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    Pregnancy Abbreviation Guide
    Amelia_WebMD_Staff posted:
    Welcome Newbies!

    Pregnancy communities definitely speak a language of their own. The abbreviations can be a bit overwhelming until now!

    Thanks to MNHall, for sorting everything out and putting together this list for us!

    If anyone has more to add, please respond so we are all up on the pregnancy board lingo!


    * 1st trimester - BFP til 13 weeks, 2 days
    * 2nd trimester - 13 weeks, 3 days til 26 weeks, 4 days
    * 3rd trimester - 26 weeks, 5 days til delivery


    * DH - Dear/Darling Husband
    * DS - Dear/Darling Son
    * DD - Dear/Darling Daughter
    * DB - Dear/Darling boyfriend
    * DF - Dear/Darling fianc?
    * BSD - Baby'S Daddy
    * SO - Significant Other
    * DSS - Dear/Darling step son
    * DSD - Dear/Darling step daughter
    * HHB - Happy Healthy Baby/Babies
    * LO - Little one
    * IL - In Laws - MIL (mother), FIL (father), BIL (brother), SIL (sister)
    * TMI - Too much information
    * HTH - Hope that helps
    * MO - In my opinion
    * TIA - Thanks in advance


    * PAL - pregnancy after loss
    * pg/preggo/prego — pregnant
    * bcp — birth control pill
    * m/s - morning sickness
    * m/c - miscarriage
    * u/s - ultrasound
    * b/w (bw) - blood work
    * hCG - Human chorionic gonadotropin (hormone detected during pregnancy)
    * Pro - progesterone
    * m/w - midwife
    * GD - Gestational Diabetes
    * GTT - Glucose Tolerance Test
    * UTI - urinary tract infection
    * BP - blood pressure (or birth plan)
    * HR/HB - Heart rate/heart beat
    * FHR - Fetal heart rate
    * BPM - beats per minute (re: heartrate)
    * EDD - Estimated Due Date
    * BH/BHC - Braxton hicks/Braxton hicks contractions
    * L&D - labor and delivery
    * BF - breast feeding
    * BM - Breast milk
    * FF - formula fed
    * SAHM - Stay at home mom
    * WAHM - Work at home mom
    * WOHM - Work outside the home mom

    What Are Teams?

    * Blue team - pregnant with a boy
    * Pink team - pregnant with a girl
    * Green team - want to find out sex before delivery
    * Yellow team - waiting to find out sex until delivery

    Types of Discussions

    * GTKYFP: Getting to know your fellow preggos (fun daily question to get to know each other on the board)
    * TRIGS: Triggery topic, posted in the subject line when difficult topics associated with this forum are mentioned (ex: on a pregnancy board, talking about a m/c, as some members may find it difficult to read about, so "trigs" warns them so they can chose if they are ready to read it)
    * OT: Off Topic (when posting something not regarding the typical forum conversation)

    TTC related
    (since it's still talked about on a pregnancy board)

    * TTC - Trying to conceive
    * BD - Baby dance (sex to make a baby)
    * FD - fun dance (sex just for fun)
    * ED - every day (when referring to frequency of BD'ing)
    * EOD - every other day (referring to BD'ing)
    * AF - Aunt Flo (menstrual cycle)
    * BBT - basal body temp (used when charting)
    * LMP - last mentrual period
    * O - Ovulation
    * DPO - Days past ovulation
    * CD - cycle day
    * LP - Luteal Phase (time from O til AF)
    * 2ww - 2 week wait (time from O til AF)
    * CM - cervical mucus
    * CP - cervical position
    * OPK - ovulation prediction kit
    * HPT - home pregnancy test
    * FMU - first morning urine
    * BFP - Big Fat Positive (pregnancy test)
    * BFN - Big Fat Negative (pregnancy test)
    Best Wishes!
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