh (poor guy). He feels awful b/c he feels like it's something that he's doing wrong - when it's not him at all - it's just something totally off with my hormones that I can't orgasm. But once this LO is born and a few weeks pass....all will be well again
    Me(28)(DH(28) DS(2) via unnecesarian DS(1)VBAC! and the 3rd on the way! VBAC hopeful again!
    EyzaatheBelle replied to maryjade2008's response:
    I bet your DH really loves when you are pregnant!
    --Brittany(24), DH(Jaron 25),1 very spoiled siamese cat(Rambo 2)EDD June 21,2011. 1st baby. Team yellow!
    marchbabee replied to EyzaatheBelle's response:
    I just haven't had the drive to want to do it. I kept thinking once the m/s subsided, I'd be in the mood more, but I'm still not! But, when we do "do it" I find it's better. TMI: there's more flowing down there if you catch my drift My husband has been a really good sport...and I love him for it. He keeps thinking I don't want to do it b/c I'm scared it will hurt the baby (plus we've had 2 m/c), but I don't think it at's just my libido has done a nosedive!
    Supergurl17 responded:
    I've always had a high sex drive but I want it even more now, my bf is actually kind of burnt out on it cause I want it so much, but it's even better now for me and for him, he says it feels totally different, my biggest worry is that I won't enjoy sex after I give birth anymore.
    MommaSampson responded:
    You ladies are lucky. I have no want at all. When I do I get yeast infections afterward. My poor DH is really trying to understand but he's having a hard time.
    mommyin2011 responded:
    Ok, so I want to have sex, but my DH doesn't!! He says that he feels weird...Last time we were 'together', he was on top and felt like he was smooching the baby! and he doesn't like me on top because he thinks he's going to hurt the baby! OMG. I try to tell him that the baby is protected inside of me,. He suggested doing it from the back, but im kind of worried that might rock the baby too much. what to do, what to do LOL.
    Me (28) DH (26) 2 fur babies - 1st baby: EDD: 7/31/11 :)
    JenJ325 replied to mommyin2011's response:
    Actually, you should take him up on the from the back deal.. It wont harm the baby..Just lay on your sides (like spooning) and do it like that. Thats my fav when Im pregnant so your belly isnt in the way and to me, its seriously the best!LOL
    mommyin2011 replied to JenJ325's response:
    thanks...I'll have to try that I can imagine not doing the dead till the baby is here lol and im sure he wouldn't be able to hold off either
    Me (28) DH (26) 2 fur babies - 1st baby: EDD: 7/31/11 :)
    Tunkuh replied to mommyin2011's response:
    Lol ladies, i really envy you.. wIth me, i JUST dont have any desire to and the few times we did wasnt much fun, no orgasm!. i dont even dream of it, except this morning. I had the weiredeST sex dream; WITH MY EX!!.....
    Supergurl17 replied to mommyin2011's response:
    I agree with JenJ that has become one of our favorite postitions either on our sides or standard, that was he doesn't see the belly bump and it is highly pleasurable for both of us, I also read that that is one of the best positions the further along you get as far as comfort and I guess you could say "safety" for the baby. Suggest it to him and see what he thinks, if he wants to be reassured that it's safe some pregnancy books talk about it and from what I've heard "what to expect for the expectant dad" is a really good book to help him. My bf had the same concerns but now he doesn't even think about it, and from what he tells me no guy can resist the opportunity for rear entry positions.
    RockerMommie responded:
    I am about 22 weeks with my second pregnancy. My son is 2 1/2 and takes all of my energy during the day as I am a stay at home mom. We recently had to move in with my parents due to hard times. I have to desire to have sex by the time bed time roles around. I am so tired from chasing after my 2 yr old all day and keeping up with the house. With my last pregnancy I wanted sex all the time, so my poor husband thinks this one will be the same way and it isnt. I am glad to see I am not the only one here.
    bibsky replied to JenJ325's response:
    Yep i have that to be way better i find that out the hard way, i was starting to not enjoy sex from the front cause my belly was getting in the way. now its either from the side and back and i love it he loves it even more.

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