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    For those of you getting an epidural...
    nsteve posted:
    I spoke with a friend of mine who is a nurse anesthetists and administers epidurals all day long, and I was complaining to her how badly it hurt when I got my epidural last time. She said next time to ask the nurse anesthetists to put bicarb in the numbing medicine and you won't feel the lidocaine. She said its not something they do standard, but if you ask for it, they will. I personally have no clue what it means, but you better believe I'm gonna ask for it. Just wanted to pass on that little nugget.
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    Nykole83 responded:
    Thanks so much for the info! When I got my epidural it was so painful also and I am so afraid of getting it this time around. So thanks again!
    nsteve replied to Nykole83's response:
    Girl, I have never said so many cuss words in my whole life!! I can just think about it and my back gets all tingly, lol! I'm hoping for a better experience this time! Good luck to you too!
    MsMollyMac responded:
    This is interesting, I will have to remember that for delivery. The thought of getting another epidural makes me sick to my stomach. I couldn't stand the feeling of getting it, ugh. I'm sure I will get it again though!
    Me: 26, DH: 30, DD: 2, new little one due 1-3-11
    Nykole83 replied to nsteve's response:
    Thank you, I'm hoping for the same. I swear the epidural was the worst part of my whole delivery!!! Good luck to you also.
    Emmyl replied to Nykole83's response:
    Maybe it has to do with who does it too. My epidural didn't hurt at all. It just felt really weird. As a matter of fact it hurt much worse to me when they put the IV in my hand. It is nice to know that there's an option out there though to make it less painful. I fully plan on having one this time around!
    Jennax907 responded:
    That's good to know! Thanks for the info. I had an epidural and it failed. I ended up having to deliver without any pain management drugs. It sucked! I just want the darn thing to work this time
    DH(38) ME(30) DS(Blaine-1) EDD-9/11 It's a GIRL
    truewyatt responded:
    That stuff is a good thing; they gave it to me before my epidural and I didn't feel a thing. tasted gross but it worked.
    Me 37, DH 39, DS 1 and EDD 11/25/10
    ebonyeye replied to Emmyl's response:
    I agree my epidural did not hurt none what-so-ever.
    ME(31) DH (28) DD(11) EDD 2/26/11 LETS GO PINK TEAM!
    ShanunC responded:
    I must be one of the lucky ones... the doc put the numbing stuff on.. then he watched the monitor and right when a contraction was the worst he did his thing.. I was so blinded by the contraction that I didnt even feel what we was doing.. until he pushed the first little amount in and my legs went numb.. It was bliss... being a scheduled section this time.. Im hoping it wont be to bad.. I wont have contractions there to help me not think about it....
    amb_519 responded:
    Mine was done when I was already in a lot of pain. I was induced and they broke my water, had my going through those horrid contractions for about 6 hours before they gave me the epi. I had staydol before that and don't reccommend it, I felt high and drunk at the same time and never got any relief. Anyway....the dude had me sit with my legs hanging off of the bed and belly tucked into a pillow while I hunched over. He felt down my spine and pushed a little here and there to "relax me a bit" or whatever, as soon as a contraction hit he'd gotten the epi in and I felt NOTHING but the contraction. I know there is some stuff they can put on the skin as like a topical anesthetic, but I never had it and I don't know anyone else who has. If you want it, ask for it and don't hesitate -- it's about your comfort, not theirs
    bcfrost816 replied to amb_519's response:
    I think it might depend on how good the anisthesiologist is too, because mine didn't hurt at all. I felt the tiny it of burning but that was it.
    Courtney (28) DH (30) DD Peyton 17 months; baby girl EDD 9/26/10
    1sttimepreggo replied to bcfrost816's response:
    ughh the things ppl dont tell you!!! out of all the pregnancy i was there for with my freinds and families i am learning everything out on my own!!! i was under the impression that the epi didnt hurt AT all this is news to me know im scared all over again ;(..((i really really cant handle pain, like im known for fainting when things get bad so i can c it know me passed out on the darn labor table))
    StarryGrrl replied to 1sttimepreggo's response:
    When I got an epidural with my DS (now 2 yrs old), it hurt so bad I almost passed out! The anisthesiologist tried 4 times before finally getting it in the right place on the 5th try. I'm going to try to go without an epi this time around, but if I feel I really need one I will remember to ask for the bicarb.
    clovertine responded:
    Good to know. I was fortunate that my Epidural didn't hurt one bit and I was absolutely terrified of the pain I expected from it. I'm not sure if I'm going to get it this time or not, I still need to figure that out, but I will definitely remember this if I do! I would hate to have a bad experience this time after such a pleasant one last time.
    Christine and DH: Scotti - DS: Logan born June 2, 2008 - My Perfect Boy. New little tadpole due 2/13/11! Yellow Team! Hoping for a successful VBAC!

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    For those of you getting an epidural...
    I spoke with a friend of mine who is a nurse anesthetists and administers epidurals all day long, and I was complaining to her how badly it ... More
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